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  • Dorthea Lang

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    Dorothea Lange is a remarkable female American photographer who is best known for her photographs of the Great Depression for the Farm Security Administration. Lange was a monumental figure in photography because she was a strong woman in a professional field that was largely occupied by men. Lange helped break down gender barriers by impacting and changing the way women were perceived in the photographic field. During this time period, documentary photography was just beginning and since Lange was working in this mode, she had important influence on the way it progres

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    Real Dreams By Duane Michals

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    Nothing is what I once thought it was. You are not what you think you are. You are nothing you can imagine. I am a short story writer. Most often photographers are reporters. I am an orange. They are apples. One of the biggest cliches in photography is to say that he is a personal photographer. We must touch each other to stay human. Touch is the only thing that can save us. I use photography to help me explain my experiences to myself. Some photographers literally shoot everything that moves, hoping somehow, in all that confusion to discover a photograph. The difference between the artist and

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    Tarket Market Research

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    After reviewing the five websites for this target market analysis I was able to find some definitive information regarding these companies’ demographics, product users, psychographics and geographic differences. Some had a very clear target audience while others were harder to decipher. I will analyze each individually to help clearly define the audience. The first website on the list is Michaels. Michaels is an arts and crafts store where you can pick up basic supplies for a multitude of art projects. It has everything from baking and party supplies, to wood carving tools. From being a p

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    Jacob Riis

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    Jacob Riis was a very influential person of his time. He used writing and photography to his advantage. Jacob Riis lived through the New Progressive Era, and he made a vast change to America throughout his life. Jacob Riis made the citizens of New York City aware of how bad the living conditions of tenements were. Throughout his life time living in New York City, he did his best to improve these conditions. Even though Jacob Riis was very hypocritical, he still managed to help the people in need through his talents: writing and photography. Jacob Riis was born in Ribe

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    "At one with the power of the American landscape, and renowned for the patient skill and timeless beauty of his work, photographer Ansel Adams has been a visionary in his efforts to preserve this country's wild and scenic areas, both on film and on Earth. Drawn to the beauty of nature's monuments, he is regarded by environmentalists as a monument himself, and by photographers as a national institution. It is through his foresight and fortitude that so much of America has been saved for future Americans.", said President James E. Carter; presenting Ansel Adams with the P

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    The early cave paintings attest to the fact that man has always wanted to record himself, his activities and the environment around him. This art, until very recently, has been reserved for the talented individuals, not the everyday, ordinary person. Painters of great renown abound throughout the centuries and have left remarkable pictorial histories of our journey through time. While the camera was not invented until the 19th century, the two basic elements of a camera had been well known for hundreds of years. The first element of a working camera known by the anci

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    Week 3 Sci 207

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    Environmental Contamination SCI 207: Dependence of man on the environment 5-18-15 Environmental Contamination Introduction Contaminations in today’s water supply can affect the human race to a great deal, causing humans to become sick or even worse death. In this Lab we are going to talk about the effects of contamination in our water supply. Now, when we say contaminations these can cover a wide range of things, like cooking oil, farming chemicals, human waste, industrial waste, and even household soap and cleaning supplies. We will talk about how these cont

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    The Six Basic Features Of The World Economy And How It Is Linked To Globalization

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    HSY 3701/1 ASSIGNMENT: 1 According to Knox et al (2003: 71 83) we can distinguish six basic features of the world economy as: -­? Firstly the world economy consists of a single world market, in which production is for exchange rather than use. -­? Secondly, the world economy has always had a territorial division between political states. This division predates and grew along with the geographical expansion of the modern state system. -­? A third characteristic of the modern world economy is that it has taken shape of a basic, three-­?tiered pattern, as it has expanded to cover the globe

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    “Sanctuary Outside Of The Sanctuary

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    The idea of sanctuary has several different dimensions. It is much more than a church, temple, or religious place. The abstract idea of sanctuary is explored in both Cynthia Ozick's “The Shawl” and Charlotte Perkins Gillman's “The Yellow Wallpaper”. Both of the works take into account two eras of history. “The Yellow Wallpaper” addresses a time when women were thought of as inferior while “The Shawl” addresses the Holocaust. The characters in these stories cling to and explore the idea of sanctuary in so far as: love, death, refuge, shelter and other ways. In Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” t

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    Art Of Asia

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    Topic 1: The formative influence of Song dynasty ceramics on Korean ceramics of the Koryo dynasty is manifested in the Koryo adoption of Chinese vessel shapes, and above all, the celadon glaze technique. In the most fruitful of forms of cultural transmission, however, imitation and transformation go hand in hand. The aim of this comparison is to articulate the ways in which Koryo potters adapted foreign models to their own use. What makes the Koryo celadon in the Metropol

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    Barbara Kruger Old Is Original

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    The concept of postmodernism is typified as a return to traditional materials and forms. Consequently, much of the art of this genre is filled with imagery and objects that pertain to previous original concepts. The creativity involved comes from the new arrangement of said past concepts. Thus, something new is created from something old. Postmodernism was born out of a reaction against the fundamental ideals of modernism. More specifically, postmodern artists rejected the modernist obsession with the concept of aestheticism and began by questioning the formal qualities tied to the aesthetic

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    The Power Of Digital Media

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    Jordan Gilliam Professor Ginn Eng1000 The Power of Visual Media In a world ruled by the Internet, we have access to more information than the human mind can handle. Everyday we are conditioned by the trillions of images our visual sensory system intakes. This research paper discus’s digital media, specifically photography and videography, in context to the past, present, and future. Our volatilely viral society is changing every day across the whole world, and with the increase in technological growth, comes change in the way technology is presented. Photographs

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    Kp Production Situation Analysis

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    To: Instructor of ENTR 3500 R10 From: Harumi Kirisawa, Student from ENTR 3500 R10 Subject: Project Proposal Kuna Photography's New Event Photography Project I would like to propose a project about new event photography service plan for Kuna Photography. In the proposal, all information that is available is noted down for your understanding and evaluation. Introduction Kuna Photography (KP) is a partnership business owned by 5 owners, and this business was established in August, 2005, starting with a sole proprietor. Its main service areas right now are pe

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    A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever

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    Thing of beauty is joy for ever is famous line from Keats poem. He tells us that man has great capacity of creating beautiful things. Because of his aesthetic, sense beauty is a constant source of pleasure for man. People inhabiting different parts of the globe differ substantially from one another in respect of language, food habits, dress code and social manners. However, they show remarkable similarity in their love for beauty, both of nature and of human form. Right from the times when man lived in the caves, he had developed an eye for the beauty of shapes and form

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    Arts And Crafts Movement

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    THE ARTS AND CRAFTS MOVEMENT (ACM) aimed to promote a return to hand-craftsmanship and to assert the creative independence of individual craftspeople. It was a reaction against the industrialised society that had boomed in Britain in the Victorian period, and aimed for social as well as artistic reform. Its example was followed in other countries, particularly the U.S.A. After the 1914-18 war, other artistic trends overtook the ACM, and it declined. Industrial production of consumer goods developed in Britain in the eighteenth century, increased massively in the nineteenth, and inevitably a

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