Alternative Medicine Papers

  • Alternative Medicine: Cam Therapeutic Modalities

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    From past to present; we have seen changes done to everything from clothing to medicine. With this being done we see more and more people today, converting to the “old” usage of treating health issues and concerns. The following information pertains to what is alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and integrative medicine. Also, different treatment options that aligns with a person’s choice of medicine, examples of treatments that are available, five domains of therapy, and the philosophy of CAM. CAM Therapeutic Modalities Complementary and Alternative medicine (CAM) is a group of d

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    Alternative Medicine Versus Conventional Medicine

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    Alternative medicine is a better lifestyle choice it can prevent, cure, and slow the disease process. However, I understand the importance for conventional medicine when alternative medications have failed. More people are turning towards alternative medicine to cure their illnesses rather than conventional medicine because of the harmful side effects and addiction it can cause. Alternative medicines have a different way of curing illnesses. It generally does not rely on surgery, sophisticated technology or prescription drugs like conventional medicine. “Instead it uses herbs, natural o

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