Advertising And Marketing Papers

  • Marketing Strategy

    3501 words, 15 pages

    Introduction An early article published that the term was first developed in the 1950s and later it was used by Theodore Levitt in 1965 in a Havard Business Review article which was later continued to be popularized amongst businesses. At the end of 70’s, the term is use in discussion more often than using it as a marketing tool. As cited by Robert H. Lowson (2005) in Marketing Intelligence & Pricing, product life cycle has become an important feature in marketing teaching, in spite of some evidence of the product life cycle’s limitations. Products in the market

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    Ethics In Advertising

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    Thesis Statement: Corporations frequently push the ethical limits to a portion of society. This is done by using deceptive marketing, offensive material, and many other methods. What is the responsibility of corporations as it relates to advertising? Is there a difference between blatantly lying and intentionally leaving information unmentioned? Intro: As our economic system has become more successful at providing for needs and wants, there has been greater focus on organizations' adhering to ethical values rather than simply providing products. This focus

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    Globalization And Mass Media

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    The Role of Globalization in Media Development Introduction One of the distinctive features of modernity is the high exposure of society to mass media consumption: “Young people spend more time watching television than doing any other leisure time activity except sleeping and spend more time watching TV by the time they complete high school (15,000-18,000 hours) than in the classroom (12,000 hours). In fact, by the time today’s children reach age 70, they will have spent 7 to 10 years of their lives watching television” (Strasburger 1995). Just as Orwell narrated

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    Importance And The Need For Publicity And Advertising In The Modern Business World

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    Salesmanship deals with personnel approach where he makes and appeal to an individual rather than public at large. The main aim of advertising is make the customers know about the new product, features and build confidence on them and speed up the selling of the product. Publicity, on the other hand, refers to an appeal made to a mass of people. Publicity of a product can be defined as making goods “publicly” known. Advertising is regarded as an equally important department and demands full attention of the person in charge; it should also create interest from the cu

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    Marketing Tobaco

    2004 words, 9 pages

    Marketing is the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong relationships in order to capture value from customers in return (Kotler, Armstrong, 2008). One of the products that are exchanged through marketing is cigarettes. Tobacco is considered an inherently unethical product because is addictive, dangerous and causes environmental damage. Tobacco is also considered a pleasing product because its immediate satisfaction is high but sometimes has harmful effects in the long run. One of the long run effects of smoking is that four million people are ki

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    The Intricacies Of The Auto Industry Economy

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    Clearly, 2006 has been a year of many challenges. Fuel prices rose dramatically before abating somewhat, causing consumers to shift away from large sport utility vehicles and pickups—where the Detroit Three make most of their money. Interest rates rose, squeezing consumers further and also greatly increasing the cost of discounted financing and leasing deals for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). And relentless competition and adjustment to new market realities led to devastating losses for the Detroit Three and resulted in a wave of supplier bankruptcies. Changing customer values, techn

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    Bmw Marketing Innovation

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    BMW MARKETING INNOVATION Since the competition started to imitate BMW’s advertising messages of outstanding quality, BMW decided to come up with a unique way of reaching its target audience. The company did so by hiring Fallon Worldwide, and advertisement agency based in Minneapolis, MN, to come up with a new campaign. Fallon developed the concept “The Hire” series. Fallon's responsibility also included the way in which these movies were to be delivered to BMW's target audience. It was also questionable whether the campaign should be the same throughout the world, or if it should

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    Environmental Trend Analysis

    1219 words, 5 pages

    Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CCBVI) is a leading provider of environmentally friendly paper hot cups. In the late 1990’s, Clovernook altered its strategic plan in order to sustain profitable growth within the environmentally friendly product market. In 2001, Clovernook manufactured its first 100% biodegradable and compostable paper hot cup. Today, CCBVI has manufactured more than 11.6 million paper hot cups nationally and internationally (Annual Report, 2007-2008). After Clovernook launched the new cup line in 2001, the nonprofit organizati

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    Segmentation Is It Useful If So When

    2851 words, 12 pages

    Introduction The purpose of this report is to give information about business-to-consumer markets and to answer the question “Segmentation- is it useful. If so, when?”. Segmentation is the process that divides a market of people into distinct groups of buyers who might require separate products and marketing. We can not do everything, we can not satisfy everybody because resources do not stretch that far. This means we have to be clever in targeting our offers at people who really do want and need them, and we have to be strong in setting aside those who do not. Two-

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    Implementing A Marketing Solution

    2790 words, 12 pages

    1. A person has decided to go to university. Use the steps of the Consumer Buying Process to describe how they might go through the steps as they make their decision. ‘The process of making a purchase decision is part of the buyers behavior which evaluates the following issues: (1) to buy or not: (2) when to buy: (3) what to buy: (4) where to buy and (5)how to pay. ENGEL, 1995 Engel’s theory is similar to Kotlers 5 stage model which includes (1) the problem recognition phase ; at this phase the person realizes the need to pursue further studies as in my case I had over 10 years experienc

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    Study Of The Advertisement Slogans With Special Reference To Slogans Of Two-wheelers And Four-wheelers

    2385 words, 10 pages

    Advertisement is said to be the mouthpiece of business today. It is a medium of publicity though which companies and business establishments can arrest the attention of the public, in order to promote and sell their products or services. Simply put, advertising is concerned with communicating an idea generally intended to promote the sale of a commodity, product or service. The main idea behind advertising is to persuade and influence the minds of the public, and therefore, an advertisement attempts not only to inform but also to present the product in the most pleasant and attractive manner

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    Advertisement Analysis American Airlines

    1154 words, 5 pages

    Picture yourself nodding off to sleep on a long flight when a woman with a soft voice offers you a warm blanket and a soft pillow. Then for a second, you forget you are cruising at an altitude of 30,000 feet and believe that woman to be your mother. At that point, you open your eyes to say “thanks mom”, and the woman you thought to be your mother is in fact a stewardess aboard an American Airlines flight. Many things have changed since the 1960’s, and the term stewardess is now referred to as a flight attendant. In advertising, advertisers try and appeal to consumer’s b

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    1317 words, 6 pages

    Advertisement In today’s world advertising is an important part of our economy. Advertisers are hired by companies, to come up with ads that will sell their product. Advertisers and marketers say that the world of advertising is very important, because it helps run the capitalist society that we have in this country. They say that by advertising, it keeps the economy running. However, advertisers go way to far in trying to sell their product. They use a language full of euphemisms to try and trick the consumer into thinking their product is the best on the market. They use such ploys as ap

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    Computer Based Marketing

    6162 words, 25 pages

    1) Buyer Behaviour An important marketing process, which is paramount to a company’s trading activities is to find out what makes a customer buy, achievable by answering the Why, Where, When, How, and Who Questions. In the 1940s Abraham Maslow thesis created a ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ model (Figure 1-1) in order to understand human behaviour. A broad-brush interpretation of Maslow’s model recognises that individuals will focus on their most basic needs first and only when these are satisfied will they progress on to the next level; it is still viewed as a valuable

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    Product And Place

    2234 words, 9 pages

    In the following pages you will find research on the target market for promoting the sale of Organic wheat crackers and cheese in France. The difference in their culture and the way they look at America will have a great impact on the decision to market this product in that country. The demand and need for such product to have been research and the future growth of this target market will also be discussed. In the end you will have our opinion and proposed plan for entering or not entering the market of organic products to be exported to France. Here at American Interest

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    Controversial Television Advertising

    1889 words, 8 pages

    Is controversial television advertising the choice of a free society? Manufacturers advertise to increase market share and to promote a positive image. For some advertisers this may include “controversial” television advertisements. An example is the “Joe Camel” advertising campaign used by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Protests were launched because people believed the use of a carton character was intended to target children. Peart (1993) writes: U.S. Surgeon General Antonia Novello demanded that the tobacco company remove Joe Camel from all its advertising and

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    Religion And The Media

    1568 words, 7 pages

    Religious Studies Tutorial Presentation: Media I – Print and Advertising By Shaelee Rooke The article of focus for this essay is Spirituality that Sells: Religious Imagery in Magazine Advertising by Rick Clifton Moore. This text is a report of a conducted study which aimed to determine the amount of religious imagery and the nature of this imagery in advertising (pg.2). The findings of the study suggest that religious imagery is minimally used in advertising and further, it is concluded that the nature of religious advertising is positive in regards to eastern religions and negative in reg

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    Rural Advertising

    16816 words, 68 pages

    The footfalls in the villages are getting louder and louder as companies scramble to woo the rural consumers. Villages are no longer an abstraction, but fashionable in marketing terms. From talking endlessly about potential growth, companies are now actively cultivating the rural markets. And why not? Consider the market; out of five lakh villages in India only one lakh have been tapped so far. What has made the rural consumers so attractive to companies now? After all, the 122-million village households were not created overnight. The answer is simple. The urban market is getting sat

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    Identity And Desire

    1099 words, 5 pages

    People purchase desire in advertising, and therefore they shop. The advertisements promote new desires and new cultural mythologies towards our society. The older desires are still evident because they are used in nature differently, but now new desires are emerging. The main purpose of any type of advertising image is to sell a certain product. The actual advertisements often meet a set series of credentials. The reader is basically tricked into desiring a product by the use of advertising techniques like sex symbol, stereotype, and directly showing the truth of desire

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    Think Green, Sell Green

    1255 words, 6 pages

    Consumers want greener products and are becoming savvier about the way companies market their green credentials. The key to commercial success is genuine innovation Until recently green products have been seen as a niche market, but as cutting carbon takes centre stage with governments and consumers, the push to go green is going mainstream. In an attempt to pre-empt legislation dictating carbon targets, brands are launching new products and greening existing offerings at a dizzying speed. But companies must find ways to marry their environmental push with products that are both enticing

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    Gep Marketing Plan

    6409 words, 26 pages

    Executive summary: The pet grooming industry in Canada is at an all time high. Canadian pet owners are taking greater strides to maintain a healthy, positive and rich life style for their pets – and marketers and business owners are responding. A brief scan of the competitive landscape illustrates that only three major competitors exists in our location area of choice – the Westboro neighbourhood in the heart of Ottawa. To meet the demand and ensuring exclusivity of our brand, The Paw Shop caters to dog owners with progressive social attitudes and values; moreover, alluding to the ability

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    Target Marketing Segmentation

    3571 words, 15 pages

    A popular and effective marketing technique involves segment marketing. This consists of customers who share a similar set of needs or wants. Distinctions can be made in car buyers who are seeking low-cost basic transportation and those seeking luxurious driving experiences. (Kotler and Keller, 2005) The marketer does not create the segments, but has the task to identify segments and decide which one to target. There are a number of key benefits of segment or target marketing compared to mass marketing. If a company knows the needs and wants of the customer they are targeting, the co

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    Marketing And The Scope Of Marketing

    1255 words, 6 pages

    The actual term marketing may be a criterion of recent history, often associated with the dawn of the 20th century. However the actions of marketing date back thousands of years. We know from excavations of caves that early civilization used advertising to inform other members of the community of events and issues, indeed also to warn them of perils in the area. Equally customers or consumers, as we know them, are far from being a recent phenomenon. Customers are as old as the first transaction between two people. The social, economic, political and technological chang

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    Hurricane Island

    3163 words, 13 pages

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this report is to outline our proposed strategy for Mr. Chin as he attempts to lead Hurricane Island Outward Bound School through a time of change. As Marketing Director, Mr. Chin faces a dilemma: he must transform Hurricane Island School into a self-sustaining organization by introducing a very controversial marketing campaign—his first marketing plan. In addition, he must maintain the school’s core values by continuing to actively endorse special programs, avoid an overbearing expansion of the Professional Development Program and not allow profit maximizatio

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    Marketing And Product Development

    1522 words, 7 pages

    Marketing and Product Development Research The topic selected for the research of marketing and product development is the New Product Process. Under the new product process, market testing is defined “…as the stage of the new-product process that involves exposing actual products to prospective consumers under realistic purchase conditions to see if they will buy” (Kerin, Hartley, Berkowitz, and Rudelius, 2006, p.01). Considering that Z-wing has already created an upgraded blueprint of its largest and best selling jet (the 888), as well as receiving good reviews in regards to manufacturing

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    Music Marketing

    1273 words, 6 pages

    Throughout history, music has proved itself to be a static industry. It's most consistent aspect is it's popularity. Many dreamed of having their music heard by millions; however, few had the resources to accomplish this dream. Myspace, the social networking site, has given the resources needed to everyone who wants to accomplish this task. Through the millions of users on Myspace, musicians have the chance to personally market themselves. In the business world of today, everyone knows that the hardest industry to be successful in is the music industry. The music industry has evolved fr

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    Advertising Industry

    2144 words, 9 pages

    Advertising Firms in the advertising industry prepare advertisements for other companies and organizations and might also arrange to place them in print, broadcast, interactive, and other media. This industry also includes firms that sell advertising space for publications, radio, television, and the Internet. Divisions of companies that produce and place their own advertising are not considered part of this industry. Companies often look to advertising as a way of increasing sales. Most companies do not have the staff with the necessary skills or experience to create effective advertis

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    Decline Of The Marketing Concept

    1240 words, 5 pages

    Karl Moore’s article “The ‘marketing concept’ RIP” was published in the July 17th, 2006 issue of marketing magazine. In this article, Moore discusses the decline and the increasing irrelevance of the marketing concept idea. The marketing concept can be defined as “The idea that an organization should strive to satisfy the needs of consumers, while also trying to achieve the organization’s goals.” (Crane, Kerin, Hatley, & Rudelius, p. 17) Moore explains that organizations that use the marketing concept would send out market researchers to users of its current product and ask them what they woul

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    To What Extent Does The Consumption Of Popular Culture Lies On Individual Choice And Serve To Emphasize Individuality

    2370 words, 10 pages

    To define Popular Culture, we will need to first examine the definition of culture. According to Danesi (2008, pp. 2), ‘culture is a system that includes beliefs, rituals, performances, art forms, lifestyle, symbols, language, clothing, music, dance and other mode of human expressive, intellectual and communicative behaviour that is associated with a community during a particular time period’. In this paper, we will refer to pop culture in accordance to Ray Browne’s definition (1972 cited in Mattar, 2008, p.11). Thus, pop culture in this paper will refer to elements of life, such as lifestyl

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    1014 words, 5 pages

    3. Competition Abstract Google competes internationally with local information providers and with U.S. competitors who are currently more successful than Google are in various markets and if Google fails to compete effectively in international markets, Google’s business will be harmed. Google faces characteristics and competition the U.S. In certain markets, other web search, advertising services and internet companies have greater brand recognition, more users and more search traffic than Google has. Even in countries where Google has a significant user following, Google may not be as s

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    The Definition Of Marketing

    1035 words, 5 pages

    Introduction In 2004 The American Marketing Association revised their definition of marketing as ‘various features of modern marketing demonstrate its widening scope, varying perspectives, and increasing role and responsibility in society.’ (Gundlach 2007, p. 247) Christian Gronroos article On Defining Marketing: Finding a New Roadmap for Marketing dissects this definition, discusses four aspects of marketing theory and offers his own promises management definition developed from the promise concept. (Calonius 1983) This analysis discusses Gronroos arguments in relation to two key elements

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    Whiskey Case Study

    2647 words, 11 pages

    Introduction The case study is about the issues regarding the Scotch Whiskey firm, Glenmeadie. The Whiskey market is generally targeted at middle-aged consumers with a disposable income, as whiskey is considered as luxury product. The key issue in this case study lies upon which part Glenmeadie should invest more in product innovations or the front-end of its business. Glenmeadie is an accomplished Scotch Whiskey Company that proved its superior quality in the International Wine and Spirits Competition by winning four gold medals. The company’s Tastemakers programme which assists to improve i

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    570 Mid Term Exam

    3688 words, 15 pages

    Circle the “MOST” correct answer for each question. Transfer this letter (answer) to the answer sheet included with this test. Keep the test paper for review in class. Submit the answer sheet to the OLS (in your individual forum) on or before the start of the last scheduled class. There is only one “most” correct answer to each question. This is an “open book” test. This is an individual test, not a team test. There may be a curve to this test, based on the highest score submitted. Working with another student(s) only lowers this curve. DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE YOU NAME ON THE ANSWER SHEET. C

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    Using Suitable Examples Assess The Extent To Which The Growth In International Counterfeit May Impact Upon A Firms International Marketing Strategy

    2564 words, 11 pages

    International Marketing “Using suitable examples, assess the extent to which the growth in international counterfeit may impact upon a firms international marketing strategy” Many companies now operate in international markets. International marketing can be defined as International Marketing consists of finding and satisfying global customer needs better than the competition, both domestic and international and of coordinating marketing activities within the constraints of the global environment. Terpstra and Sarathy. Operating in an international market means that the company has m

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    Marketing Notes Chapter 1 7

    12323 words, 50 pages

    Chapter 1 Marketing’s role in the business and society Marketing Defined Marketing is the process of creating, distributing, promoting and pricing goods, services and ideas to facilitate satisfying exchange relationships with customers in a dynamic environment The marketing process starts with the customer Customer: the purchasers of organisations’ products; the focal point of all marketing activities. E.g. individuals, families, businesses and governments Marketing expectations Through buyer-seller interaction, a customer develops expectations about the seller’s future beha

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    Benefits Of Integrated Marketing Communications To Organizations

    1164 words, 5 pages

    Benefits of Integrated Marketing Communications to Organizations Integration of PR and Marketing The main benefits to using integrated marketing communications or IMC is that it is essential and cost effective to an organization. In addition, IMC addresses the issue of the four different messages that an organization needs to be aware of so it can control or at least influence. Also, there are six steps that if followed will effectively integrate public relations and marketing in order to meet an organizations goals. Public relations practitioners are often asked to do many other dutie

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    Mass Media Influence In America

    1665 words, 7 pages

    In America, the media and advertising are some of the biggest influences on an individual's method of viewing and interpreting the world around them. The influential power of the media is reaching controversial levels and very few aspects of life in America remain outside the pressure of these outlets. Violent programs, biased twenty-four hour news networks, and impossible social standards promoted by advertising are some of the negative byproducts of modern media. For many years, there has been debate surrounding the issue of widespread violence in today's media. Critics of graphic violenc

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    Pornochic Market

    3731 words, 15 pages

    FIRST PART : What does Porno Chic mean? And where does it come from? I- Present definition and history of Porno Chic How to define porno chic? ------------------------------------------------- Limits between Erotic, Porno chic and Hard-core | Suggested | Explicit | Brand-influenced | Erotic | ++ | - | - | Porn Chic | + | + | ++ | Hard Core | - | ++ | + | In parallel to eroticism which focuses on sexual desire and anticipates sexual activities, Porno chic’s aim is to mainstream pornography and to diffuse images of pornography in popular culture: adve

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    Sony Vaio Marketing Plan

    3294 words, 14 pages

    Table of Contents 1.0 Executive summary: 3 2.0 Introduction: 3 3.0 Situation analysis: 3 4.0 Macro-Environmental (PEST) Analysis: 4 4.1 Political: 5 4.2 Economic: 5 4.3 Social Factors: 5 4.4 Technological factors: 5 5.0 SWOT Analysis: 6 5.1 Strengths: 6 5.2 Weaknesses: 6 5.3 Opportunities: 7 5.4 Threats: 7 6.0 Marketing Strategy 7 6.1 Mission: 7 6.2 Marketing Objectives 8 6.3 The First year Objectives: 8 6.4 Target Market - Asian Market: 8 6.5 Positioning: 9 7.0 Marketing Mix: 9 7.1 Product: 9 7.2 Price: 10 7.3 Place: 10 7

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    2046 words, 9 pages

    Case Analysis: UnME Jeans: Branding in Web 2.0 Brand Manager Margaret Foley is feeling the pressure to adjust the marketing campaign for UnME jeans to keep up with the changes in technology, in particular the trend towards Web 2.0. This presents a challenge for Foley to think ‘outside the box,’ beyond the traditional method of television advertising, or ‘broadcasting’ to a modern interactive forum. The UnME brand was advertised as a stylish, cutting edge, and socially conscious brand, while encouraging teens to voice their personal opinions on social issues while pro

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    The Continuing Evolution Of Direct Marketing

    2905 words, 12 pages

    Mark Frenkel MRKT 606 9040 11/25/10 I. Introduction At the onset of civilization to the present market place there has always been the need to effectively communicate the intrinsic value of what you have to offer as a means to motivate others to utilize the products and services that comprise your organization. The question then becomes what is the best and most productive way to accomplish this given the particular dynamics of your target market. As the means for communicating continues to evolve, there increasingly develops a need to be more precise, relevant a

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    Marketing Concepts

    1201 words, 5 pages

    Introduction In this assignment I will be looking at the marketing and societal marketing concepts and how Harvey World Travel applies these concepts to obtain a profit and keep their customers’ wants and needs in mind to successfully reach their goals. I will also discuss the major forces in Harvey World Travel’s macro-environment to better understand what problems they face and from where they experience positive influences. Task 1 The Marketing Concept is defined as: · “Focusing on customer needs and wants before developing their product/service, · Aligni

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    Lynx Marketing Report

    2835 words, 12 pages

    Principles of Marketing Student number 7097158 MKT310 Introduction Lynx which was originally called axe was launched in France in 1983 by Faberge. It was then introduced as Lynx in the UK by Elida Gibbs Ltd in 1985. It could not use Axe as the brand name in UK and Ireland as it had already been trademarked by another company. Lynx became a part of Unilever in 1989; Unilever is a group of companies which deals with marketing products such as Dove and Flora. Lynx was created as a version of Impulse but targeted at men, which was another one of Unilever’s brands. The first body spra

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    Define Marketing Paper

    1270 words, 6 pages

    Define Marketing MKT/421 Marketing is one aspect in business surrounding everyday life, and most people don't even realize it. A challenge of a good marketing manager is to make people unaware that they are targets of a marketing campaign. Wikipedia defines marketing as "the process or act of bringing together buyers and sellers." The first thought a business must consider is what product or service can it offer consumers - then produce and provide it. Any business organization can provide a product or service. The question becomes, how do companies get their pro

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    Ethical Issues In Marketing

    1705 words, 7 pages

    Marketers Unethical Who are the marketers trying to market towards? Marketers are those people that tend to sometime choose to be ethical in a way and unethical in another way. Is this common with marketers of a certain product that they are trying to get customers to buy? Yes this is seen as unethical mainly because marketers are more about trying to sell the product and make a profit that will only benefit them and their company which is really not ethical at all from the customer’s point of view. When the marketers is only worried about making a profit, instead of

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    Word Of Mouth Impact On Small Businesses

    2410 words, 10 pages

    Terria Sinclair Service Marketing 545 Dr. Ziemnowicz December 8, 2010 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to analyze WOMM and how it can be very influential on many firms, small businesses. This paper will attempt to show how word of mouth (WOM) can be very beneficial for small businesses such as local hair salons, motion picture industry, and cosmetic products. Various statistics will be presented in this paper to show the impact of WOM on firms. Statistics will be calculated using questionnaires, surveys, and interviews. Based on personal experiences, I will attempt to measure the

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    Foster Situation Analysis

    2218 words, 9 pages

    Fosters Group Marketing Plan 2005 Table of Contents Executive Summary Page 3 Situational Analysis Page 4 SWOT Analysis Page 4 Our Mission Page 4 Our Values Page 5 Our Vision Page 5 Our Goals Page 5 Our Target Market Page 5 Marketing Objectives Page 5 Marketing Strategies Page 6 Projected Expenditure on Marketing Page 6 Market Research Page 7 Marketing…How and Where? Page 7 Implementation, Monitoring and Controlling Key indicators of effectiveness Page 8 Controls Page 8 Res

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    Deontological Second Paper

    3003 words, 13 pages

    Week # 4 Deontological Second Paper Introduction The amount of money being spent by pharmaceutical companies on direct to consumer advertising for prescription drugs has grown substantially in the United States over the past decade. As a result there have been both positive and negative effects on our society that have not gone unnoticed. This paper will explore the current regulations being enforced on these ads by the FDA, the benefits and repercussions of these ads, the reasons for the sudden increase in DTC advertising spending, as well as the ethical obligatio

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    Marketing Product Management

    3618 words, 15 pages

    SECTION A ------------------------------------------------- Question 1 ------------------------------------------------- Product description ------------------------------------------------- Product description is the intuitionist material that customers rely on. A good and attractive product description enables buyers to gain a complete knowledge of your product and encourages them to make up their purchase decisions. ------------------------------------------------- 1. The use of accurate and precise product name. ------------------------------------------------- For example:

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    Breathe Right Nasal Strips

    3205 words, 13 pages

    Introduction to Marketing MKT 110 Executive Summary For over 12 years, Breathe Right nasal strips have been in circulation around the world. First invented in the early 1990’s by Bruce Johnson, an allergy sufferer, Breathe Right nasal strips have had some success and some hard times. Breathe Right was first introduced in the U.S. and gained consumer awareness through professional athletes and key media personnel. When the company realized how successful the product could be, they began to expand into other

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