Boats And Watercraft Papers

  • Encounter With The Deep Blue

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    A Close Encounter with the Deep Blue The radio crackled as the distant voice spluttered and died. Now we felt completely alone, but surely there must be others like us out here? There was complete silence other than the sound of unforgiving waves crashing into the side of our boat and drenching us with salty, seawater. The only thing in sight as far as I could see was an endless carpet of dark undulating water and just our lonely boat floating in the middle of nowhere. My tummy felt tight and knotted and my lips were as dry as sandpaper. I felt as if I was in a tranc

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    Born On The Blackstone Americas Other Revolution

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    President Andrew Jackson: “I understand you taught us how to spin, so as to rival Great Britain in her manufactures; you set all these thousands of spindles at work, which I have been delighted in viewing, and which have made so many happy, by a lucrative employment.” Samuel Slater: “Yes Sir. I suppose that I gave out the psalm and they have been singing to the tune ever since.” George S. White, “Memoir of Samuel Slater” Broke at Birth: America's Other Revolution America was born bankrupt. We won the war, but lost everything else. Our economy had belonged to Gre

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    Arima Dial

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    Arima has always been regarded as the home of the Amerindians. Although it is difficult to find a 'pureblood' Amerindian within the district of Arima, or anywhere else in Trinidad, there is still evidence of their existence and the lingering impact of their cultural influence. Like many other regions in Trinidad, Arima, which emerged on the banks of what is known today as the Arima River, in fact received its name from an Amerindian word which means water. Situated in North-central Trinidad it has been, for more than a century, the most easterly settlement in the interior of Trinidad. Nestl

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