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    The Toilet Yes...those tales you've heard are true. The toilet was first patented in England in 1775, invented by one Thomas Crapper, but the extraordinary automatic device called the flush toilet has been around for a long time. Leonardo Da Vinci in the 1400's designed one that worked, at least on paper, and Queen Elizabeth I reputably had one in her palace in Richmond in 1556, complete with flushing and overflow pipes, a bowl valve and a drain trap. In all versions, ancient and modern, the working principle is the same. Tripping a single lever (the handle) sets in motion

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    Mariculture - Underwater Agriculture

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    As the Spanish entered the capital city of Tenochtitlan they were astounded at the many marvels of the city but one of the things that most caught the eyes of the foreigners was the extensive plant growth on the lake surrounding the city. These images were describe the among the first recorded descriptions of large scale mariculture. Mariculture, or aquaculture, refers to the rearing of the aquatic organisms under controlled or semi controlled conditions. Although there is a simple difference between the two, aquaculture generally refers to the exploitation of freshwater fish and maricultur

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    Phosphates In Water Pollution

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    Phosphates may be created by substituting some or all of the hydrogen of a phosphoric acid by metals. Depending on the number of hydrogen atoms that are replaced, the resulting compound is described as a primary, secondary or tertiary phosphate. Primary and secondary phosphates contain hydrogen and are acid salts. Secondary and tertiary phosphates, with the exception of those of sodium, potassium and ammonium are insoluble in water. Tertiary sodium phosphate is valuable as a detergent and water softener. The primary phosphates t

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    Solar Power Ii

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    Solar cells today are mostly made of silicon, one of the most common elements on Earth. The crystalline silicon solar cell was one of the first types to be developed and it is still the most common type in use today. They do not pollute the atmosphere and they leave behind no harmful waste products. Photovoltaic cells work effectively even in cloudy weather and unlike solar heaters, are more efficient at low temperatures. They do their job silently and there are no moving parts to wear out. It is no wonder that one marvels on how such a device would function. To understand how a

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    S Corporations And Cooperatives

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    The S Corporation was created in 1958. This was an initiative for investors, giving them access to the corporate form of doing business without incurring two levels of tax. The popularity, however, was not always there. As tax codes changed, so did the interest in them. The S Corporation has gained most of its popularity in 1986, when the rules for C Corporations became less attractive to shareholders. Not every business can qualify for this status, they must first meet the following requirements. The business must first qualify as a ?small business corporation?.

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    Jones Blair

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    ■ Problem/Central Issue Jones•Blair Company is a privately held corporation that produces and markets architectural paint under the Jones•Blair brand name. The central issue for the company is that during the years the paint gallonage remained stable even if the company raised its turnover by 4% per year reaching the highest priced paint in the service area. The central problem is where and how to deploy corporate marketing efforts among the various architectural paint coatings markets served by the company in the southwestern United States. ■ The Company The company produce

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    Ge Foods

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    Wuo Change lives in Bangkok, Thailand. He was suffering from Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD). His family is unable to afford medical attention. A group of volunteers from the world health organization (WHO) offered their assistance by offering Wuo Changs village “Golden Rice”, rice that is high in vitamin A levels. Genetically Engineered foods are a new alternative that offers healthy outcomes and keep the environment safe with the pesticide free crops. Genetically Engineering (GE) is a safe and convenient way to provide more food to our communities. For many years people have been consuming vario

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    Statement Of Purpose

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    I have always been fascinated by the intriguing world of chemistry right from my adolescent days. My father a chemical technologist himself has been instrumental Names like Dupont, Dow Corning, Degussa have been integral part of my growing years. Being raised in a family with this background my most natural choice of career was in the field of Polymer Sciences. At junior college my good grades permitted me to choose a curriculum focused on physics, chemistry, mathematics and electronics. Right from my adolescent days, I have always been fascinated by the intriguing world of Organic

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    Environmental Problems In Aral Sea

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    Environmental problems in Aral Sea The Problem The environmental problems of the Aral Sea basin are among the worst in the world. Water diversions, agricultural practices, and industrial waste have resulted in a disappearing sea, salinization, and organic and inorganic pollution. The problems of the Aral, which previously had been an internal issue of the Soviet Union, became internationalized after its collapse in 1991. The five new major riparian - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan - have been struggling since that time to help stabilize, and eventually to re

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    Developing Managerial Talent Through Simulation

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    Developing Managerial Talent through Simulation Introduction In the last 35 years, simulations have been used with increasing frequency in the development of managerial talent. In various forms, simulations of managerial and organizational activities have been used to study administrative behavior (Hemphill, Griffiths, & Fredericksen, 1962), assess potential (Thornton & Byham, 1982), enhance managerial skills (McCall & Lombardo, 1978), diagnose training needs (Stumpf, 1988a, 1988b), foster team building among groups of managers (Kaplan, Lombardo, & Mazique, 1985), and evaluate the effectiv

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    Analysis Of The Last Place On Earth

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    Analysis of The Last Place on Earth Andrew Mason 11-29-2007 MGMT: Leadership 8:00 AM The Last Place on Earth by Roland Huntford is a story about the exploratory journey of two men in a struggling race in order to be the first to make it to the South Pole. The first man to be discussed is Captain Robert Falcon Scott from Britain. Scott was an officer in the British Royal navy and led with an authoritarian style. The explorer that Scott was racing is a Norwegian named Roald Amundsen. Throughout both of their journeys each man displayed characteristics of an effective leader. It was not un

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    Horse Slaughter: Right Or Not

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    Horse Slaughter: Right or Not Is horse slaughter a thing that should be done or not? That is the big question in the United States. Americans do not eat horse meat; however, people in Europe and other countries do. There are many pros and cons to both sides of this topic. There are many people who do not think that is right to send a “pet” to a slaughter house; others think it is perfectly fine. Attorneys and legislatures are being forced to deal with this issue on both state and national basis’s, there are arguments that are made for both sides that are very truthful (“Pro and Con Arguments

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    Outsourcing Information Technology And India S Economic Development

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    Outsourcing Information Technology and India’s Economic Development India, with its 3.28 million square kilometer landmass and a population of over one billion, is one of the largest countries in the world, in terms of both size and human resources. Since it became independent in 1947, India’s economic policy can be divided into two phases – import substitution and economic liberalization. Unlike lot of other Asian countries, India’s development has not been so obvious until recently. However, in little over a decade, India became the world’s “think-tank” and the hub for international outsour

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    Cyber Cafe Business

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    The Business Proposal The business I am going to set up will provide a service to local community through an Internet café. My café will be located in Rotherham and will provide a service to nearby locations such as Sheffield, Doncaster and Barnsley. The reason why I chose Rotherham, as my location is that even though there are some competitors I believe that there is enough room for one more Internet café to increase the competition. Another reason for the location in Rotherham is that it is close to where I live so it will be easier for me to run and manage the business. I know the market t

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    Rich And Poor Comparitive Contrast

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    Rich And Poor People Most of the time, we view rich people and poor people very differently. In today’s society, we view being wealthy as a measure of success. To the poor individual, those same views may not even matter. Is it fair that we should treat these two different peoples as such opposites? We are, after-all, the same when it comes to who we are. Rich or poor, our background and lifestyles may be different, but we are all the same internally. First of all, I believe that there is no real difference between being rich or poor when it comes to more important factors such as ha

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    Forensics World Of Fibers

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    Wide World of Fibers Abstract The whole aim of this experiment was to identify and analyzes fibers in a forensic laboratory, and to see their reactions in different conductions. The main purpose is to try to find what the unknown fiber was among different fibers. The fibers which were used in this lab were acetate, cotton, nylon 6.6, silk viscose and wool. Many of these fibers are from natural fibers. Natural fibers are from living things like the cotton plant, silk worm, goats, and sheep, these animals contribute in producing cotton, linen, and nylon 6.6 and silk. Many others fi

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    Global Communication

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    In depth research was done to determine how Global could achieve their end-state vision, by exploring the issues and opportunities, the risks assessment, the implementing of effective solutions, and the experience of strategic alliance. It also demonstrates how successful managers must function in a competitive world. The writer hopes that the views discussed will be helpful to individuals and companies who are faced with similar situations. Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification The effects of economic pressures have played a critical role in the instability of Global

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    Gap Analysis: Global Communications

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    Running head: GAP ANALYSIS: GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS Gap Analysis: Global Communications University of Phoenix Gap Analysis: Global Communications At Global Communications, stakeholders such as union, team management and shareholders have a different point of view. The management team must come to a decision that benefits all parties including the employees and shareholders. If every stakeholder in the decision making process can see a win-win scenario for their particular group, then a good decision will be made. Situation Analysis

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    Mcafee Security Case Study

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    Objectives of Organization McAfee’s overall objective is to become the worldwide leader in intrusion prevention and risk management solutions and services. The firm’s mission is to proactively secure systems and networks from known and as yet undiscovered threats worldwide. Home users, businesses, service providers, government agencies, and their partners all trust our unmatched security expertise and have confidence in our comprehensive and proven solutions to effectively block attacks and prevent disruptions. McAfee distributes products throughout North Ameri

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    Marketing Strategy

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    Introduction An early article published that the term was first developed in the 1950s and later it was used by Theodore Levitt in 1965 in a Havard Business Review article which was later continued to be popularized amongst businesses. At the end of 70’s, the term is use in discussion more often than using it as a marketing tool. As cited by Robert H. Lowson (2005) in Marketing Intelligence & Pricing, product life cycle has become an important feature in marketing teaching, in spite of some evidence of the product life cycle’s limitations. Products in the market

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    Case Study Of A Trading Company

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    Case Study: Creser Hong Kong Limited INTRODUCTION Creser Hong Kong Limited (Creser), established in 1998, specializes in sourcing and supplying waste plastics for recycling. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Creser operates in a global market via her well-established network. In the past ten years, Creser has been handling all kinds of plastic scraps business, including waste collection, processing and recycling. She collects plastic scraps all-over the world, and sells it to Mainland China. Creser has business operations established not only in the Far East Asia but

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    Ethics In Advertising

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    Thesis Statement: Corporations frequently push the ethical limits to a portion of society. This is done by using deceptive marketing, offensive material, and many other methods. What is the responsibility of corporations as it relates to advertising? Is there a difference between blatantly lying and intentionally leaving information unmentioned? Intro: As our economic system has become more successful at providing for needs and wants, there has been greater focus on organizations' adhering to ethical values rather than simply providing products. This focus

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    How To Make Popcorn

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    Pop, pop, pop. That is the sound heard all across the nation at a theatre chain near you. Yes, you've got it; it is the sound of that popcorn popping. America's favorite movie snack food has a history beyond belief; however, that is not what we are here to talk about. Popcorn is more than just a bag in the microwave; real movie theatre popcorn takes care and proper steps and patience in order to pop correctly. Following these fairly easy instructions will make the customers happy showing the excellent customer service skills that are inside all of us. Before spea

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    International Trade

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    Understanding the culture in a country or region in which you are doing business is a critical skill for the international business person. Without this knowledge, a successful outcome to the business venture can be in jeopardy. The level of world output in any given year influences the level of international trade in that year. By this it means that the slower the world economy is the less international trade and the higher the economy the higher the volume of trade. "Globalization" is a term that came into popular usage in the 1980's to describe the increased movem

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    Cross Cultural Communication Competency In The Geocentric Negotiation

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    Spitzberg and Cupach (1984) define communication competency as the ability to achieve your goals while you fulfill relational and situational expectations (as cited in Cupach & Canary, 1997). Spitzberg and Cupach contend that communication competency is primarily comprised of two dimensions, appropriateness (meeting social expectations and social rules) and effectiveness (achieving one’s goals). Understanding the individual’s role in cross-cultural communication has gained the attention of several researchers (Gudykunst, 1998; Ting-Toomey, 1988).Gudykunst as well as oth

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    Transformational Leadership For The Gene One Ipo

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    It is crucial for Gene One to continue to make collaborate decisions and empower all levels of management. The existing executive management team already has an information-sharing relationship. Expanding that to investors will increase branding and ensure strong public acceptance. This will prepare Gene One for the IPO. Each member of the management team has individual strengths to bring to the table. Utilizing technological knowledge, community and political support, solid reputation and proven growth will solidify the need to become a publicly traded company and rece

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    Death Of A Salesman Letter To My Mother

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    Dear Mom, It's been a week since I came to visit your sister’s family. I am continually amazed at how much I miss you. Whilst living with the Loman’s I have observed several things that I have deemed queer that I wish to share with you. Uncle Willy is a very hardworking man. He works day and night to earn enough money to pay his bills. He was away for the first five days of my visit but has returned recently from work. The amount of stress that accompanies his work seems to take a toll on his mental health. I have observed that he takes his stress out on his family, in particular, Aunt Lin

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    Marketing Pestle

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    Marketing and Objectives Marketing is very important to a company’s success, in order to achieve certain objectives I will need to use the right marketing strategies. Therefore I will need to set research objectives so that I am able to works towards the aim and achieve it. Using the right marketing strategies will attract more customers and increase my sales. By researching I will be able to find the right kind of products that suit the needs for the customers. Marketing involves a lot of research and in order to be successful I need to research the market I am

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    Effective Communication Techniques In Business

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    Effective communication will increase productivity in business meetings. It is the oil that greases the business machinery. When one cannot communicate effectively, business meetings are unsuccessful. The competitive environment demands that communication should be prompt and more informal than ever before. Communication methods are among those that workers find most vital, and they play a major role in each functional field of business. The skills achieved in studying communication methods will help people do their job well. Effective communication skills will help a speaker effectively deli

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    Business Research

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 2 1.0 Background to the research 2 1.1 Why this project is interesting? 2 Literature Review 3 2.0 Electronic Mail 3 2.1 Privacy 4 2.2 Security 5 3.0 Methodology 5 3.1 Questionnaires 6 Research Methods Proposed 7 References 8 Introduction This dissertation will be aimed to investigate how Schramm’s Interactive communication Model, 1954 could be applied to the use of email in workplace. 1.0 Background to the research Define Electronic Mail (E-Mail) “Email is an electronic form of communication. Email is used by m

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    Advantages Of Nuclear Energy

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    Throughout history several types of energy have been produced and used by people. They should produce energy in order to continue their existence because energy provides advantages to all the areas of life such as illumination, transportation, heating and using machines which makes easier lives. Energy is the essential source of humanity which is produced by various ways. Nowadays, many discussions are held by the professionals about the advantages and properties of these ways. Nuclear energy is a kind of produced energy and it is the best method and also it

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    Power Factor

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    The power factor of an AC electric power system is defined as the ratio of the real power to the apparent power, and is a number between 0 and 1 (frequently expressed as a percentage, e.g. 0.5 pf = 50% pf). Real power is the capacity of the circuit for performing work in a particular time. Apparent power is the product of the current and voltage of the circuit. Due to energy stored in the load and returned to the source, or due to a non-linear load that distorts the wave shape of the current drawn from the source, the apparent power can be greater than the real power. Low-power-factor loads in

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    Heat Treatment Of Metals

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    Heat Treatment can precisely be described as controlled heating and cooling of metals to alter their physical and mechanical properties without changing the product shape. Heat treatment is sometimes done inadvertently due to manufacturing processes that either heat or cool the metal such as welding or forming. Additionally, Heat Treatment is often associated with increasing the strength of material, but it can also be used to alter certain manufacturability objectives such as improve machining, improve formability, restore ductility after a cold working operation. Thus it is a

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    Exxon Mobil And A History Of Spills

    2084 words, 9 pages

    Exxon Mobil is listed as one of the world’s largest fortune 500 companies according to Fortune Magazine, 2006. Because of its size, I became interested in this company for my research paper on corporate social responsibility. Exxon Mobil has a rich history that dates back to 1859. It all started when two individuals drilled an oil well in Pennsylvania. In 1870, Rockefeller and his associates formed the Standard Oil Company. Many businessmen, such as Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers began to depend on oil for their inventions. In 1926, Standard Oil Company changed its name to

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    Getting What You Want

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    Most of us have heard expressions such as, “the Lord helps those who help themselves”, or “talking about it and not doing it are the same thing”. Usually, these comments are an irritant when directed at us personally. But what if you were to consider these statements in relation to your personal life today? As adults we all reach the place where we realize that having ambitions, dreams, education or training does not guarantee happiness. “Want” or “desire” are not all it takes to experience a happier life, more love, financial abundance, good health, constant travel opportunities or other imag

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    Russia And China In Central Asia Changing Great Powers

    1629 words, 7 pages

    Russia and China are very significant economic partners of Central Asian countries in the Asian region. Both powers are very influential in Central Asian states’ decision-making, especially Russia, but since the collapse of the USSR, the power roles of these countries have entirely changed. Despite some positive short-term indicators contemporary Russia is broadly an economic failure, whereas China is already a second great power in the world, but if it keeps on developing that rapidly, it will undoubtedly become a leader in economic, political and strategic spheres. No

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    Importance Of Human Resouce

    2003 words, 9 pages

    In this increasingly globalizing corporate world, companies have come to the realization that the role of Human resource management is extremely critical. These companies have been busy recreating and expanding the functions and roles of the department of Human Resource Management. One method that has been extremely effective for human resource professionals to have a greater influence in the growth of the company has been to enhance value by assisting higher management align Human Resource strategies, procedures, and performances in line with the requirements of the business. The role of Hu

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    Investigating Combustion Of Alcohols

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    Planning This investigation involves burning alcohol in the air. Key science- Chemistry by Eileen Ramsden says that " an alcohol is a series of organic, homologous compounds, with the general formula Cn H2n+1OH". The alcohol reacts with the oxygen in the air to form the products water and carbon dioxide: Cn H2n+1OH +(n+n/2)-1O2 ? nH2O + nCO2 The structure of the molecules in this reaction is: H H | | H - C - C - O- H + 3[O=O] ? 1/2[O=C=O] + 3[H-O-H] | | H H This reaction is exothermic, as heat is given out. This is because the amount reactant energy is more than t

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    Compensation Rates

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    Introduction Before an organization begins the process of collecting labor market data, it must first define its relevant labor market. This may include similar organizations in the same labor market, all employers in the local market, similar organizations in the regional or national market, and/or all employers in the regional or national market. The goal of labor market data collection is to find data from employers with whom the organization competes for employees. For clerical employees, this may be all employers in the local labor market. For high-level managemen

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    Gene One Benchmarking Again Walt Disney, Kellogg, And Coca-cola

    3514 words, 15 pages

    Running head: GAP ANALYSIS: HARRISON-KEYS PUBLICATIONS, INC. Harrison-Keys Publications, Inc. Benchmarking One of the issues that Harrison-Keys Publications is facing consists of developing a project scope. “The project scope defines the end result of a project or service for the customer. The purpose of is to define the deliverables for the end user and to focus project plans,” Gary & Larson (2006, p. 6.). A poorly defined scope is the most frequently mentioned barrier to project success. Developing a project scope has been overlooked by the management of Har

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    Environmental System

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    1. Abstract In 2001, The State of Environment report clearly shows the buildings add negative impact to our natural environment up to 32% of the world’s resources, including 12% of the fresh water and up to 40% of the world’s energy. Buildings also generate 40% of waste to landfill and 40% of air emission.1 Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD) was such a trend nowadays. What is sustainability? In 1990, Australian Government defined ESD as: 'using, conserving and enhancing the community's resources so that ecological processes, on which life depends, are maintained, a

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    My Journey Of Life

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    My journey of life if seen through the prism of History, would reveal how I have grown from a modest background in an environment of close-knit family ties, amidst the trials and tribulations of destiny. I consider myself fortunate enough to be brought up in a small town called Begusarai. This, incidentally, enacted as my window to see the backward aspects of semi-urban lifestyle, bereft of the structural manifestations of urban opportunities. My upbringing in the company of six members, in a conservative atmosphere- my parents, my grandmother, one elder brother and two

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    Robber Barons Who Help Society

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    The 1800s were a time of great business opportunities. During this time, the industries of steel, oil, and transportation expanded rapidly. Some of the major competitors in these enterprises, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and Cornelius Vanderbilt set out into the world with nothing and continued on to monopolize entire industries. Though these monopolies helped them to gain a lot, the economy suffered in a major way. Since these men were earning so much money and taking many jobs, they left little opportunity for others to get jobs to support their families. T

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    In the past several decades, the definition of the word Leadership and its attributes have undergone revolutionary change. It has transferred from a very classical autocratic approach to a very creative, participative approach. In different situations different leadership styles are followed by leaders. There are basically four leadership styles. They are as follows. 1. Autocratic. 2. Bureaucratic. 3. Laissez-faire 4. Democratic. Autocratic Leadership Style: The Autocratic approach is often considered as classical approach. In this type of Leadership, the ma

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    Farm Crisis Of 1980

    7973 words, 32 pages

    In Hills, Iowa, a farmer kills his banker, his neighbor, his wife, and then himself. Near Ruthton, Minnesota, a farmer and his son murder two bank officials. In South Dakota's Union County, a Farmers Home Administration (FmHA) administrator kills his wife, daughter, son, and dog before committing suicide. In the note he leaves behind he claims the pressures of his job became too much for him to bear. [FN1] These tragic circumstances were the byproducts of a crisis that struck the American farm in the 1980s, a crisis that had tremendous human costs. Surveys revealed t

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    Globalization And Mass Media

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    The Role of Globalization in Media Development Introduction One of the distinctive features of modernity is the high exposure of society to mass media consumption: “Young people spend more time watching television than doing any other leisure time activity except sleeping and spend more time watching TV by the time they complete high school (15,000-18,000 hours) than in the classroom (12,000 hours). In fact, by the time today’s children reach age 70, they will have spent 7 to 10 years of their lives watching television” (Strasburger 1995). Just as Orwell narrated

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    Personal Essay

    1463 words, 6 pages

    Oil dependence as a source of energy has been an issue that has years of discussion. Since the oil came to be the primary source of energy, many countries have forgotten that this type of source is a non renewable source, meaning that some day and somehow the oil wells are going to dry up. This is a big problem, in which there is no solution because no country has adapted new kinds of renewable sources in their communities. Also the oil is one a really big stimulant for the global warning. When the oil is processed some products that come to the market that are useful for the people, but th

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    Examine The Value Of Colour In Everyday Life

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    Colour provides us with the ability to differentiate many things. The value of colour is so extensive. It ranges from the use of language to artists and designing. There are a variety of examples that require the existence of colour and without it, these things will just be boring. Television has moved from black and white to coloured. Without us realizing, black and white are also colours. They are just duller version of colours and are often not considered as colours. In my argument, I will be discussing about the various uses of colour in everyday life from the simplest objects to different

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    Working Capital Management Concepts Worksheet

    2548 words, 11 pages

    In the example of the Lawrence Sports simulation the company showed that their primary source of cash inflow came from their largest customer Mayo. Other cash income came from their investment income and the use of their loan arrangement with their bank when needed. Their primary sources of cash outflow came from their payments to their suppliers Gartner and Murray. Other expenses included repayment of their bank loan and interest payments. Lawrence preferred to keep at least a closing cash balance of $50,000 at all times and so any disruptions in their cash inflow and outflow had a dram

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    The True Business Life

    1010 words, 5 pages

    In life the highest highs and the lowest lows have been experienced by businesses involved in electric commerce or e-commerce. E-commerce covers the range of online business activities for products and services. E-commerce can be categorized by its participants. These include business to consumer, business to business, business to government, and consumer to consumer. Online shipping is and example of e-commerce as well as online purchasing. Online shopping is a scope of information and activities that the customer educates the customers with information they need to kn

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