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Some people say pursuing a MBA is not beneficial to moving up at a current job, but I think that is absurd. Acquiring an MBA for me is more than a personal goal. Obtaining this graduate degree may and will hopefully open new doors for me in the business world. I feel that when an executive reads over my resume and sees that I have a graduate degree; it will set me apart from the other applicants. Having this degree shows that I can learn, I am willing to learn and willing to handle responsibility and take on challenges. It also shows my dedication to succeeding. It shows perseverance, and it also shows that I set goals for myself and achieve them. In addition to that, having an MBA puts you in a position for a pay increase, improved benefits, stock options and other perks that come with advancing within a company. Per the Jungian Personality Assessment I would be a good, reliable clerical supervisor. Well I would be able to obtain that job with a MBA.
Once I obtain my MBA I will be able to get a new career with financial stability and expect to receive significant increase in salary after graduating. Abbot, Langer Association Surveys (2008) stated, “With a Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management starting salary is $37,874 versus a Masters starting salary of $56,094. Also be on a career level where I get benefits; vacation time and not living pay check to pay check. This will be a great opportunity as well to be in a more authority position with more responsibilities. These things would not be available for me if I did not pursue my MBA.


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Retrieved January 11, 2009, from www.abbott-langer.com View More »

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