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  • Frank Gehry

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    Frank Gehry just happens to be one of the greatest architects. His work has such random collages of different materials that just makes it unique and outstanding. I would like to take my architects to see Gehry’s house, the dancing house and finally the Guggenheim museum. By showing them these great pieces of architecture they will come up with something fantastic that will totally create an incredible unique structure. We should start where everything started, Frank Gehry’s house. Gehry’s house located in Santa Monica has become one of the icons of postmodernism.

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    Frank Ghery

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    Profile Frank Gehry was born in Toronto(Canada)by Jewish/Polish parents on February the 28th, 1929 . Frank Gehry is a very prestigious architect whom has influenced many and helped design many famous abstract buildings like the Walt Disney Concert Hall in los Angeles. Frank Gehry was born into a “creative line of genes” in which is why he would often spend a lot of time with his father in a hardware store building miniature cities and buildings out of left over materials he could find. This probably was the spark for his choice in pursuing a designing career. Fran

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    The Fountainhead: A Lacking World

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    Two wrongs can actually make a right. Egoistic by definition means limited to or caring only about yourself and your own needs. The definition of stubborn is having or showing dogged determination not to change one's attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons. These two characteristics combined with Howard Roarks other notable qualities essentially combine to make one remarkable character. Furthermore with the addition of characters such a Stephen Mallory who lacks confidence in his originality, Dominique Francon with her refusal to allow herself to be

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    The Role Of Jobs - Contrast-argument Essay

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    Jobs play a huge role in life when its time to make money. A job is a area in which professional, mannerly and respected work is done for an agreed price. They are various amount jobs but the ones that stand out to me most are being a lawyer, electrical engineer, architect and doctor. These occupations define in what a job should be. Being a doctor is the most clear to me of what a job should be like. Of course, not all occupations show professional and mannered work is done for an agreed price. One example I can say street dealers. Street dealers by definition are people who sell narcotics

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