Team Communication

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Team Communication
Companies are increasingly shifting from individual mindsets to team collaborations. Gone are the days where tasks and assignments are completed individually and passed to a hierarchical management for implementation. The collaboration of each individual’s knowledge and creativity lays the ground work for a productive team, but their ability to communicate effectively is what will be the determining factor for their success. Team communication is a highly evolving creature that is continually changing in order to keep up with the current demands and technological advances of our society. Team communication occurs in many different ways. Some communication types are as simple as an informal conversation between... View More »

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Cisco realized that their office cubicles sat vacant 35 percent of the time. Employees surveyed revealed they came into the office primarily to socialize and for team meetings. So began the innovative removal of cubicles. Cisco tore out the cubicles and turned their offices into an open workspace where employees are free to place their laptops wherever they choose. They put the furniture on wheels allowing employees to roll desks, chairs, and dividers as they see fit. This enables Cisco employees to create team friendly workspaces thus promoting team success. Google is another major corporation leading the promotion of team communication through ergonomics. Google has designed central atrium specifically to encourage employees to step away from their desk and converse with one another. They have also implemented group workstations by building office pods. These pods are primarily for four to five engineers to work in a setting together. The central staircase was built with electrical outlets built into the steps allowing employees to have another place for informal meetings. Conference rooms that are collapsible are another innovative idea offered by Google to its employees. These collapsible rooms allow team members to meet and communicate quickly on a problem or project (Lev-Ram, 2006). Ergonomics are a very important facilitator of team communication and it seems corporations are taking notice.
Virtual Team Communication
Teams in a virtual setting have become quite common in today’s advanced technological society. They can highly benefit employers by ...

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