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  • Sony Aibo

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    In the case of the first generation AIBO there was less significance given on the task functionality, rather Sony emphasized primarily on the entertainment perspective. Sony went ahead with creation of a robot that could serve as a loving pet, without any hassles that a pet owner goes through. They tried to fill the need for love, healing and relaxation. In Japan, pets were not allowed in apartments & AIBO helped Japanese people to cherish the love of a pet without the requirement of emotional maintenance. One of the key features of the AIBO was that it could communicate with the owner and lea

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    Feminism In Asimov

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    I, Woman: Gender Roles in Asimov's I, Robot Even though the women begun uniting their forces for the advancement of their gender in the nineteenth century, the movement did not gain momentum until the twentieth century. Not only did women gain the right to vote, but they also merged their forces to focus on social aspects, seeking gender equality. However, regardless of the progress women have made as a class, they are still viewed as less valuable than men are, and in some cases they are paid less money for performing the same job a man would. Women have tried to r

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    Robots And The Affect On Humans In Future

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    How robots will ? What kind of robots will exist? What will be the causes due to robots in our future generations? Imagine a world in which everything is being done by robots? Robot is any mechanical device that operates automatically with humanlike skill. Robots may seem like modern inventions, but mechanical men have lived in the imaginations of people as far back as the ancient Greeks. The idea of mechanical men as servants and household helpers took root in the 1890s and early 1900s. Then, in 1920, these mechanical men were given a name RUR Robots are created to help us earthlings with

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    A Look Into Artificial Intelligence

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    Have you ever watched a SIFI movie and saw a talking robot with emotions? What you saw was Artificial Intelligence or better known as AI. Now, what is AI? Well, AI is where computer science focuses on creating machines that can engage on behaviors that humans consider intelligent. Stuart J Russell and Peter Norvig state that “We call ourselves Homo sapiens –man the wise- because our intelligence is so important to us. We have tried to understand how we think; that is, how a mere handful of matter can perceive understand, predict, and manipulate a world far larger and more complicated than its

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