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  • To Kill A Mockingbird

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    In the fictional town of Maycomb County, Alabama, that Harper Lee used for her novel “To Kill a Mocking Bird”, the church life was very similar to the rest of the communities throughout the south at that time. Alabama is in the middle of the so called Bible belt. Church is a routine to the folks of Maycomb County. Their parents and grandparents went to church every Sunday; therefore, their kids are expected to do the same thing. Although the citizens attend church on a weekly basis it doe not seem to affect their everyday life. The community of Maycomb County all believe themselves to b

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    Giordano Bruno Was Burned At The Stake 400 Years Ago

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    Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake 400 years ago. He was tied up, as they gathered wood at his feet. Some report that he was wearing a shawl with daemons emblazed on it, and others say that he was stripped. The reason he was burned was his heresy and his refusal to conform to the Vatican's will. A Pantheist, he believed that nature was god, and all other theology was fundamentally flawed. Giordano Bruno was burned alive 400 years ago by cruel, mindless men, and upon hearing what his fate would be, he said, "Perhaps you deliver my punishment with more fear than I receive it." Oh, wh

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    Words in Context Berate means: To scold angrily. (C) Estrange means: To drive away. (B) Euphoric means: Very happy. (A) Impetuous means: Impulsive. (A) Infallible means: Perfect (A) Maudlin means: Overly emotional (C) Regress means: To go backward (A) Relinquish means: To yield (B) Ubiquitous means: Found everywhere (C) 10.Zenith means: The highest point. (C) Matching Words with Definition Impetuous: Done acting in a hurry, with little thought; impulsive. Maudlin: Tearfully sentimental; overly emotional Berate: To cr

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    XV. Taft Splits the Republican Party A. Two main issues split the Republican party: (1) the tariff and (2) conservation of lands. 1. To lower the tariff and fulfill a campaign promise, Taft and the House passed a moderately reductive bill, but the Senate, led by Senator Nelson W. Aldrich, tacked on lots of upward revisions, and thus, when the Payne-Aldrich Bill passed, it betrayed Taft’s promise, incurred the wrath of his party (drawn mostly from the Midwest), and outraged many people. a. Old Republicans were high-tariff; new/Progressive Republicans were low tariff. b. Taft even

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    Pardoner's Essay

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    The Insincere Pardoner Chaucer satirizes the Church by using irony with the Pardoner's prevaricated indulgences, homosexual features, and deceiving actions, which contributes to the meaning of the story by criticizing the Church. Chaucer creates irony by making the Pardoner sell indulgences for self gain of money. A Pardoner sells indulgences to people who have committed sins in order to repent them and gets money in exchange. However, Chaucer reveals that the Pardoner does this duty for self-interest. He writes, “His wallet lay before him on his lap”(line 706). Instead of focusing on doi

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