Atheism And Agnosticism Papers

  • Analyse The Essential Ideas In The Ontological Argument

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    Analyse the essential ideas in the Ontological Argument The Ontological (meaning ‘concerned with being’) argument is the only a priori argument for the existence of God. This means that it does not rely on the evidence of our senses for its premises or conclusion. It works by logical stages, which is self evidently true or logically necessary. This is one of its major strengths. It is also deductive, so the conclusion is the only possible one that could be deduced give the premises. Therefore, it is theoretically strong. Anselm proposed in the Proslogian that the

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    God Is Not Dead Philosophy Final Essay

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    The existence of God has been debated by man for centuries. Some arguments are founded in logic and some in ignorance. People like to say that truth is relative; what is true for you may not be true for me. Unfortunately this has been the approach to many things, especially the existence of God. There are however some indisputable truths in life. One that comes to mind is the earth and everything in it. God created the heavens and the earth simply by speaking them into existence. Everything came to be by happenstance through a big bang and the process of evolution. Eith

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    Dramatic Methods Used To Present Antony In Antony And Cleopatra

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    Explore the dramatic methods used by Shakespeare to present Antony as a character whom we admire and simultaneously do not admire. In your essay you must include: * Shakespeare's use of language * the staging of significant episodes * relevant contextual information, for example historical, social, cultural or literary Through a use of dramatic methods, Shakespeare manages to portray Antony in two ways, firstly as the great Roman leader with a yearning for war, the epitome of masculinity, a man greatly admired by many in both Elizabethan and modern audien

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    Explain Key Ideas In The Design Argument For The Existence Of God

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    “With such signs of forethought in the design of living creature, can you doubt they are the work of choice or design?” (Socrates) The Design argument looks at the order and purpose, or telos, in the world and states that it implies that there must be a designer who made the world ‘just right’ for human existence. Religious believers go on to state that this designer is God. The argument states that if one uses one’s senses to look at order, such as gravity and the motion of the planets, which exists in the world, it is likely that one will accept that there is a designer God who created the w

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