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Due to as the Australian government's migration program, it has benefited on Australian society in many ways which are population size, labour market and economy. However, Australia government reduced intake of annual skilled migrants by 14 percent in 2009-2010 as a result of the global economic downturn. Nevertheless, the government is still granted migration critical skilled worker such as nurses, doctors, engineers and information technology because Australia still has shortages in those field industries (Smith, 2009). Especially, today, in Australia nursing industry is faced with skilled health workforce shortage. Main reason for this, the population ageing has been growing at a faster rate than the capacity of the existing health workforce (ABS, 2006). This report will explore the role and potential of migrant nursing include midwives in caring for ageing people in Australia.
(3201.0- Population by Age and Sex, Australian States and Territories, 2008)
Projected Numbers Receiving Age Pension
{draw:frame} (Source: Australian Social Trend 2006; Australian Bureau of Statistics)
The department of Australian immigration suggests and implements programs which interests to attract people who are a part of the younger age group to work and migrate to Australia. The younger age immigrants who have required skills, experiences and knowledge that equivalent Australian currently, is most eligible.
Studies have found that the average of new immigrant families have a larger family than the average Australian family. In detail, the immigrants have a higher fertility rate than current Australians. The proportion of the ageing population is not only reduced by the introduction of young immigrants but also due to the new immigrants, they assist in the increase of birthrate and reducing the proportion of the ageing population even further (CEDA, 2004). In gen View More »

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