Cold And Flu Papers

  • The Church

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    I awoke to the sounds of the birds singing in the apple garden, my eyes opened to the view of a cloudless sky with the bright beautiful sun shining all its glory down upon me. I felt so happy and content until slowly but forcibly my mind had fully awoken and reminded me of the reality. During these summer months I now always slept on the roof, the roof of Saint Luke’s Church, my home, it was my only escape, my only way of trying to forget the plague which had ascended, from Hell I guess, to virtually wipe out everything we had known. It had started nearly 2 years

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    Global Pandemics

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    The Pandemic of 1918 often times killed people within hours of becoming ill. They could be feeling fine maybe even just out grocery shopping and die later that evening. It was hitting so quick that people did not have time nor know how to react. It is only a matter of time before the next pandemic strikes so everybody must start thinking about how to prepare and react when it does cause it will effect everybody in the world. The best way to contain and control a pandemic is to contain it before it spreads. If the countries in Southeast Asia where a pandemic is most likely to begin do not

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    H 1 N 1 A Raging Epidemic

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    Most people have now realized that the H1N1 virus is a major threat to the American population’s health. “The moment a novel strain of swine flu emerged in Mexico last spring, President Obama instructed his top advisers that his administration would not be caught flat-footed in the event of a deadly pandemic. Now, despite months of planning and preparation, a vaccine shortage is threatening to undermine public confidence in government, creating a very public test of Mr. Obama’s competence (Stolberg).” Without an adequate amount of vaccine, or a new plan to stop the spread of the virus, Americ

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    Influenza Pandemic

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    The timeline of the 1918 influenza pandemic lasted only 1 year, but it will go down as one of the most terrifying and devastating years ever. Researchers have for decades searched for the cause of the 1918 influenza pandemic. Killing an estimated 60 million people worldwide, there was barely a place on planet not exposed to the virus. The Spanish Flu, as it was mistakenly called, struck in three waves; first during the height of World War I in the spring of 1918, then during de-Armament in the fall, and finally in early 1919. The first wave, known as the ‘three-day fever' swept across the gl

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    Swinw Flu

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    The respiratory infection popularly known as swine flu is caused by an influenza virus first recognized in spring 2009, near the end of the usual Northern Hemisphere flu season. Technically, the term "swine flu" refers to influenza in pigs. Occasionally, pigs transmit influenza viruses to people, mainly hog farm workers and veterinarians. Less often, someone infected occupationally passes the infection to others. Swine influenza virus (SIV) or S-OIV (swine-origin influenza virus) is any strain of the influenza family of viruses that is endemic in pigs. the known SIV strains include influenz

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    Flu Pandemics May Lurk In Frozen Lakes

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    Flu Pandemics May Lurk in Frozen Lakes The next flu pandemic may be hibernating in an Arctic glacier or frozen Siberian lake, waiting for rising temperatures to set it free. Then birds can deliver it back to civilization. New research suggests an influenza virus could go into hiding in the ice when earlier generations of humans, birds or other hosts developed immunity strong enough to drive the virus to extinction. It’s a sort of evolutionary loophole. “It can bring a set of viral genes back to life that have been frozen for centuries or thousands of years,” said e

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    Flu Vaccine For The Geriatric Population

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    Flu Vaccine for the Geriatric Population: Health Education Cora L. Sweeney Oakland University The objective of this Health Education Deliverable is to assess and observe a clinical setting in which geriatric residents who reside in congregated living who are ages 65 yrs. and older, attend a flu clinic. Flu clinics for this particular population are being held in both assisted living and memory care facilities. Residents of these communities are looking not only to seek administration of the flu shot, but also to attain information about this season’s strain of the flu as well as this year

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    The Ongoing Saga Of A Service Entrepenuer

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    I’ve always looked for away to be an agent of change a grandiose scale, world wide. I wanted it to be new, provocative, challenging and possibly even controversial. I wanted to offer a service, and I wanted it to be unique and beneficial. I wish to open a business tentatively called “FRiENdT’s”. The image is of a service where you lease a ‘rent. What someone I employ as a ‘rent would be asked to do is literally offer a temporary friendship with the customer. Maybe you need a drinking buddy for once that doesn’t end the night crying on your shoulder about how beautiful l

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    Come Home Again

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    John Stuart Mills and the Vaccine World Health Organization has declared that the swine flu now is pandemic and are now stressing that children and young adults to the age of 24 as well as people with compromised immune systems, ought to take the vaccine in order to prevent the swine flu from hitting that segment of the population. Although, many people are resistant to take the vaccine because they feel that the side effects haven’t been tested enough and for many this causes a worry, a bias towards the vaccine. People feel that the new vaccine might not be ef

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    Sequence Analysis Of North By Northwest

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    Yung Kim Step 1: The Method One of the repetitions that I have noticed during the film is the use of double full shots during many instances, such as the moment when Thornhill meets a stranger across a street in the middle of nowhere, and when Thornhill meets Kendall in a park. The similarities between the shots exist; two characters first meet at a distance and then the characters merge together somehow. The two full shots give information about how Hitchcock emphasizes the distance Thornhill must travel by framing the characters at edges of the screen. Also, the

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    Working With Others To Plan And Implement Projects To Improve Health And Well Being

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    This assignment aims to demonstrate how the Specialist Community Public Health Nurse can impact on a campaign to improve the uptake of the influenza vaccination among healthcare workers. Although current UK policy recommends the vaccination of all Healthcare workers to reduce the spread of seasonal influenza and its impact on NHS services, the scheme is voluntary and uptake of the vaccine remains low. A campaign introduced in 2011 contributed to a slight rise in the uptake of the vaccine and is being run again over the winter period 2012/2013. Research however suggests that the way to gain a s

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    Swine Flu

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    ISSUE PAPER SWINE FLU OUTBREAK The topic that I have chosen to write about has been all over the news, in the papers, on the radio and television for the past several months. It has caused numerous schools closing nationwide and several deaths worldwide. I'm speaking of H1N1. It has been called several different names: Swine flu, pig flu, hog flu, novel influenza A (H1N1) or just plain H1N1. H1N1 is a pandemic of global outburst. The H1N1 virus is a strain of the influenza family of viruses. The 2009 strain includes influenza C and the subtypes of inf

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    Ted Dekker's Circle Trilogy: Black

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    Black, was the first book in Ted Dekker's Circle Trilogy. He creates a plot device--a story-shape, if you will--that is intriguing enough to quickly drag the reader through over 400 pages of fairly average writing. Black is an action, adventure, intrigue and downright nastiness. The book follows the life of Thomas Hunter, an ordinary, down on his luck man. Due to a failed “import opportunity” he becomes the target of hit. While escaping from his would be killers, he suffers a head trauma and wakes up in an alternate reality.The storystarts of in Switzerland at a dining

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    The Common Cold

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    The alarm rings, you slowly unbolt your yampi sealed eyes and realise that your throat walls feel as though they are being rubbed with sand paper, you gasp for air through your mouth since your nose is clogged by something and your head feels like it is being compressed by a ton of weights . What do you have ? It is the common cold. Good morning Mr. Charles and fellow students. The common cold did not acquire its name by accident is the most common illness known. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) 22 million school days are lost annually in the United States d

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    Ethical Policy Analysis Of The 2004 Flu Vaccine Shortage

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    Politicians are often faced with making decisions that affect all citizens’ health and healthcare options. There are different ways that the situations are assessed and policies are made. Some of these decisions are based on an ethical analysis of the situation, while others are made out of greed and other political reason, and some are just made hastily without any real effort. An important question to consider is also how qualified these politicians are to make decisions on citizens’ health. Many policy failures could have been prevented with proper analysis of the situation and implementat

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    United States Influenza Vaccine Shortage Of 2004 - 2005

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    The “2004-2005 U.S. Influenza Vaccine Shortage” article describes the vaccine shortages that Americans have faced in recent years and the different reasons associated with such an issue. The precipitating factors in the 2004-05 flu crisis were examined in detail by this case and a number of issues were revealed. This paper is based on the information provided by the case study and is sectioned into two parts. The first pat discusses how the Influenza vaccine is administered and its target population according to CDC recommendations. It also gives a snapshot on the different occasions the U.S.

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    Human Papillomavirus And The Hpv Vaccine

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    Human Papillomavirus, also known as HPV, is currently the single most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States. It is estimated that seventy- five percent to eighty percent of both male and female will be infected with the virus within their lifetime. Twenty million Americans carry the virus, while there are 6.2 million new cases per year. HPV infects both sexually active individuals as well as people that are abstinence. The virus can be found on the surface of the skin, cervix, vagina, anus, vulva, head of penis, mouth and throat. Since it is found in so many places it can ea

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