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The business and finance department assists the program manager and the contracts department with the budget of each contract that is awarded to the organization. The facilities department ensures that the building is safe and hazard free for the employees. This department fixes structures and provides evacuation plans for the safety of all employees. The contracts department reviews, analyzes, and evaluates information according to each contracts modification that the organization has been awarded. Additional the department ensures that all working functions are based on each exact contract.
AT&T displays both “vertical and horizontal dimensions of organizational structure. Vertical structure, which includes issues of authority, hierarchy, delegation, and decentralization. Horizontal structure, which includes functional, divisional, and matrix forms” (Bateman, T. & Snell, S., 2007).
Vertical structure relates to authority in organizations. Managers are able to make decisions to tell employees what to do. This is at hierarchy level. For example, the program manager has authority to give an employee a task to be competed. Delegation is the tasking of an assignment to employees. Decentralization is where the assistant program managers are to make important decisions. This is not a hierarchy level manager; this is a lower level manager. Many times at AT&T, the assistant program managers are given the opportunity to make important decisions on tasking in support of the customers.
Horizontal structure relates to the functional organization. This is where departments within the organization are grouped together by business functions. At AT&T, there are human resources, business and finance, facilities, and contracts. Now the divisional organization has grouped departments by the functions they provide. For example, business, finance, and contracts are all grouped together. Facilities and security are grouped together. The matrix organization refers to dual r View More »

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