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Culture is Key:
How to Create Customer Experiences That People Love

High customer satisfaction is an integral part of any successful company. Knowing this, our paper explores three successful organizations that have similar views on the importance of creating a customer service experience that people love. Bass Pro Shops, Zappos, and Southwest Airlines all exemplify this high level of customer service, resulting in equally high levels of overall customer satisfaction.
Keywords: culture, core values, customer service

Customer service can make or break a business in today’s economic times. Take a look across the corporate horizon and one will notice a few companies that seem to be immune to... View More »

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In 2011, they rose to 93rd place. Today the website averages approximately 49,764 daily visits with 6.9 pages viewed per visit ( - Basspro Web site Hits). The original Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World store in Springfield, Missouri alone draws over 4 million visitors a year. Outdoor World is the number one (1) tourist attraction in Missouri, Maryland and South Carolina. In Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia Outdoor World ranks in the top five (5) Forbes 2011 Bass-Pro-Shops.
In 2009, Bass Pro Shops per employee produced $189,000 in revenue. Through 18,000 people they exceeded $3.65 billion in revenue. (Bass Pro Shops Annual Revenue).

Bass Pro’s core values and beliefs as represented in their mission and belief statements permeate their business.
We believe that the future of our business depends not only on how we serve our customers, but also on how we manage our natural resources. The people of Bass Pro Shops® are strongly committed to the principles of sound conservation. As we forge ahead, we hope to bring future generations and especially young people to love the outdoors as we do, and so continue our nation’s rich outdoor heritage (Bass Pro Corporate Press Book, 2008).
At Bass Pro their mission and belief statements are evident in the values found in their corporate culture. They are preserving the environment, supporting families, honoring those who serve our country and providing a positive customer experinece. This is accomoplished through excellent customer service, quality ...

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