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  • Mayor Of Casterbridge Book Report

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    Book report topic generator Name: Enrique Ramírez Rodríguez Date: 29-2-2008 Book title: the mayor of casterbridge Author: Thomas hardy In two sentences, what is the book about: It is about the story of a men that sell his women to a sailor and then they return. What I liked more about the book: How the time made the family return. What I didn’t liked , and why: What I don’t like from the book was that at last the mayor die at last because he wa the principal character and the most important, also what I didn’t like is that then Elizabeth-Jane became the principal character. My favor

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    World International Airlines

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    Problem: Stephen Esterant, does not understand the cross cultural differences of the Western Hemisphere. • Began making criticisms before he arrived • Misuse of employees, ( driving family around New York and taking on shopping trips) less respect • Thoughtless, unappreciative and distant in his interactions with subordinates • Acted superior • District Managers wanted him recalled to Spain • Previous manager kept a open door policy, new manager doesn’t want subordinates talking to him • He thinks his employees treat him with a lack of respect • Stephen was a very particular on compan

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