The Value Of Happiness In The Workplace

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Our culture is founded on the concept of the American Dream. We work hard our entire lives to attain it: the perfect spouse, the perfect children, the perfect career, the perfect automobile, and the perfect house in the suburbs. Work is the primary means by which we acquire the resources needed to realize this Dream. Pursuit of the Dream in?uences everything we do. We read about it in a vast array of life style magazines. We watch prime time television programs depicting it. We think about it. We covet it. Yet many who aspire to this ideal or even those near achieving it do not experience the happiness or feelings of success for which they long. People are still wondering, ‘‘What more can there be?’’ Or, with Peggy Lee ‘‘Is that all... View More »

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It also makes it more important for individuals to ?nd ful?llment during the time they spend at work.

debilitation’’—and in effect dehumanizes them. In a speech at the University of North Carolina, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan referred to this outcome as creating a widespread ‘‘perception that skills are becoming redundant at a rate unprecedented in human history.’’ Because these workers may be more readily replaced by machines or other workers—perhaps less skilled and likely lesser paid workers—their job security is undermined while their bargaining power in the workplace is being weaken.

Productivity in the Workplace
Since the U.S. economy took off during the early 1970s, national productivity has increased sharply. Whereas the national average annual productivity gain from 1870 to 2003 was 2.3%, from 1995 to 2003 productivity increases surged to a rate of 3.2% per annum. In The New Ruthless Economy: Work and Power in the Digital Age, international correspondent Simon Head attributes much of this productivity gain to extended use of two things: new technology, especially information technology, and corporate work practices based on scienti?c management and mass production concepts. The new bywords are ‘‘lean production,’’ reengineering,’’ and ‘‘enterprise resource planning’’ (ERP). The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’ 2003 Annual Report, A Better Way: Productivity and Reorganization in the American Economy, further documents Head’s contention. The practices implemented in the current workplace are based on the simpli?cation, standardization, measurement, ...

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