Bankruptcy Papers

  • Kudler Problem Statement

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    Kudler Problem Statement Describe the Situation: Kathy is running all aspects of the business even though she has a manager at each location that would be capable of taking on additional duties. She is working herself to the bone and could use a few days off here and there. If Kathy could let go and give each of her managers a little more responsibility she would be able to focus on opening new stores and also have a few days off. Frame the “Right” Problem: The problem here is that Kathy is taking on too much responsibility for one person to handle alone. One person cannot run a multiple s

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    Case: Unequal-equal Supervisors

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    Questions 1. How have the inaccurate performance ratings created more problems? The inaccurate performance rating created an ethical dilemma for Hubert Johnson. Rating both employees the same even though one is more capable can lead him to making the wrong decision when retaining one supervisor for the job. This in turn can cause adverse consequences for the company. For instance, it’s quite clear that Neil will be the appropriate choice to help lead the company reach its goals. But since the company requires the person with most seniority receives priority, Hubert should retain Harriet

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