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  • Evolution Of Canada

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    Canada, independent nation in North America. A country rich in minerals and agriculture, it was settled by the French and English and became an independent Commonwealth country with a federal system of government, in which the provinces enjoy a large measure of autonomy. Land and Economy. The 2nd-largest country in the world (after the USSR), Canada occupies the N half of the North American continent, stretching E and W from the Atlantic to Pacific oceans, N from the 49th parallel to the North Pole, including all the islands in the

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    Blue Boxing

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    To quote Karl Marx, blue boxing has always been the most noble form of phreaking. As opposed to such things as using an MCI code to make a free fone call, which is merely mindless pseudo-phreaking, blue boxing is actual interaction with the Bell System toll network. It is likewise advisable to be more cautious when blue boxing, but the careful phreak will not be caught, regardless of what type of switching system he is under. In this part, I will explain how and why blue boxing works, as well as where. In later parts, I will give more practical information for blue boxing and routing

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    Best Buy

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    The Company Best Buy is the largest electronics specialty retailer in the United States. Best Buy stores sell home office equipment, audio/video equipment, cameras, appliances, personal computer services, DVD’s and CD’s. The mission of the company, “to bring technology and consumers in a retail environment that focuses on educating consumers on the features and benefits of technology and entertainment products” is based off of a fundamental vision “to make life fun and easy for the consumer”. In keeping with this mission, Best Buy locations are visible and easily accessed and a new custo

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    Canadas Auto Manufacturing Sector

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    The automotive industry began in Canada when a group of young businessmen in Windsor, Ontario, led by Gordon M. McGregor, formed the Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd (1904), only a year after Henry Ford, had begun production in Detroit. Cars were assembled in the works of the Walkerville Wagon Company Ltd, as parts were ferried by wagonload across the Detroit River. Canadian Fords were soon being shipped to most parts of the far-off British Empire. Colonel R.S. McLaughlin, Canada's pioneer in the industry, converted the family's thriving carriage and sleigh producti

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    United Nations Kyoto Protocol

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    The Kyoto Protocol is an agreement made under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The major purpose of the Kyoto Protocol is that it sets goals for developed countries for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. There are some countries, such as the United States, that have decided not to join the Protocol. It is my belief that passing off environmental responsibilities to the next generation is irresponsible, as it does not consider the wellbeing of its future citizens. Canada should follow the Kyoto Protocol as well as demonstrate and promote constructive attitudes against

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    Social Class And Inequality

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    Social Class and Inequality Social inequality has been defined as a conflicting status within a society with regards to the individual, property rights, and access to education, medical care, and welfare programs. Much of society’s inequality can be attributed to the class status of a particular group, which has usually been largely determined by the group’s ethnicity or race (Macionis & Gerber, 2006). The conflict perspective is an attempt to understand the group conflict that occurs by the protection of one’s status at the expense of the other. One group will resort to various means t

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    Prohibition In Canada

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    Prohibition, the banning of consumption and production of alcohol, was officially brought into effect throughout Canada’s provinces by 1918. During this period in Canada’s social and economic history, many factors such as, high crime rates, widespread poverty, and increasing mortality rates, drove lobby groups like the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, (WCTU ) to pressure both the Provincial and Federal governments into passing a prohibition law. Even though a prohibition law was enacted, the ability of law enforcement to enforce the liquor laws was less than eff

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    Reason Over Passion: One Of The Most Influential Canadians Of All Time

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    Canada contains a diverse group of people, coming from various backgrounds, cultures and origins. Canadians depict people of peace, freedom, and unity. Its government continues to maintain a sovereign and independent nation. Pierre Trudeau, Canada’s 15th Prime Minister, is one of the most influential Canadians of the twentieth century. Monsieur Trudeau defends our culture and advances our nation like no other. He founds the solutions to the many problems Canada encounters today. Through his leadership and dedication to the Canadian federal system, Pierre Trudeau works towards a more united and

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    Labour Shortage In Alberta

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    1. Introduction Stelmach affirmed that “Alberta’s future is bright, but it could be dimmed by labour shortages” (in COAA on Labour Shortages, 2005, p. 1). Because oil price is expected to remain high over the next five years, Alberta’s economic boom acts as a magnet for workers from other Canadian provinces. Also, this climate encourages investment, creates diversity, and helps Alberta’s businesses to compete around the globe. The result is one of the most vibrant economies in the world. Each year, thousands of people move to Wild Rose Country, drawn by this prosperou

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    The Evolution Of Canada

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    Canada, independent nation in North America. A country rich in minerals and agriculture, it was settled by the French and English and became an independent Commonwealth country with a federal system of government, in which the provinces enjoy a large measure of autonomy. Land and Economy. The 2nd-largest country in the world (after the USSR), Canada occupies the N half of the North American continent, stretching E and W from the Atlantic to Pacific oceans, N from the 49th parallel to the North Pole, including all the islands in the Arctic Ocean from W of Green

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    Winnipeg General Strike

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    The idea of a “general strike” was established in Europe. The essential cause behind a general strike is that work can change it employers to its will and instead of stopping production in a single industry, it shuts down work in an entire city or province. This concept began in the 19th Century during the second decade in England and first appeared in that country in 1842 (Schrag). The Winnipeg General Strike took place on May 15th 1919. It was one of Winnipeg’s biggest highlights during that time period. There are many different views about why the strike initially ha

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    Economic Development The Aging Population Of Canada

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    Economic Development The Aging Population of Canada Format: MLA Student Number: 1160826 12/12/08 Nitin Hemraj Did you know that most of the worlds aging population live in the developed countries? Economists have even gone further and predicted that the number of elderly in developed counties is going to rise more in the future. Based on this prediction economists have even said that the aging population in the future will affect Canada’s ability to provide the talent and the necessary skills that are essential to build a productive economy (The L

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    The A"canada Free Quebec" Conflict

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    I. INITIAL ANALYSIS OF THE "CANADA – FREE QUEBEC" CONFLICT A. Introduction of the Conflict Quebec is a province of Canada, and many Québécois (French speaking people from Québec) want to be a free, sovereign society apart from the rest of Canada. The interdependent parties involved in the “Canada – Free Québec” conflict are the Province of Québec, the nine other provinces of Canada and the three territories Provinces are similar to states and territories are geographic areas that is owned and controlled by a particular government or country. A separation by Québec from the rest of Can

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    Should Canada Continue Its Floating Exchange Rate

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    Should NAFTA continue its floating exchange rate regime or change to another one? The Canadian perspective Content 1. Introduction 3 2. Objective 3 3. Execution of the set objective 3 3.1 Monetary Union (MU) 3 3.2 Fixing 7 3.3 Floating 3 4. Evaluation and interpretation of the result 8 5. References……………………………………………………………………………9 1. Introduction Countries have different options of choosing an exchange rate system which fits their economy best. The option of a transition to a monetary union, a fixed but adjustable

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    Rainx Case Study

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    James Derro, Jeff Riching Brian P. Vendramin 11/14/06 Executive Summary Rain-X Canada has had difficulty with their sales and promotion in the Canadian market. This case study will evaluate Rain-X’s current attempt at the Canadian Market and will provide possible solutions to improve the situation. The major problem was the overproduction of Rain-X’s variety of products coinciding with the lack of promotion. Table of Contents Summary of Important Facts Brief History $ In July 1996 Blue Coral Inc. joined with Slick 50 Inc. and Quaker State to become the Consumer Products Di

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    Operation Overload Both A Win And A Loss

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    As the sun was rising up over the Normandy coast at 5 a.m. on June 6, 1944, Canada was given a key role from the planners of the Allied forces to help free Europe from Germany’s invasion by invading Juno Beach. This was known as the greatest seaborne invasion in history; a great accomplishment for a great nation. The allied forces were dependent upon Canada’s successful invasion to continue fighting in Europe and establish a protected area for troops and supplies to land. Canada’s strong contributions to Operation Overload compared to other Allies had played an essent

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    Cultural Changes In Society

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    Society changes in several ways such as technology, population but immigration is the most impacted way that leads to the social change in Canadian society. “Change in the way society is organized, and the beliefs and practices of the people who live in it” (Colin Bain). In comparison to different nations, immigration into Canada is generally a lot simpler than other countries. Canada as complete appears to be a favorable place for immigrants to achieve naturalization. Since Canada is a comparatively new nation, the aim of Canadian officers for some time was to infuse t

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    Babies R Us

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    3-DAY BONUS DEALS! Sunday, January 15 - Tuesday, January 17 Save 15 ALL Mombo pillows and slipcovers was 12.99 - 49.99 % Save 15 $ Snuggle Nest Sale 34.99 ea. was 49.99 ea. 670630 Sale 11.04 - 42.49 ea. 50 ALL Babies”R”Us brand disposable nursers and liners Reg. 3.49 - 12.99 ea. Discounted item must be of equal or lesser value to the lowest priced item purchased. BUY 1 GET 1 % OFF Save 20% Baby Trend Chrissy Flex-Loc Infant Car Seat and Encore Stroller Sale 87.99 - 111.99 ea. Reg. 109.99 -139.99 ea. 762801, 770362 Expect the best,

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    Multiculturalism In Canada

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    Multiculturalism In Canada’s Language Arts Classrooms Multiculturalism In Canada’s Language Arts Classrooms Respect, equality, and diversity are three words that represent how multiculturalism describes Canada. When respect, equality and diversity exist together as a balanced trio, all Canadian students will benefit from the positive society that continues to emerge. Multiculturalism speaks of Canada’s many cultural influences and different ways of living. Canada has always been multicultural, beginning with the cultural diversity of the First Nations, and t

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    Breaking Sterotypes In Maria Campbells Halfbreed

    1936 words, 8 pages

    Maria Campbell autobiography Halfbreed is a account of a young Metis[ half- breed or non status Indian] women’s struggle and survival. Growing up in a Metis community, in Saskatchewan, she recounts how her childhood was relatively happy till her mother died. Forced to quit school and take care of her younger siblings Campbell was then compelled to marry at age fifteen in order to prevent her brothers and sisters from being placed in an orphanage. Her attempt to keep her family united however, was unsuccessful; her husband, an abusive , alcoholic white man, reported her to the welfare

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    Water Wars

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    World Geography Approximately one-third of the world’s population is suffering from water scarcity. The Great Lakes of the United States and Canada make up the largest body of fresh water on the planet, as those without search for fresh water, the very existence of the Great Lakes is in constant threat of diversion. Entreperneurs, farmers, and recreational users all have their eye on the prize, but with eight U.S. States and two Canadian Provinces now working to protect this important resource things are moving in the right direction. The Great Lakes consist of five lakes: S

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    At the beginning of the 20th century healthcare was a necessity in Canada, but it was not easy to afford. When Medicare was introduced, Canadians were thrilled to know that their tax dollars were going to benefit them in the future. The introduction of Medicare made it easier for Canadians to afford healthcare. Medicare helped define Canada as an equal country, with equal rights, services and respect for every Canadian citizen. Medicare helped less wealthy Canadians afford proper healthcare. Canadian citizens who had suffered from illness because they could not afford h

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    997 words, 4 pages

    Article: Refugee mother, son reunited after 8 years Summary: Memunah Marah was an orphan surviving through the torn war of Sierra Leone during her teenage years. At the age of 15, she was raped and gave birth to baby boy. She and her siblings were accepted as privately sponsored refugees. Memunah was told to keep the baby a secret because it would affect her chances of coming to Canada. She didn’t include her son in her original application. When she finally got accepted she couldn’t bring him to Canada with her because he wasn’t included in the application.

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    An Arrow Through The Heart

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    Canada was in the market for a state or the art interceptor to combat the threat of Soviet bombers after World War II. The response was the Avro Arrow, which was developed from 1949 until its controversial cancellation in 1959. This cancellation was detrimental to Canada’s aeronautical industry as it led to the loss of a Canadian aircraft that was leaps and bounds ahead of its time. Furthermore, the Avro Arrow program was more cost effective that the Bomarc system at the time of cancellation. Lastly, the program’s closure cost 25, 000 people their jobs. Consequently the sudden cancellation of

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    1013 words, 5 pages

    However, I think it is high time that Canada addressed the immigration issue with a good dose of realism, because this country is suffering and so are many of the immigrants living here. One of the more pressing problems is the recognition of foreign credentials. Too many Ph.D.’s, M.D.’s, etc. have to work as janitors or taxi drivers, because our current immigration system has misrepresented the facts to these people. Under the points system, a medical doctor would get the top score for qualifications. However, upon arrival in Canada, this new immigrant would find out i

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    1249 words, 5 pages

    Euthanasia is a broad term for the practice of taking the life of a suffering hopelessly ill patient to eliminate the pain from their life. Many people believe it is a legitimate way of ending pain and avoid the weakness and mental confusion that comes with illnesses. Euthanasia would decrease and prevent patients suffering through extreme physical and emotional pain with no advances in medicine or technology to achieve a cure. It supports legal rights and equality rights in the charter of rights and freedoms that have been ruled against by assisted suicide in the crimi

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    Augustus Benefits Gain By The Providences

    1256 words, 6 pages

    As Princeps, Augustus’ reforms in the provinces contributed significantly to transforming and benefiting the people of the provinces. The benefits included establishing peace, security, and stability throughout the empire as well as developing economic prosperity. Augustus’ administrative, economic and military reforms were aimed to better the people of the provinces in turn bettering the Roman people. Peace was a major issue in the provinces. This came about as the Roman Empire spread, more cultures were taken over leading to the new ‘captives’ being discontented wi

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    The Future Is Deserving Expect

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    Daylight Saving time by Scott Johnston 1. In the spring every year, people in many parts of the world set their clocks forward an hour—“spring forward”—to observe what is known as daylight saving time. In the fall, clocks are once again set back—“fall back”—to their previous setting, known as standard time. While daylight saving time has done a good job of saving energy for part of the year, changing the clock back to standard causes problem. The time has come to extend the benefits of daylight saving time to the entire year and end the trouble caused by changing

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    Pierre Trudeau, Canada’s Famous Historical

    1507 words, 7 pages

    Famous historical figure is defined as a well-known person from the past. Throughout History, there have been a multitude of famous historical figures, whose names are known by everyone, and will never be forgotten. These include Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian activist who led his country to independence, and the ruthless Adolf Hitler, who killed 11 million people, in an attempt to achieve his goal of world dominance. To be remembered in history, these two men made decisions that impacted millions of people, and so, they are remembered to this day, as those people did not forget. Gandhi decided to

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    John A. Macdonald: Much More Than Just The First Canadian Prime Minister

    1739 words, 7 pages

    One hundred and forty years ago, Canada was a territory separated into many British colonies including Upper Canada, Lower Canada, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and British Columbia. Joining a region like Canada into a single country was a challenge. However, it was achieved by thirty-three Fathers of Confederation. Through their efforts, Canada became a nation. One of the very important members of this group of politicians included John Alexander Macdonald. During his time, Canada was facing many huge problems. One of these problems was the division of the p

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    Canadian Provinces British Columbia

    1759 words, 8 pages

    Settlement British Columbia is the western-most province in Canada, bordering the Pacific Ocean. A province, internationally known for its stunning natural beauty is home to over 4 million people. This essay will review on recent transformation of British Columbia (BC) as one of the fastest growing province of Canada. From an early stage of development, BC was a distant hinterland of Britain and far from the heartland of Canada. When BC became part of Canada in 1871 the largest clusters of European population were concentrated on the southwest coast. BC’s most popul

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    Trade Between Countries With Different Degrees Of Cost Internalization

    1743 words, 7 pages

    The growth in global trade has led to an increase in Green House Gas (GHG) emissions that are not naturally internalized through market mechanisms. Concern for the impacts of GHG emissions and global warming has been growing, and it is necessary for Canada to adopt policies to address these issues. The following assumptions will be made for any policy aimed at reducing domestic GHG emissions: It may hinder national producers ability to compete internationally as their production costs increase to meet domestic regulatory requirements Domestic consumers may find foreign imports of like produc

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    Were The Twenties In Canada Really Roaring

    1770 words, 8 pages

    In 1919, World War I had finally come to an end, leaving most of the world in a post war depression. However, in countries like Canada, the decade ahead would be filled with amazing growth and change in many ways. The 1920s were an exciting time in Canada because of the economic prosperity, technological, social and cultural revolutions and growing political responsibility and change in policy that country experienced. These economic, social and political changes really made the 1920s in Canada “roar”. First of all, Canada was very roaring economically in the 20s bec

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    Blacks In Canada: The People Of Jamaica

    1772 words, 8 pages

    Every ethnic group has its own history which is very important for members of the group. This paper is going to focus solely on black people from their first arrival into Canada. I have chosen to write on this topic because I am a male of black descent, and I am very much interested in the history of my people. “Our history is our group memory” James w .walker 1980. My parents are both from Kingston Jamaica, situated in the Caribbean. They first immigrated to Canada in 1993.At that time, there were very little employment opportunities, poverty level was very high, and the economy was in reces

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    Breaking Through

    1782 words, 8 pages

    I grew up on a working farm. At a very early age on the farm I experienced inequality because of my gender. Through my parents and occasional the “farm hand” brought on for help when I was young (young enough to remember), I remember being told that girls did not drive the tractors; they sat on the wagons at the back and rode. It was not until I remembered thinking that I really, really wanted to drive that tractor, that I felt the early impact of gender discrimination. Back then, it was not fair; today it is a form of gender inequality. My first recollection of t

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    The Importance Of The Mining Industry

    2179 words, 9 pages

    The importance of mining is definitely significant to Canada. Mining, is an important industry, and Canadians are very advanced in their mining technology, but during the mining process, there is certain level of pollution produced. The Canadian government and the mining companies have very good plans and controls toward this problem, while ensuring the smooth running of the industries, and also helping to create strong economy and employment. The world of today could not exist without mineral products. Canada produces about 60 minerals and ranks first among producing countries1.

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    Newfoundland A Prospering Part Of Canada

    2567 words, 11 pages

    It has been argued that Newfoundland should never have joined Canada in 1949. There were many people who believe that Newfoundland had a strong enough economy to survive on their own, as a producer of many goods. It was involved in many industries, with the fishery being the major producer of goods in the Newfoundland region. This paper will explore the economic history of Newfoundland and also explore the reasons why Newfoundland would have been better off if they had joined Canada in the 1864 Confederation. The issue of Newfoundland joining Confederation was one that was brought up on man

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