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  • Carl Orffs Philosophies In Music Education

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    While Carl Orff is a very seminal composer of the 20th century, his greatest success and influence has been in the field of Music Education. Born on July 10th in Munich, Germany in 1895, Orff refused to speak about his past almost as if he were ashamed of it. What we do know, however, is that Orff came from a Bavarian family who was very active in the German military. His father's regiment band would often play through some of the young Orff's first attempts at composing. Although Orff was adamant about the secrecy of his past, Mos

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    Oscar Wilde

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    Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde was born in Dublin Ireland on October 16, 1854. He is one of the most talented and most controversial writers of his time. He was well known for his wit, flamboyance, and creative genius and with his little dramatic training showing his natural talent for stage and theatre. He is termed a martyr by some and may be the first true self-publicist and was known for his style of dress and odd behavior. Wilde, 1882 His Father, William Wilde, was a highly accredited doctor and hi

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    Iq Testing - What Does Intelligence Mean

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    According to Webster's the ability to reason or understand(Jackson, 1997, p.1). Well, most of us have the ability to reason and understand, so does that define us as intelligent? Many would argue that different individuals are intelligent in different areas. In reality, there is not only one answer to this question. Many different factors play into the question being asked. For example, psychologists believe that behaviour determines one's intellect, whereas, others believe it's hereditary or environmental. Determining who is right and who is wrong is not of importance b

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    Paternal Absence As The Strongest Factor Of Homosexuality

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    The condition "homosexuality" commonly evokes a negative impression from most people, especially in conventional societies as the Philippines. For many years most psychiatrists presupposed that homosexuality was a form of mental illness, until 1973 when the American Psychiatric Association (APA) decided to define such condition as a normal behavior. Homosexuals, as described by APA, are "individuals whose sexual interests are directed toward people of the same sex and who are either bothered by, in conflict with, or wish to change, their sexual orientations." As aforementioned, traditional

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    Teenage Pregnancy

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    Teen Pregnancy and Its Effects Teen pregnancy is often dubbed a “social ill” or “problem” in modern American society. While few would argue this point, that is, pregnancy amongst our youth is not the most desirable of happenings, some might urge it can have some beneficial consequences as well. Make no mistake about it, the negatives seem to far outweigh the positives more often than not, but the fact remains, in at least some cases there are some positives to be found. The rates of teenage sexual activity are one that calls for alarm. Klein (2005) found that “ currently, more than 45% of

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    The Effectiveness Of A Program Evaluation Conducted At Lutherwood Residential Treatment Facility

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    Running head: PROGRAM EVALUATION The Effectiveness of a Program Evaluation conducted at Lutherwood Residential Treatment Facility Aronta Bridges Martin University A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of the Community Psychology Graduate Program At Martin University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master’s of Science Abstract Staff satisfaction survey’s are designed to evaluate the employee’s satisfaction. This surveys can provide you with valuable insights to strengthen your organization in the areas where employees feel there a

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    Juvenile Delinquency

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    A child or adolescent who is capable of being friendly, obedient, and caring -- who would follow the rules and act morally and ethically under normal circumstances -- can be driven to juvenile deliquency if neglected, abandoned or abused. Experts can give us many varying theories about the causes of the complex task that is known as juvenile delinquency. A few examples of causes include a family’s low socioeconomic status, low self esteem, parental substance abuse, repeated exposure to violence, and the breakdown of families, which leads to single parent families and one parent struggling t

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    How The Film Shrek Parodies The Traditional Fairytale

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    How the film 'Shrek' parodies the traditional fairytale In 1994 Jeffrey Katzenberg left disney after a decade of service to the famous animation corporation "Walt Disney", after being denied his much anticipated promotion to second in command to Micheal Eisner. He then formed DreamWorks SKG; Spielsberg, Katzenberg, Geffen as Disneys rival animators. Dreamworks produced this animated film because it challenged the typically predictable fairytale story of “Walt Disney” productions. Dreamworks had to make a big movie so it could create an impact into the world of media like their rival c

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    Violent Video Games

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    Video games are a widely debated topic in the present world. For many years there have been both positive and negative reactions to video games. Positively, they bring joy, relaxation and social interaction to many people. Negatively, the video games are often criticized for many reasons. Many debates argue that video games are becoming more violent and sexually explicit than in the past. Many people who oppose violent video games say that minors are getting their hands on these inappropriate games. The following question comes to mind, “If these games are so inappropriate and maturely rated,

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    Spousal Death

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    Spousal Death: Gender, Individual and Racial Differences in Adjustment and Coping among Elderly Adults Spousal Death or Widowhood among Elderly Adults is the most significantly distressful and difficult event which entail major adjustment at the time of increasing dependency of the elderly adult individuals on their spouse due to the physiological effects of aging in addition to their retirement from employment (Hurlock, 1982, p.432). The experience and adjustment problems that arise in widowhood differ among male elderly adults and female elderly adults. These differences in the experience

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    A Lady Of Grace

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    Looking back over my life I found it difficult to pinpoint the one person who had the most impact on my life. There were many individuals who passed through it that either encouraged, discouraged, turn it topsy-turvy, and a few even changed the path completely. Naturally my parents played their roles in forming and shaping the person I became, but in all my reflections I kept coming back to one particular individual. A lady who has endured the many highs and lows presented to us in everyday life with grace, a never ending faith, dignity and a great love of family. A lady who is and remains

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    Why The Young Need Nature

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    Why the Young (and the Rest of Us) Need Nature -- A Review of Richard Louv’s “Last Child in the Wood” Chapter 4-8 If we randomly get hold of a child and ask if he or she likes to play indoors or outdoors, in nine cases out of ten a direct response of today’s “wired generation” will be like the following, which seems quite obvious. “Oh, I like to play indoors better because that’s where all the electrical outlets are.” Children born after 1980 seldom hear the words “Go and play outside.” With few exceptions, they are an excessively constrained and quarantined generation liv

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    Dorothea Lange

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    As the most gifted photographer to ever expose the poverty and suffrage of the Depression Years, Dorothea Lange left the world the same way she had taken on life, “with courage, grace and, perhaps with an anticipation to experience the visual life in a new venue.” (Oliver 7). Born on the 26th of May, 1895, in Hoboken, New Jersey, Lange was the first child of Joan and Henry Nutzhorn. Little did young Dorothea know at the age of six, that her carefree happiness would soon come to an end. In 1902, she contracted a permanent disease, polio, which left her with a heavy limp in her right leg. Her mo

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    Gods Covenant With Abraham

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    Abraham was a native of Chaldea, and a ninth generation descendant of Shem, the son of Noah. He was born on the southern tip of the Tigris and Uuphrates rivers in the city of Ur around 2161BC. Before his name was changed to Abraham, his name was Abram. When Abram was about seventy years of age he moved with his family to live in Haran. The reason he moved was because "The God of glory appeared to our father Abram when he was in Mesopotamia, before he lived in Haran, and said to him, "Depart from your country and your relatives, and come into the land that I will show you." 2 While in Haran,

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    Sex Education And The Classroom

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    In today's society there is an on going debate over sex education and its influence on our children. "The question is no longer should sex education be taught, but rather how it should be taught" (DeCarlo). With teenage pregnancy rates higher than ever and the imminent threat of the contraction of STD's, such as HIV, the role of sex education in the school is of greater importance now then ever before. By denying children sex education you are in a sense sheltering them from the harsh realities they are bound to encounter. Sex education has become an essential part of the curriculum and by rem

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    Amazing Grace

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    Amazing Grace is an amazing way of telling the rest of the world what it actually means to live in poverty. I am always complaining about what I need and do not have just like a lot of other people. After reading this book, I will be more likely to be gracious for what I do have and can do without having. This book not only told me about the people in the South Bronx’s lives, but it also abled me to visualize them. Jonathan Kozol has an extraordinary way of illustrating this story. The world knows of all of the problems that are out there such as guns, poverty, drugs, and violence. This

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    Flannery Oconnor

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    Flannery O'Connor Essay Flannery O'Connor wrote two stories, “A Good Man is Hard to Find” and “Good Country People.” In the story “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” Flannery O’Connor tells a story about a family going on a trip to Florida. Bailey, the Grandmother, and the Misfit are the major characters of the story with Grandmother being the protagonist. Instead of going to Florida, the Grandmother wanted to go to Tennessee. She tried her best to change Bailey’s mind by telling him about the criminal who was on the loose called the Misfit. Eventually on the trip to Flo

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    Object Relations

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    Introductions Is there such a thing as a perfect family? While all families strive to be perfect, many problems and issues can arise that can bring that “picture perfect” family out of reach. When a family realizes that the problems or issues they alone cannot fix, family therapy is a wonderful option that they can take to help overcome what is happening in the family. Learning Team B decided to research on how homosexual parents are with raising children in today’s society and on parents of a schizophrenic child. Object relation theory involves three elements: attach

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    A Walk On The Beach

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    It was the same old deal, every single summer. My mom would plan a "great family vacation." This vacation always seemed to consist of the same people, same activities, and the same old beach. Don’t get me wrong; it's a nice escape, away from the quiet hushed suburb that I live in. Unfortunately, this one escape that I get to embark on once a year has become more of an uneventful routine than anything else. First comes the part of the trip that I dread the most. It’s the car ride. My whole family all crushed into an average sized car isn't quite the place

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    Sexual Abuse As A Social Problem

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    Sexual abuse, like many forms of abuse, has been a persistent problem throughout history. It has been with us since biblical times; in the Old Testament (2 Samuel 13) there is a story of Tamar, the young daughter of King David, being raped by her older brother Amnon. It is apparent that the issue of sexual abuse is not a new social problem, but a growing one. Everyday, over 1,800 adult women are raped nationwide. In 1994, 345,000 sexual abuse incidents were reported to Child Protective Services in the U.S., which is a staggeringly high number considering it is estimated that only 10% of al

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    Comparing Lord Of The Flies And The Coral Island

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    Critical Essay #3 In the following excerpt, Niemeyer compares Lord of the Flies to an earlier, utopian British children' s novel, The Coral Island. One interested in finding about Golding for oneself should probably begin with Lord of the Flies. ... The story is simple. In a way not clearly explained, a group of children, all boys, presumably evacuees in a future war, are dropped from a plane just before it is destroyed, on to an uninhabited tropical Island. The stage is thus set for a reworking of a favorite subject in children's literature: castaway children a

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    Marketing And Children

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    Advertising to children is big business. Children are now the largest and fastest growing market for consumption. The average American child today can expect to see approximately 40,000 television advertisements per year, with the majority of these during children’s television programming. It is also estimated that more than $12 billion a year is spent on advertising and marketing to children, almost double the amount spent 10 years ago. Children’s spending power has been dramatically increasing over that same time span as well, now totaling almost $24 billion per

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    Behavior Managment

    2005 words, 9 pages

    While many aspects of teaching can be intimidating, the most challenging and also the most necessary for inexperienced teachers to master, is the development of a tested and functioning model for student behavior and classroom management. While the majority of teachers, both veteran and novice alike, would agree that the end result of a well-managed classroom allows the instructor to engage the class more effectively and students to become more “self-directing, responsible, and concerned about the well-being” of their classmates, few teachers would agree as to the speci

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    Ordinary People By Judith Guest

    1731 words, 7 pages

    In today’s society, mothers play a significantly important role in the “typical American family.” They are expected to love and care for their children and are likely to display the love and affection towards their husbands throughout marriages. In the novel, Ordinary People by Judith Guest, Beth violates these norms by showing no emotions towards her family. Through the perspectives of Cal, Con, and her own actions, Beth is portrayed as an unloving member of the Jarrett family throughout the book. Calvin’s perspective proves how irregular Beth’s role as a wife and mo

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    Objectified Women Looking At Women

    1083 words, 5 pages

    Objectified Women In the essay by Scott Russell Sanders, "Looking at Women," there is a message that women are always being objectified in society today. The way they wear their hair, dress, do their make-up or even walk is grounds for classification among the male populous. Sanders also deems women who dress up and wear make-up as women who are trying to turn themselves into “dolls” that don’t mind being treated as sexual objects. He asks the question: "by turning herself (or allowing herself to be turned into) a work of art, does a woman truly escape men’s

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    Queen Victoria

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    Victoria was born at Kensington Palace, London, on 24 May 1819. She was the only daughter of Edward, Duke of Kent, fourth son of George III, and Victoria of Saxe-Coburg. Her father, who was 50 when Victoria was born, died eight months after her birth, after a brief illness on January 23, 1820. She became heir to the throne because the three uncles who were ahead of her in succession - George IV, Frederick Duke of York, and William IV - had no legitimate children who survived. At birth she was fifth in line for the British crown, after her grandfather, George III, her fa

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    Florence Nightingale

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    Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820 in Florence Italy into a rich, upper-class well educated English family. She was named after the city of her birth. Her parents were William Edward Nightingale (1794-1875) and Frances Nightingale nee’ Smith (1789-1880). In 1840, she begged her parents to let her study mathematics. During this time most women did not receive any type of education. They married and cared for their husbands and children. Her father, loved math and communicated that love to his daughter, but urged her to study more appropriate subjects for a woman, like history

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    Sense And Sensibility Romantic Notions Of The Two Principal Female Characters In O Neill S Ile And Ibsen S A Doll S House And How These Affect Their Perception Of Reality

    1508 words, 7 pages

    Although they appear to have very different personalities, Nora and Mrs. Keeney, the two female protagonists in Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” and O’Neill’s “Ile”, share a very important characteristic; that is their romantic notions as well as the tendency to develop a false sense of reality in an attempt to glorify things. This romantic point of view urges them to make wrong decisions based on their sentimental irrationality, an aspect that is vital for the unravelling of their drama and which finally leads to their inevitable ruin. These romantic notions may well be attributed to their oppressive

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    The Childless Revolution

    1381 words, 6 pages

    Unterreiner English 111 #27074 Compare/Contrast Essay "The Childless Revolution" and "The Second Shift" In the essay "The Childless Revolution" by Madelyn Cain, Cain argues against the negative stereotypes associated with the number of women who choose to be childless. She gives the reader an exact idea of what she is discussing by using specific numbers and statistics to prove her point that all women do not have children to be accepted into society. In her work titled “The Second Shift” the author, Sylvia Hewlett, argues that even successful married women sti

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    The Truth About Sex Education Among America's Youth

    1257 words, 6 pages

    The United States has unacceptably high rates of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV/AIDS infections. The great debate is what to teach America’s children and teens about sex. Abstinence only programs are vaguer on sexual activity whereas comprehensive sexual education is very open and detailed about sexuality. There are many researchers out there who will try and prove that each method is best when taught alone. During all of this debating children are left hanging in the balance. Sexual education should not be teaching five year olds about masturbation, and the act of

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    Audrey Hepburn Career Personal Life And Charity Work

    1142 words, 5 pages

    Known for her glamour, style and elegance, Audrey Hepburn made a significant impact on the lives of a lot of people. Back in the 1960’s Audrey was as popular as Julia Roberts was in the 90’s. I’ve always been inspired by Audrey but I wanted to learn more about her life and efforts to make a difference in the world. Audrey Hepburn has made an impact on many people by the way she lived her life though her childhood, career personal life and charity work. I. Audrey’s childhood made her who she was, therefore making an impact on many people. Audrey Hepburn was born on May 4, 1929. She was bor

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    Babylonian Law

    5146 words, 21 pages

    material for the study of Babylonian law is singularly extensive without being exhaustive. The so-called "contracts," including a great variety of deeds, conveyances, bonds, receipts, accounts and, most important of all, the actual legal decisions given by the judges in the law courts, exist in thousands. Historical inscriptions, royal charters and rescripts, despatches, private letters and the general literature afford welcome supplementary information. Even grammatical and lexicographical works, intended solely to facilitate the study of ancient literature, contain ma

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    3463 words, 14 pages

    Anthropology Notes Santiago Atitlan Small town in the South West part of Guatemala 80% of Guatemalans are of Mayan decent Almost all the people in Santiago Atitlan are of Mayan decent The linguistic group they belong to is the Tzutujil (pronounced Chuchuchil) Spaniards invaded it about 450 years ago There was a temple there that the Spaniards tore down, and they rebuilt a new church there using the same blocks that they had from the last temple. However, the native people thought that there was just a new temple built, and still worshipped it the same. They w

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    Who Is Really Being Left Behind - The No Child Left Behind Act

    1224 words, 5 pages

    Signed into law by President Bush on January 8, 2002, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 is a reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the central federal law in pre-collegiate education. “The ESEA, first enacted in 1965 and last reauthorized in 1994, encompasses Title I, the federal government's flagship aid program for disadvantaged students” (Aiken). It takes a particular aim at improving the educational career of disadvantaged students. As the most recent embodiment of the ESEA, the No Child Left Behind Act has expanded the federal role in ed

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    New Atlantis

    13707 words, 55 pages

    WE sailed from Peru, where we had continued by the space of one whole year, for China and Japan, by the South Sea, taking with us victuals for twelve months; and had good winds from the east, though soft and weak, for five months' space and more. But then the wind came about, and settled in the west for many days, so as we could make little or no way, and were sometimes in purpose to turn back. But then again there arose strong and great winds from the south, with a point east; which carried us up, for all that we could do, toward the north: by which time our victual

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    Antisocial Behaviour

    3831 words, 16 pages

    ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR IN CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE. It is easy to recognize aggression and anti-social behaviour, when we witness it but defining it often proves much more difficult. This essay is going to try to pull together some of the research that has been carried out by different people to enable us a better understanding of what and why aggression and anti-social behaviour has evolved into such a wide talking point within our society. This essay will look into the definitions of both aggression and anti-social behaviour; disorders such as ADHD and condu

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    The Joy Luck Club

    1347 words, 6 pages

    Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club provides a realistic depiction of Chinese mothers and their Chinese-American daughters struggling in relationships strained by tragedy, lack of communication, and unreasonable expectations. Tan criticizes mothers who intend to instill Chinese values while supplying American opportunities. The result is daughters becoming too Americanized and materialistic. Living in America demands a particular way of life that dictates the rules of success socially and professionally. These concerns show in the daughters’ embarrassment of their mothers’ traditio

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    Womens Role In The New Republic

    1127 words, 5 pages

    The 18th century was an age of change and enlightenment. For America it was the time of social change which ultimately led to American Revolution and establishment of the new democratic country where all people were equal by the law. These changes dramatically affected the role of women from been nurturing parent to also becoming a teacher and companion of the husband. However, the changes that occurred inside the families weren’t reflected into social world where men were still dominating force. Abigail Adams was one of the first women to question male superiority and

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    Cognitive Development

    1781 words, 8 pages

    Cognitive development refers to the manner in which people learn to think, reason, and use language. It involves a person’s intelligence, perceptual ability, and ability to process information. Cognitive development represents a progression of mental abilities from illogical to logical thinking, from simple to complex problem solving, and from understanding concrete ideas to understanding abstract concepts. The most widely known cognitive theorists is Jean Piaget (1896 – 1980). His theory of cognitive development has contributed to other theories, such as Kohlberg’s theory of moral developmen

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    Mary Poppins And Peter Pan Comparison

    1104 words, 5 pages

    The stories of Mary Poppins and Peter Pan have a recurring theme of family structure. In both stories, the children are constantly tested without the parent/child relationship. In Peter Pan, the father figure is nonexistent, which plays a large role in the stories plot, as well as character development. The Lost Boys in Peter Pan do not have a father figure in their life. Because of this, their world suffers a great deal of pain and despair. Although Peter tries to convince Wendy to come to Never Land to be the mother to himself as well as the L o! st Boys. Although

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    Gossip And Gender Signifying Group Membership

    1254 words, 6 pages

    According to Jane Pilkington, “The basic function of gossip can be seen as signifying group membership.” This theory is one that is up for much debate. When first reading that statement, it seemed kind of insignificant to me. But when you stop and think about how common gossip is in our everyday lives, the understanding of its function seems much more essential. Gossiping topics are of great variety, but do men gossip about the same things as women? What exactly is the purpose of gossiping in mixed gendered groups? And to challenge Jane Pilkington’s claim, can we really determine group members

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    1691 words, 7 pages

    It used to be almost unattainable for children to get pornography. Comer stores would place adult magazines such as playboy on a rack behind all other magazines so that only the title would be visible and it was out of reach of children. In today's society, pornographic magazines and videos are becoming expandable, because people with computers can easily search for porn, with millions and millions of results on the world wide web. All it would take is the click of the mouse by children and they can visit any site they want. There is no way for Internet sites to monitor

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    Cognitive Development Theory By Jean Piaget

    1053 words, 5 pages

    I choose the cognitive development theory by Jean Piaget because interested me the most. The reason why his theory interested me the most is because I The cognitive development theory was developed by a Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget. According to the child development text book, Jean Piaget published his first article when he was only 10 years old. At age 21, he received his Ph.D. degree. After that he became fascinated in psychology and worked at Binet Laboratory. While working in the Binet Lab, Piaget discovered lot about children. He learned that children were

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    Tv Violence And Kids

    1526 words, 7 pages

    What has the world come to these days? It often seems like everywhere one looks, violence rears its ugly head. We see it in the streets, back alleys, school, and even at home. The last of these is a major source of violence. In many peoples' living rooms there sits an outlet for violence that often goes unnoticed. It is the television, and the children who view it are often pulled into its realistic world of violence scenes with sometimes devastating results. Much research has gone into showing why children are so mesmerized by this big glowing box and the action that takes place with

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    Mark Twain - The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn - Jim As A Human Being

    1084 words, 5 pages

    Mark Twain wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in the 1880s, two decades after the Emancipation Proclamation and the end of the Civil War. Yet…Reconstruction, the plan to integrate freed slaves into the mold of society, was failing. The Jim Crow laws (segregation) were introduced, limiting the power and voice of African Americans more than ever—with a different approach. Because these “new” methods of racism weren’t as direct, they couldn’t be easily challenged. So, by Twain’s time, the majority of Americans—Southerners especially—still treated blacks with the sa

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    Abortion - Many Sides And Many Opinions

    1171 words, 5 pages

    Abortion is one of the most controversial and talked about topics of our time. It is discussed in classrooms, work places and even on the internet. The definition of abortion is the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus as the spontaneous expulsion of a human fetus during the first 12 weeks of gestation. (Webster Online, Def. 1). People are always trying to prove if abortion is ethical, if the fetus can feel pain, and when it is more human than non-human. All of those factors come into pla

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    A Summary Of Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

    5327 words, 22 pages

    A fair-haired boy lowers himself down some rocks toward a lagoon on a beach. At the lagoon, he encounters another boy, who is chubby, intellectual, and wears thick glasses. The fair-haired boy introduces himself as Ralph and the chubby one introduces himself as Piggy. Through their conversation, we learn that in the midst of a war, a transport plane carrying a group of English boys was shot down over the ocean. It crashed in thick jungle on a deserted island. Scattered by the wreck, the surviving boys lost each other and cannot find the pilot. Ralph and Piggy look around the beach, wonderi

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    Hansel And Gretel And The Pedophile

    1250 words, 5 pages

    Once upon a time there lived a very poor Wal-Mart greeter who lived in a very small apartment in the ghetto with his two children, Hansel and Gretel. Since he was always working to feed his children and because he was so poor, the children were always left home alone with no one but each other. Naturally, the children were very mischievous and got into plenty of trouble. Every night the father would come home to news of what his children had done due to their playful curiosity and every night the father had a long talk with them. “Children, if you keep getting in

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    How Can Primary Teachers Help To Assist The Development Of Positive Self Esteem In Students Through Their Ordinary Teaching Practice

    2028 words, 9 pages

    In order to discuss this question fully I feel I should briefly look at the role of the teacher. The teacher is the first person a child meets when they begin their educational years. As the role of a teacher is not “simple or straightforward” and as according to Rowan 1994 it ranks in the “top quartile on complexity for all occupations”. (Snowman, Biehler, ninth edition2000, pg 5). It has also been recognised by the National Board for Teaching Standards 1994 that teaching is a “complex activity that requires an in-depth knowledge in a number of areas.” (Snowman, Biehle

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    2915 words, 12 pages

    An English explorer, Robert Walton, is on an expedition to the North Pole. In letters to his sister Margaret Saville, he keeps his family informed of his situation and tells about the difficult conditions on the ship. One day when the ship is completely surrounded by ice, a man in bad condition is taken aboard: Victor Frankenstein. As soon as his health allows it, he tells Walton the story of his life. He grew up in Geneva, Switzerland as the eldest son of a higher class family. He was brought up with an orphan, Elizabeth and also had two younger brothers. He did not have many friends, Hen

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