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Why does she need to hire someone else? She is doing too much of the work. Kathy cannot properly research each market to cater to the target market in each location. She needs to hire someone else in crease business? Why does she need to increase business/ sales? To be able to have money to open new stores and to make a profit. By gaining a manager to manage the advertising and marketing aspect of KFF, it will allow KFF’s business to grow and earn a higher profit.
Step 3: End State and Goals
The end goal is to create a better advertising campaign or marketing plan for Kudler’s Fine Foods. Kathy needs to hire someone to come up with a plan to increase profits through her current stores and new stores. Kathy needs to get a website up and running and figure out the proper demographics. Currently spending 368,000 dollars on advertising. She needs to better distribute her money to other areas she would like to expand, or example her catering business. In the end Katy’s end goal should be: To hire a marketing manager to increase in the catering business advertising budget, within the next 6 months. Narrowing in on the target market within the next 5 months and adjust pricing accordingly to gain a profit of 2%. (2003)
Step 4: Identifying Alternatives
Kathy could chose not to make any changes at all. She could choose to be the manager of marketing, along with the manager of the all the stores.
Instead of hiring a marketing manager, Kathy could just hire someone to complete the website. This will allow more customers to be accessible to the products.
Another alternative for KFF, would be to hire a manager who is willing to spend money on the off months. Kathy should not look at just how trends are and spend money on those months, but she should look at the off months of sales.
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