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    Baseball is as American as the red, white and blue that sits on our flag, it is a sport that was created by us, and to this day is one of the sports that we dominate the most in. Growing up in the suburbs right outside Chicago, almost everyone is a Chicago Cubs fan or a Chicago White Sox fan. While that makes sense for them, considering those are the two teams that play close to our town, I chose to be different, I chose to be a New York Yankees fan. Growing up in the minority wasn’t fun, most people look at the Yankees and think of them as the bad guys because they have the money and willingn

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    The Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports

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    The Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports Axia College of University of Phoenix The use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports The use of Performance Enhancing Drugs or PED’s in sports today has become an ongoing battle. From the media to athletes, to the doctor who prescribe the drugs to now involving the Federal Government, the issue of whether or not it is cheating has played a major roll in today’s sports. Baseball players, Football players, Swimmers, Track and Field runners, Olympians, Professional Weight Lifters, Cyclists, and the list goes on and on have all been in

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    Bay Area Baseball Proposal Here’s a rough draft of what I propose. I would run Bay Area Baseball as my full time job. I would start small. 2 clubs teams from Nov 2009 to August 2010. The 2 teams would be 1 13u team and 1 14u team. Both teams goals would be to have 14 players on it. I would be the Head Coach of both teams. I would have 1 paid assistant for both teams. (Please see budget attached) September 2010 evaluate if we want to expand or not. Expand slowly. I would be the Director Of Baseball and you would be the Director of the Board/President. For the first year, I would

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