Chronic Pain Papers

  • Psychological Theories Helping Nurses Engage With Patients In Pain

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    How does knowledge of psychological theories help nurses engage with patients in pain? Pain is the way your brain interprets information about a particular sensation that your body is experiencing. Information (or "signals") about this painful sensation are sent via nerve pathways to your brain. Pain is usually described as unfavorable experience that has a lasting emotional and disabling influence on the individual. Theories that explain and assist in understanding what pain is, how it originates and why we feel it are the Specificity theory, Pattern Theory and Gate

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    The sciatic nerve has five root endings, and when one or more of these roots becomes compressed by tight muscles that surround it, it can cause extreme pain and numbness in the low back. Sciatica is most often associated with lower back pain, but is only a set of symptoms not an actual diagnosis of what may be compressing the nerve or root endings. Sciatica symptoms are often described as chronic or inconsistent pain in the lower back, hip, and/or thigh, and is most commonly only felt on one side of the body. The pain may be dull, sharp, tingly, or even sometimes numb, and is often more

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    Post Operative Pain Management

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    Pain is experienced by everyone on a daily basis and it is a very important component in the care of all patients undergoing surgery, both pre-operative and post-operative. All types of surgical procedures, either minor or major cause trauma on patients because it involves incision or excision of patients’ tissues and closure of the wound/s by sutures or surgical staples. The pain that patients, both adults and children often experience immediately after surgery not only increased discomfort and anxiety levels but it also stresses the body. Nurses play a key role in the

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    The Six Paths Of Pain

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    “Through pain, even a foolish child will grow up. Through pain, words and thoughts are controlled. Pain forces the world to grow up” – Pain (Naruto Shippuden, Mashashi Kishimoto) I have seen so many references of pain. So many types of pain: Physical, mental, spiritual, and under these broad categories are thousands and thousands types of pain. I always thought, to understand pain, you have to experience it. To some extent this is true. I never understood the pain of a breakup until I actually experienced one. I never understood the pain suffered in addiction until I actually went through

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