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  • My Personal Ritual When Studying For A Math Exam

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    There are many different types of rituals that people create. A ritual is an established routine that is followed the same way each time. For example my personal ritual is studying for a math exam. I have created this ritual to help me maintain my concentration for studying. When I am studying for a math exam my main goal is to learn the material so I can do well. I will study for few a days before the exam. On the first night I always spread my books on my bed. After I look over lecture notes, rework problems and look over homework, by doing this it helps me remind me of what has been discu

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    The Environment Is important care the environment because we need it for have a health life. In my viewpoint al the people have to work hard for obtain better results. I think that the best option for help and the easiest is recycle the garbage. Talking about me, I have 5 ideas that I can do; the first one is don’t use hair spray, the second one is buy rechargeable batteries because I use a lot of batteries in a year, the third one is use the TTC or walk every time that I can, the next idea is don’t smoke and the last one is care the water and light. The first idea that I wrote is

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