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The Associated Cement Companies Limited

In partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of degree of
Bachelor’s in Business Administration (B.B.A.)

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I am very thankful to everyone who all supported me, for I have completed my project effectively and more over on time.
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[1] Following strong economic reforms from the post-independence socialist economy, the country's economic growth progressed at a rapid pace, as free market principles were initiated in 1990 for international competition and foreign investment.
Social democratic policies governed India's economy from 1947 to 1991. The economy was characterized by extensive regulation, protectionism, public ownership, pervasive corruption and slow growth. Since 1991, continuing economic liberalization has moved the country towards a market-based economy. A revival of econ ...

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    Miss Emily Grierson, the main character in William Faulkner’s short story “A Rose for Emily,” is certainly strange by any average reader’s standards and a character analysis of Emily could go in any number of directions. It is nearly impossible not to examine her in a psychological as well as contextual light. Over the course of Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily", Miss Emily’s erratic and idiosyncratic behavior becomes outright bizarre, and the reader, like the townspeople in the story, is left wondering how to explain the fact that Miss Emily has spent years living and slee

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    You'’re funny you, Irene. You don’t mind being in prison.’ You don’t hear or see very often someone enjoying himself or herself in prison but for Miss Ruddock in “A Lady of Letters” that’s exactly what we do see. It’s a monologue by Alan Bennett and it’s well known due to how well Bennett exploits the comic genre. In this essay I will analyse Bennett’s use of structure, characterisation, theme and humour. I will also comment on the relevance to modern society for example, loneliness and isolation. Bennett’s techniques show his mastery of comedy in its exploitation but also in the characterisat

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    Study Guides and Literature Essays Editing Services College Application Essays Writing Help Forums Home : To Kill a Mockingbird : Study Guide : Summary and Analysis of Chapters 1-6 To Kill a Mockingbird Study Guide by Harper Lee Short Summary About To Kill a Mockingbird Character List Glossary of Terms Major Themes Summary and Analysis of Chapters 1-6 Summary and Analysis of Chapters 7-12 Summary and Analysis of Chapters 13-18 Summary and Analysis of Chapters 19-24 Summary and Analysis of Chapters 25-31 Quotations with Analysis Related Links on To Kill a Mockingbir

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    Honored as one of America’s greatest novelists, William Faulkner was a writer who deeply rooted in the American South. Faulkner, born and grown up in Mississippi, devoted his career to explore the culture and value of South based on his own experience. Southern America in Faulkner’s own time was experiencing great social and economic changes. The Civil War and the loss of war brought an end to the social caste constituted by white slave owners and black slaves, which formed the fundamental structure of “Old South”. The great slaveholders were rudely brought down: some l

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    This is a sample essay on A Rose for Emily: Miss Emily Grierson, a woman whose family was upper class, passed away. While alive, her interactions with the community were the source of much community conversation. These conversations, described in detail in William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily“, provide the reader with an understanding of the past and present social interactions of the townspeople. The stories presented occur in a variety of locations and involve a variety of people. The vast variety of these settings and characters makes it impossible for “A Rose for E

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    The scream, “It’s Homer’s corpse!” could be heard more than half a block away from the now vacant home of Miss Emily Grierson, an elderly Southern spinster that had recently passed away. “A Rose for Miss Emily” is a recounting of the life of the last remaining member of a family originating in Southern aristocracy. The narrator of the story is the voice of the town rather than a specific person. The views of the old vs. the new south bring to light pre and post civil war ways of thinking. It is a study in contrasts. The ways of life in the south had chan

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    The novel ‘Jane Eyre’ is a first person narration, written from the viewpoint of the eponymous heroine Jane, as she looks back on her life. In these two extracts (Chapter 31 and 32) Jane is recounting the exchanges between two other characters, St John and Rosamond Oliver, and describes how their feelings for one another develop. Before we are even introduced to Rosamond Oliver, we experience, in retrospect, the feelings St John has for her. Whilst discussing with Mr Oliver St John’s career choice we are given an insight into the ‘workings of inclination and turn the b

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    Issues Miss E has struggled with her weight for approximately 17 years since the age of about 12 or 13. Therefore, this is a long standing issue and may relate to the programming of her early belief system and may be a mask for a deeper issue. Her parents unintentionally gave her the labels of “being unattractive and eating too much” which may have given her a negative view of herself. However, her parents may have helped to cause the problem. From an early age there may have been a battle at meal times such as Miss E not wanting to eat “good food” and only wanting desserts. Her parents

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    To what extent is individual awareness a liberating factor for the female main characters in A Doll’s House and Miss Julie? Ibsen?s A Doll?s House and Strindberg?s Miss Julie have often been seen as two contrasting works which depict the power and the importance of the individual in two quite different lights. Both this works serve as an illustration for a woman?s transition from one modus vivendi to another, and an intrinsically violent awakening in their awareness of their Norarelationship to their surroundings and their role in society. This newfound level of introsp

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    What is the significance of Pip’s first visit to Satis House? _Great Expectations is a novel written by Charles Dickens and was first serialised in All The Year Round_, a Victorian periodical owned by Charles Dickens, from 1st December 1860 to August 1961. It is a semi-autobiographical novel about the life of an orphan named Pip. It is often considered that the story is semi-autobiographical, as Dickens draws from his own experiences of life and people. Each instalment in All The Year Round contained two chapters that were written in a way to satisfy the reader.

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