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  • Thalidomide

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    Thalidomide is a sedative-hypnotic drug which was first released to the public in 1957. It was used mostly by pregnant women as a sleeping pill, because it also possessed the benefits of preventing morning sickness (Spiegel). In the 1950s, nobody had ever considered that thalidomide may possess DNA-altering properties (Hirsch). The long-term effects that thalidomide has on the body and fetuses prove to be catastrophic, however, it unquestionably has positive uses today. Thalidomide was developed by a German pharmaceutical company called Grunenthal in 1953. It was accidentally discovered

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    Recognition And Recall In Low Birth Weight Infants

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    Recognition and recall in low birth weight infants Infants that weigh less than 2500 grams at birth are categorized as low birth weight babies, and their chances of survival have increased significantly in recent years due to technological advances in prenatal and perinatal care. Low birth weight is often associated with cognitive deficits, learning disabilities, behavior problems, and poor school behavior. Low birth weight (LBW) is also a vulnerability marker for drug use among boys and research also indicates that LBW is a risk factor for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). T

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    Keshav Bhasin Prof. Richard Kasschau Psyc 1300-15643 12th April 2011 Infancy- Developmental Psychology Infancy is the first period of life that humans have. An infant is defined usually as a child between the age of 0 and 2. A few weeks before birth, the mother experiences lightning of the baby. Dropping of the baby into pelvis is called Lightning. During this period the baby rotates its head to come out in the world in a downward-facing position. This is a sign that the baby is getting ready to come out in this world. (“Recognizing Labor” “

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    Preparing Milk Feeds Formula And Breast

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    List below what you have learnt about preparing milk feeds, both formula and breast. Give consideration to hygiene practices and other safety factors, explaining why these are important. All bottles must have been washed with soapy water and with a bottle brush first to be rid of the fatty milk deposits. Then they must be sterilised with every part of the bottle submersed in the water. When a feed is to be made, wash hands and clean all surfaces to avoid cross contamination. Put on an apron, gloves and hairnet. Water must be boiled and allowed to cool, and make

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    Seminar Option 2

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    (1) What are some factors both developmental and environmental associated with the safety of infants through the second birthday? “Sharing a bed with a newborn is dangerous if the adult is drugged or drunk-and this in danger of “overlying” the baby. It may be that co-sleeping is beneficial but bed-sharing is not, partly because adult beds. Unlike cribs, are often soft, with comforters, mattresses, and pillows that increase a baby’s risk of suffocation (Alm, 2007)”. (Berger 2012, p.137). (2) What is cot death? Cot death is a diagnosis that’s made when an apparentl

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    Explore The Ways In Which The Relationship Between Pip And Mrs Joe Gargery Is Presented With Particular Reference To Chapters 2 And 4

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    Explore the ways in which the relationship between Pip and Mrs Joe Gargery is presented, with particular reference to chapters 2 and 4. Charles Dickens is well known for his imaginative, well developed characters, which are described in vivid detail. This can be seen in the novel, ‘Great Expectations,’ where the relationship between Pip, who is presented as an innocent and naive character, and Mrs Joe Gargery, who is presented as a villainous character, is very aggressive. The aggressive relationship between Pip and Mrs Joe Gargery is also presented through her abusi

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    Part (b) research and viewpoints- I have researched latching on by using lots of different resources. I also added in two viewpoints of mothers that have breastfed their children. I also included what I believe. Book by National Childbirth Trust- Complete book of Baby Care (16-09-13) From this book I found out that the baby should lie on her side facing the mother. The baby should be up close to her breast with her head on her forearm. To start of breastfeeding I learnt that the baby should respond once the mother’s nipple touches the baby’s lip. The baby will turn

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    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Sids)

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    Sudden infant death syndrome, better known as S.I.D.S., is one of the leading causes for the inflated infant mortality rate in this country today. It is often misunderstood or unrecognizable. For the most part, the causes of SIDS are unknown to the general public. This is changing, however, as public awareness is ever increasing. Thus, the purpose of this paper will be to explain sudden infant death syndrome and its known or suggested causes. Also, the history of SIDS, the problems and emotional suffering that results from the loss of a child, the toll it takes on the surviving sibling, and po

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    From Birth – 2 Years old * The Newborn * Are active human beings who are eager to understand and engage their social world. * Neonate – refers to a “newborn” and; * Neonate Period – typically refers to the newborn during the first two weeks following birth (Although some use the term to refer to the first month). * The neonate is no beauty. At the moment when infants slip into the world, they are covered with vernix (a thick, white, waxy substance). And some babies retain their lanugo hair (fetus’s fine; woolly facial and body hair), which disappears by the neonate’s fort

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    Nursing Care And Discharge Teaching: Correct Use Of A Car Seat

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    Chapter: Twenty-Six Outline: Basic Related Content: Discharge teaching and newborn care including bathing, umbilical cord care, circumcision, care seat safety, environmental safety, newborn behaviors, feeding, elimination and signs of illness to report to the provider. Prior to discharge, a nurse should provide anticipatory guidance to prepare new parents to care for their new born at home. Mothers and newborns are normally discharged once the newborn is 6 to 48 hours old. Serious complications can result if improper discharge instructions are given to the parents prior to taking their new

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    Breast Feeding Versus Bottle Feeding

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    Bottle Feeding or Breast Feeding? English Composition A plethora of questions and concerns arise upon confirmation of pregnancy; however, the decision on whether to breastfeed or formula feed an infant seems to be one of the more crucial decisions. Moms new to nursing a baby need all the information that they can get in order to help choose which method of feeding is more suitable, because every mother wants what is best for their child. Unlike formula feeding, the benefits of breastfeeding are substantial for both mother and baby. Moreover, choosing to breastfeed

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    Compare And Contrast The Psychoanalytic Theories Of Freud And Erikson

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    Written Assignment 1 Bryan Lindsey, Chesapeake Virginia Developmental Psychology Dr. Robert Wolf Written Assignment 1 1. Compare and contrast the psychoanalytic theories of Freud and Erikson. (Chapter 2) The psychoanalytic theories of both Freud and Erickson are similar in many ways, but Erickson recognized a wide range of outcomes from the eight developmental stages that being different from Freud’s five stages. Freud believed that development in the first six years occurred in the three stages (Stassen). Freud believed that each stage focuse

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    Breastfeeding Vs Bottle Feeding

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    Human Development Breast feeding vs. formula feeding One of the most imperative decision as an expectant mother is deciding whether to formula feed or breastfeed their newborn. Organizations including World Health Organization (WHO), American Medical Association (AMA), and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advocate breastfeeding as the advantageous option for newborns. Most of these organizations and other supporters of breastfeeding confirm that breastfeeding defends the infant against infection, decreases the risks of many chronic conditions, and inhibits allergies. Despite

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    Psychology Test Review

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    Test Review 1 definitions: be able to define terms/concepts without examples experiments: know the purpose, hypothesis, methods, results, and main conclusion, know dependent and independent variables DON'T focus on unimportant details of methods (e.g. how many Ss they used) application of concepts (apply definitions, explanations to scenario she gives)** ex. know approximate ages for things, like object permanence cross sectional design: test different age groups at one time longitudinal: test the same group of subjects multiple times over the years sequential

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    Growth And Development Of Infants 3 To 12 Months

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    For the past several weeks I have had a number of great experiences at the Children’s Learning Center here in Mount Pleasant. I was assigned to the infant room and was nervous at first about it. I actually ended up really enjoying every observation and learning so much. I wanted to really focus on the growth of the infants over the weeks and saw so much development. Much changed between all of them and especially the infant I chose to mainly focus on. It took me the first few weeks to begin to get comfortable with all of the infants and workers. I was never around more than 6 or 7 at a time du

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    This essay will focus attachment and a definition will be offered. For this essay my research will be based on different types of attachment and experiment used and the effects of maternal deprivation socially and emotionally. I will explain and evaluate different experiment and discuss my finding in conclusion. Attachment is a strong, long lasting emotional tie or bond to a particular individual (Haralambos et al, 2000). Attachment in infancy have some characteristics which include: seeking proximity i.e. wanting to be near each other, seeking anxiety – a mutual fee

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    Bottle Feeding An Infant

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    Bottle feeding an infant is often times one of the most important aspects of being a new parent. However, it can also be a very taxing experience, so it is important to learn techniques that will help foster proper feeding habits. Learning these techniques will help to alleviate much of the monotony that is involved with feeding a new infant and also help to foster an enjoyable bonding time that feedings offer new parents. This instruction manual is intended to inform new parents how to properly bottle feed their newborn infant up to the first four months of the infant’s age. While feeding an

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    Stages Of Development In Infant And Toddlers

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    As we know, infants and toddlers are such a joy to be around. They bring a certain type of happiness to not only their parents, but family, friends and those who come in contact with them. Infants and toddlers do not stay babies for very long. As soon as a child enters out of its mother’s womb, he or she begins the developmental process. Infants and toddlers grow quickly, or should I say “in a blink of an eye”. Infants and Toddlers go through different types of stages during the developmental process. Infants and toddlers do not have the full ability to verbally express

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    How Does Fugard Present Three Turning Points In Tsotsi

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    Fugard presents a dysfunctional society in the townships of South Africa, where the hard lives of the residents were harsh and violent, within Tsotsi. He thought humanity was faltered and disliked the manner in which people behaved and could kill somebody whilst everybody else turned a blind eye. Tsotsi, the sociopathic gang leader, initially was presented by Fugard as violent, heartless, filled with rage and as far as he knew had no past or purpose. He was even given a name that translates from a South African dialect into a thug and township gangster who usually steals. However Fugard belie

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