Project Management Hand Book

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Project Management Handbook
Fina KHosravi Project Manager PME Consulting

Critical Appraisal

I need to improve my knowledge about project management, documents related to it and methodologies which are used by companies. The project demanded a vast research on commonly used tools and techniques of project management. Though there are many tools available for any project manager, it is a good practice to know generally how they work and how they integrate together to form a successful project, It was a great challenging step for me.
I think the overall outcome of this handbook is satisfactory and generally providing this handbook has given me an insight and appreciation into the complex world of project management, although the... View More »

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Joe Fleming, CEO, wanted his company to continue to grow and become a world class consulting organization by its core business which is helping other organizations with project management.
He found it is crucial for PME to have an exemplary process for managing its own projects, so he decided to develop a Project Management intranet site that would allow all consultants in the firm share their project knowledge .This project would also make sense to make some of the information available to the firm’s clients. He believes the firm can streamline operations and increase business by providing information related to Project Management on the Intranet Site. For example the firm could provide project management templates, tools, articles, links to the other sites, and “Ask the Expert” feature to help build relations with current and future clients.

PME Consultant Current situation

PME consulting has a corporate Web Site as well as an intranet. The firm uses it for marketing information. The primary use of it is for human resource information of consultants in the firm. The firm also uses an enterprise-wide project management system to track all project information, focuses on the status of deliverables and meeting scope, time, and cost goals. There is an opportunity to provide a new section on the intranet dedicated to sharing consultants project management knowledge across the organization.

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