The Value Chain

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The value chain describes the full range of activities that firms and workers do to bring a product from its conception to its end use and beyond.
Every organization is comprised of processes and activities that are performed to develop, produce, sell, and distribute its products and services. These activities are the activities within an organization that create a product or services of value to the organization’s customers. The activities that comprise a value chain can be contained within a single firm or divided among different firms. Value chain activities can produce goods or services, and can be contained within a single geographical location or spread over wider areas. According to Michael... View More »

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He suggested, therefore that, that a firm’s co-ordination might be improved “by relating its organizational structure to the value chain, and the linkages within it and with suppliers or channels

Linkages within the chain

Although definition requires this process of disaggregation, the value chain is not a series of independent activities. It is a system of interdependent ones. Linkages exist because of the relationship between how one activity is performed and its impact on the cost or performance of another. Porter argues that competitive advantage frequently emerges from such linkages- for instance, how buying high quality, well prepared raw material can simplify manufacturing and reduce scrap, or how the timing of promotional campaigns can help capacity utilization in a fast food chain.
Linkages are delicate and needs to be understood. Porter points out that “the same function can be performed in different ways”. Thus conformance to specification can be achieved by buying in high quality parts, by specifying tight manufacturing tolerances or by imposing 100 percent inspection of finished goods- different firms will choose different routes and achieve different potential advantages. Another under-recognised factor is the “cost or performance of direct activities is improved by greater efforts in indirect activities.” Here, better scheduling (indirect) can reduce time spent by either the sales force (customer complaints) or delivery vehicle (repeated runs). It is this process of recognising linkages and then building information ...

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