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  • Sports Sponsorship Activity 1

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    Leonardo Garcia February 2, 2014 Professor Lorenda Prier Module 1- Activity In the context of the book, Sports Promotion And Sales Management by Richard Irwin, it is said that promotional mix consists of all means available to the sport organization for communicating with and persuading defined consumer groups. Given the wide range of activities available, it becomes necessary to appreciate and organize these disparate activities into a promotion mix. Now in the book the term, “moment of truth” came up where it is defined as a employee-custom

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    King Of The World

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    Throughout the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, there was one specific disadvantaged, highly disrespected and mistreated group that stuck out to everyone. This group was the African Americans. Throughout the 1940s, they were treated as nothing because everyone used them for free labor and they did not have a voice in society. Going into the 1950s and 60s, the Civil Rights Movement occurred which was the fight for equality between African Americans and Whites. During this time period, African Americans began to rise in society and have a voice. They were still living rather tough and unfair lifestyles, but

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    In the past, boxing was probably one of the most important sports in America. Everyone wanted to watch them fight and they didn’t care how much it cost. It also got the community involved. For Example, In Ron Howard’s Cinderella Man, It shows James Braddock, a regular person during the great depression that struggles to pay bills and maintain his family, want to box to get money. He gets his chance to box and he excels and proves everyone who doubted him wrong. Whenever he fought, the community was at bar or somewhere with a radio listening or watching him fight. I reme

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    Muhammand Ali

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    The greatest mystery of the 1996 Olympic summer games in Atlanta, was solved at 28 minutes past midnight the day of the opening ceremony. The crowd erupted when the Olympic torch was passed to Muhammad Ali. The Olympic gold medal boxer Muhammad Ali lifted the torch and trembled before a crowd screaming ‘Ali'. He then sent the fire soaring high above the stadium to ignite the ceremonial Olympic cauldron. This moment was truly one of the finest ever to many sports fan, considering the tragedy Ali has been through, he still executed the mission as a true champion. Ali was born Cass

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    Macbeth -The Struggle to Maintain Power- Struggle to gain power. The major theme between Macbeth and this short story is the  struggle to gain power. In the play Macbeth, one of the issues with the characters leads them to the struggle to gain power. This shows most clearly in the leading role, Macbeth; he is tempted by prophecies of which tricked him into following the path of great power and status.  Macbeth clearly loses his trust in everyone he knew and made sure that nothing outside can compromise his hard work. As Macbeth takes action to cover his steps to

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    Billy Elliot

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    Essay - Billy Elliot Opening Scenes Explain how the opening scenes of the film Billy Elliot helped you to understand what the film was going to be about, using examples of visual and/or oral language features to support your ideas. The opening scenes of the film Billy Elliot, directed by Stephen Daldry, helped introduce me to one of the main themes of the movie; that the realisation of one boy’s dream will be barred by three different hurdles on the way to achieving his goals. The opening scenes specifically show three different obstacles that will become further dev

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    Unappreciated Miracles

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    In Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings,” a family finds an old decrepit man who seems to have wings. At first they are tempted to believe that he is a fallen angel, but as the story continues their belief wanes. Instead of bring the man into the house to help him and nurse him back to health Pelayo, the owner of the house, decides to lock this man into a chicken coop. The whole town comes to see the new “attraction” until something better comes along. Everybody stops paying attention to the angel until the chicken coop breaks and he is left to wonder around the yard a

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    Informative Analysis Is Mixed Martial Arts: Dangerous

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    Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has recently become a very popular sport, arguably the fastest growing sport in the United States in the past decade, but the controversy surrounding the hype leaves many questions to be answered, most important of which are the short-term and long-term health conditions and injuries to performing athletes. Concussions and head trauma, broken bones, being in states of unconsciousness from knockouts, are common injuries. In 1993, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) introduced Competition MMA into the United States. Though coined “no rules” at the time, there were simp

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    Redemption In The Ring

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    The sounds of blaring sirens and heavy traffic were muffled inside the Osaka Boxing Center, where all that could be heard were the heavy outcries from the audience. The grand finals to determine the Middleweight California State Champion was about to commence. The two fighters were longtime rival and friends Damon and Alfonso. Both fighters were known for their sense of compassion and nobility, especially being boxers, but recent tabloids claiming that Damon would triumph contaminated Alfonso with a sinister state. As the two boxers approached the ring, both were met with a swarm of interviewe

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