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  • The Crucible

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    In this essay I will be looking at ‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller. I will discuss how effective I think his language is to build up the storyline. I will also be saying how I would direct Act three. In this act, Mary Warren said that she hasn’t seen the devil an Abigail and the other girls are lying that they have not seen the devil. Proctor tries to prevent Elizabeth from being hanged. He also admits that he lusted with Abigail. Elizabeth lies to the court, telling the first lie she has ever told. She lied to save her husband though. Abigail is accusing everyone of

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    Give detailed description of Polanskis treatment of Act One Scene One of Macbeth. State how effective you found this realisation. Roman Polanskis version of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” is very different in interpretation of Act I Scene I. He made many changes in opening scene. When comparing Roman Polanski’s version of Macbeth with the original text written by William Shakespeare we can see that his work is in keeping with Shakespeare to a an extant however Polanski adds innovations to show of the more natural side of the witches which is more realistic to the modern a

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    Salem Witch Trials

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    From June to September of 1692, nineteen convicted men and women were hanged for the forbidden practice of witchcraft in Salem Village, Massachusetts. Hundreds more were accused, some were neglected and left in jails without trials, and one elderly man denounced as a wizard was crushed to death for refusal of a trial regarding witchcraft. The tragedy of Salem was caused by an "unfortunate combination" (Linder) of frontier war, congregational dispute, poor economic status, personal rivalry, and teenage boredom. However, as swiftly as the trials had begun, the turmoil th

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    Document Analysis 1

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    Mitchell Bortz History 101 Hollenback Document Analysis #1 Question #1 In the time of the Aztec civilization, great strides were taken to keep everything in what I would call, “working order.” The Aztecs were very religious people who did whatever was needed to be done to please their main gods Quetzaquatal and Tezcatlipoca. Human sacrifice was the main form of pleasing the Gods and keeping the cosmos from being destruction. In my opinion, some of the things that were done to the people being sacrificed were very extreme. Some examples would be the rituals t

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    Witchcraft And Salem

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    Witchcraft in general, and Salem in particular, have long been a focus of interest and study in American history. The circumstances triggering witchcraft accusations in the Salem witchcraft trials and the longevity of those trials are a long standing subject of debate. The Devil in the Shape of a Woman, by Carol Karlsen, examines witchcraft as a complicated, religiously lead, male dominated social structure. Women were held in dual roles, subservient to, and agents of spiritual leadership, using events in Salem as one aspect of a global analysis to promote a feminist view of female

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