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It allows a woman to control who she in the public domain she doesn’t have as much control as men do to show who she is in the public domain
• She takes the discussion of how the woman could take the remark positively now lets look at how a woman could
Double entendre remarks can be taken in more than one way the way a woman would react this creates an interactive challenge one of the ways that these remarks are given to women is that the women aren’t spoken to directly
• He says something else they are staged in a way that the woman is meant to overhear them
• If the woman is staged to overhear them but is not spoken to she is not given the status of the speaker and she is obliged to pretend that she hasn’t heard them

Street remarks show a certain type of order that is on the street that is gendered one of the orders that involve men and women what women can do on the street and what men can do on the street street remarks are a cultural object they oprovide the opportunity for certain behaviours to start what gardiner tries to show us is that male and female is not something we have biologically it is something that we do sociologically we do dyncmics in beahaviour that show that this is female behaviour and this is male behaviour a woman engaging in the way she describes makes her a woman
Woman have less power to control the dynamic than men do woman just don’t receive marks passively they do things in reaction to them these reaction strategies show that women try to exercise some degree of agency so that they are not just the object they can even try to get the upperhand View More »

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