Body Art Papers

  • Legal Memo

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    Memorandum To: Senior Partner From: Patricia Oswalt Case: Natalie Attired v. New Mexico Employment Security Board Office File: PA205-02 Docket Number: NA Re: Whether Natalie’s tattoo and her refusal to remove it constituted misconduct as defined by § 59-9-5(b) N.M.S.A. 1953 Statement of Facts Our client is Natalie Attired. Natalie was denied unemployment compensation on the grounds that she was terminated for “misconduct”. Natalie wishes to file a claim against NMESB for wrongfully withholding her unemployment compensation. Natalie began employment wit

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    Natalie Attired V State Of New Mexico Week 9

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    Natalie Attired Vs. State of New Mexico Legal Memorandum NATALIE ATTIRED VS. THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO LEGAL MEMORANDUM 1 Natalie Attired's Vs. The State of New Mexico Legal Memorandum PA 205 Introduction to Legal Analysis and Writing Final Memorandum Natalie Attired Vs. The State of New Mexico Legal Memorandum Facts Natalie was employed at Biddy’s Teahouse for a period of one year. Natalie had work performance evaluation every three months by Mrs. Baker, while she was an employee

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    Cons Of Getting A Tattoo Or Piercing

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    Sometimes getting a tattoo or piercing, some people think of the enjoyment of getting one done. Yet, when it comes to getting a tattoo or a piercing, people should understand the potential risks, and methods of removal, along with all the self-preparation that is involved. Many people do not stop to think about self-preparation before getting a tattoo done. Self-preparation consists of: healthy eating, clean skin, no caffeine, being well rested, no drugs or alcohol, no sunburns, and he or she should bring someone or something along to keep busy during the process. Eating healthy means that

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    The Tattoo: Across Cultures

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    When most people hear the word “tattoo”, they generally think of bikers, rebels, and XVIII year-olds. Tattoos are undefined, express feelings and are a part of various cultures in everyday life. Although the tattoo today is thought to be the “cool” thing to do when turning XVIII, tattooing began with a rich history that spanned the globe. The word tattoo comes from two different words. One of those words is ta and the other one is tatau. In Polynesian the word ta means striking something, and the word tatau means to mark something and that is exactly what tattooing is all about. Tattooing is

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    The Risks Of Getting A Tattoo And The Safety Precautions

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    Tattoos have been around for hundreds of years and the types of infections one can catch from getting a tattoo have gotten worse. In this essay there will be a lot of information about the many infections, blood-borne infections that are common when getting a tattoo. Many years ago people did not worry about taking safety measures, but in today’s world it is important for a tattoo artist to follow certain safety precautions to insure their customer’s safety. There will also be information in regards to safety precautions that a respectable artist/studio must take to keep you safe. Choosi

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    America - A Tattooed Nation

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    The tattoo, stigmatized in the majority of most modern cultures, is one of the most overlooked forms of art and self-expression.  The inspiration for a tattoo often comes from past experiences, or to pay homage to family, friends, loved ones, or people who have passed away. They are often used in remembrance of certain events, troubles, or challenges within the life of the wearer.  If one can look past the stigma of tattoos and the people who wear them, one can see that a tattoo is much like a painting, telling its own story of whatever that image may be. The community of new tattoo bearers

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