Antivirus And Malware Papers

  • Viruses, Trojans, Worms

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    Computer viruses have been aroud for many years, since about 1986. Who invented computer viruses? Where were they created? Can you create them? All of these questions will be answered, as well as a short timeline of virus history and highlight of some recent major viruses. First, What is a computer virus? And how do you protect yourself from them? Then, A short timeline of virus' history. And, finally a few recent major viruses. What is a computer virus? A computer virus is a program or piece of software that copies itself to your PC, or attaches itself to a document. For

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    Threats And Attacks To Computer Network

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    Chapter 4 Threats and Attacks to a Computer Network Research shows that “threats to the computers and networks have been an issue since computers began to be used widely by the general public. Nowadays, any computer or network that is connected to the Internet is at risk” (, 2008) There are unlimited different types of threats exists in computer networking field but in this report mainly six different common but important threats were discussed. 4. 1 Spoofing Spoofing is a technique used to hide identity of traff

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    It 240 Threat Categorization

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    Boot Sector contains has a limit of information which relates to the formatting of the disk, and has the boot program which loads the operating system. File infector virus attaches to executable file with the COM or EXE extension. Multipartite virus has both characteristics of boot sector and file virus. Marco is a set of instruction which a program executes on command. Trojan Horse virus is a program that appears to be legitimate software which is a game or utility and it will cause damage to the computer’s hard drive. Email Worm come from pop ups ads and spyware through email. Inst

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