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  • Supply And Demand Simulation

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    According to Colander (2010), the law of demand states that all other things being constant, “quantity demanded rises as price falls” or “quantity demanded falls as prices rise” (pg. 84). Conversely, Colander (2010) also states the following about supply: all other things being constant, “quantity supplied rises as price rises” or “quantity supplied falls as price fall” (pg. 90). This simulation followed the pricing of apartments in the fictional city of Atlantis, and provided an in-depth look at the changes that occurred on those prices based solely upon supply of apartments available and

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    Supply And Demand Simulation

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    Atlantis is a small city with lots of activities and scenery available to those who live there. Atlantis has several options for housing both detached and apartments. Atlantis has very little issues with traffic, pollution, and crime. By all appearances Atlantis seems like the ideal place to live. For the purpose of this simulation as the property manager through Good Life Management, I will be tasked to look at the cost of two-bedroom apartments and the current available at the given price. Areas we are going to explore are, demand curve, supply curve, and the equilibrium poi

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    Learning Experience At Unisa

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    PYC205A THEME 1: QUESTION 1c: My learning experience at Unisa has been a pleasant one thus far, I understand that there are thousands of students enrolled at the University and I am impressed that up to now I have not had any real problems with my studies. I have completed 19 subjects so far and I have experienced that some of them were more interesting than others, some were easier to study maybe because I was more interested in them and others were boring but yet necessary in order to reach my final destination. Some had prescribed books and others not, some had multiple choice questions

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    Factors Affecting Supply & Demand Of Nyc Residential Real Estate

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    The City of New York has one of the most competitive markets for consumers who are looking to live there. This competition allows much of the available supply to be rented/sold at a premium. There are many factors (independent variables) that affect the supply and demand for New York Residential real estate. Each of New York’s 5 boroughs has similar factors that the consumer looks for in determining where he/she ultimately decides to live. Below is just a sampling of these factors: - Price/Value/Alternatives - Apartment Size/Amenities - Neighborhood/Location

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    Norms And Expectations In Society

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    Norms are the expectations of what is supposedly “right” or “correct” in society. Examples of norms include facing the door in an elevator, driving on the right side of the road in the United States, and writing on a piece of paper starting on the top, left side. These are norms because they are what most people in a group, regardless its size, believe is right. The norms it holds are important because it is what keeps order within the group and what differentiates from the “in-group” and the “out-group.” For our assignment, we were required to perform two social deviations that are neither m

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