Candy And Sweets Papers

  • Rocky Mountian Chocolate Factory

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    Question #1 A few of the macro-environmental factors that affect the Gourmet chocolate industry are the sociocultural segment, the demographic segment and political/legal segment. In recent years people have become more health conscious. The chocolate/candy industry has responded to this sociocultural change by introducing new products to reach these health conscious consumers. There has been an increase in the production of no-sugar-added and sugar-free chocolates and candies. In addition, dark chocolate has many health benefits. The industry is using these health benefits to increase

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    Analysis Of Hershey And Tootsie Rolls

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    Hershey’s Company and Tootsie Roll Industries are both makers of confectionary products, mainly chocolate and other candies. Both companies have been making these products since the early to middle 1890’s and market their products worldwide. Hershey’s is the larger company of the two. To show perspective of how much larger Hershey’s is, they had a net sale of over 5 billion dollars in 2008. Tootsie Roll’s net sales in 2008 were $492 million. However, I will be looking at and comparing their financial data from 2002 to 2004 to each other and to the 2004 industry average. Accounting ratios I wil

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