Computer Networking Papers

  • Wireless Security

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    Abstract Wireless Networking technology is now one of most popular networking and convenient technology but still the security issue is big concern for this technology. This research assignment will explore the wireless networking focusing on its security protocols and its development. Overview of wireless networking Computer users are getting more and more interested in accessing the Internet wirelessly because of its convenience and mobility. Nowadays, business travellers use wireless laptops to stay in touch with the home office; vacationers beam snapshots to fr

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    Organizational Analysis

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    Our society is made up of organisations, and we interact with them every day. These organisations are as diverse as the people who make them up and the goals to which they aspire. This paper will establish a working definition of what an organisation is, and then outline the main designs of organisational structures. Using the information gained an analysis of the organisation structure of H. Troon will be undertaken with a view to establishing the organisation’s capacity to provide Total Quality Services. An organisation is composed of people who interact with each

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    Purpose The purpose of Wi-Fi is to hide complexity by enabling wireless access to applications and data, media and streams. The main aims of Wi-Fi are: facilitate access to information ensure compatibility and coexistence eliminate cabling and wiring eliminate switches, adapters, plugs and connectors. [edit] Uses A Wi-Fi enabled device such as a PC, game console, cell phone, MP3 player or PDA can connect to the Internet when within range of a wireless network connected to the Internet. The coverage of one or more interconnected access points — called a ho

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    Comnet Iii

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    INTRODUCTION: COMNET III is a performance analysis tool for computer and communication networks. Based on a description of a network, its control algorithms and workload, COMNET III simulates the operation of the network and provides measures of network performance. No programming is required. Network descriptions are created graphically through a highly intuitive interface that speeds model formulation and experimentation. COMNET III is integrated into a single windowed package which performs all functions of model design, model execution and presentation of resu

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    Performance is critical in today’s competitive Internet market to meet ever higher customer demands for service quality. To effectively deliver advanced services, routing platforms must be able to handle large influxes of small packets, as well as maintain forwarding performance during route fluctuations and congestion. For years, software has been available for making "free" long-distance calls between workstations over the Internet. The early versions of this software provided poor quality, but users were willing to suffer packet loss, jitter, and latency in return for bypassing normal long

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    Facial Expressions

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    Does Facial Expression Effect Reaction Time? A facial expression can reveal innumerable aspects of what is happening inside a human brain. They are a visible sign of the affective state, cognitive activity, intention, and personality of a human (Chibelushi & Bourel 2002). The information transmitted by a human facial expression is so biologically and socially important that the human brain has evolved a complex neural system that can quickly and accurately decode facial expressions displayed by friends and enemies (Palermo & Coltheart 2004). The expressions a person makes while speaking acco

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    Tin Lectures

    11917 words, 48 pages

    TIN-Bachelor Examination questions Part 1. Theory 1. Internetworking concepts. OSI-model 2. Ethernet data link technology 3. Ethernet frame structure 4. Network protocol model. TCP/IP suite 5. Internetworking over the IP protocol 6. IP-packet structure 7. Transport layer of packet switch. TCP-segment structure 8. Datagram packet transportation mode. UDP-segment structure 9. Session layer functions. TCP-connections (3-hand shakes) algorithm 10. ATM data link technology. VPI and VCI 11. Frame relay dat

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    Experimental Security Analysis Of A Modern Automobile

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    Abstract— Modern automobiles are no longer mere mechanical devices; they are pervasively monitored and controlled by dozens of digital computers coordinated via internal vehicular networks. While this transformation has driven major advancements in ef?ciency and safety, it has also introduced a range of new potential risks. In this paper we experimentally evaluate these issues on a modern automobile and demonstrate the fragility of the underlying system structure. We demonstrate that an attacker who is able to in?ltrate virtually any Electronic Control Unit (ECU) can leverage this ability to

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    Information Technology In A Home Environment

    9096 words, 37 pages

    Regis University MSCC 610 Final Project Abstract Information technology (IT) applications in the home environment are increasing just as they are in the business world. Because I am not currently employed with an organization, I chose to provide an information technology summary for my household. This paper will provide an overview of the household members and their uses of technology, a summary of IT expenditures and recurring fees, our household IT goals and objectives, and current hardware, software and telecommunications applications. It will provide more detail in some areas

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    Network Security

    3407 words, 14 pages

    Introduction (GC & DB) The purposes of this report is provide feedback on the current network used by UOB Manufacturing and provide a viable network solution that meets the company needs. The areas we will cover in this report are: o We will provide an analysis of your current infrastructure o Give a detailed report on what areas of your network need to be improved o Give you in depth risk analysis of your current system o Provide you with our proposal of a new network design o Explain in detail the benefits of the new design o Provide a brief overview of

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    How Does Jrotc Help Me Deal With Peer Pressure

    1432 words, 6 pages

    After receiving instruction from your teacher, complete the option he/she has instructed you to finish. You will find both Option A and Option B in this document. Scroll to the option that you were instructed to complete. Scientific Method Lab Assignment Option A Summary Steps Step 1: Make an observation and form a testable question. Step 2: Form a hypothesis based upon your question. Step 3: Test the hypothesis. Step 4: Record and analyze your data. Step 5: Form a conclusion. Step 6: Replicate your experiment and form new questions.

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    Wireless Internet

    1000 words, 4 pages

    Today’s world is truly technologically advanced. We expect things like the internet to be readily available, high speed, and most times, wireless. Almost any device we might carry today would have Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity), ready in a few seconds notice. With everyone familiar enough with using these services, how many actually know how to install it? Of those people, how many could set up a wireless network without the specialized bundled software that walks you through the process? I will explain not only how to set Wi-Fi up in your home, but the importance of se

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    Ccna Exploration: Accessing The Wan Practice Assessment

    995 words, 4 pages

    Introduction Learning Objectives: * Finish designing the IP addressing scheme.          Configure and verify WAN technologies. * Configure EIGRP to enable communication with the rest of the network.          Implement access control lists as part of a security policy. Addressing Table Device | Interface | Address | Subnet Mask | Default Gateway | DLCI | R1 | Fa0/0 | | | n/a | - | | S0/0/0 | | | n/a | - | | S0/0/1.120 | | | n/a | 120 | R2 | S0/0/0 | | | n/a |

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    Networking A Computer

    1006 words, 5 pages

    The problem that will occur when having the business networked will be that it will be difficult at start because you would need to have a lot of money to network all the computers for example you would need to get money for hiring network managers or training previous staffs also you would need to have money for all the equipment required and not only that but you would also need money for the software licences. Another problem might be that if the business wanted to go wireless then they could have problems with their connections. The way to solve this would be to do a lot of research and

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    Specific Questions From Ilab

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    Guidelines • Answer each of the following questions using the sequence and data from the iLab instructions. Answer all questions in full college-level sentences. 1. In your opinion, what is the purpose of our dropping the transmit power to such a low level? In this scenario, we have two access point. A lower voltage will reduce interference and increase capacity. 2. What do access point connectivity statistics collected for the roaming station show? Access point connectivity statistics show that there was a consistent connection within the 30 second interval. It displayed the traffic

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    Solutions» Connectivity Solutions LAN, WAN and Other Area Networks One way to categorize the different types of computer network designs is by their scope or scale. For historical reasons, the networking industry refers to nearly every type of design as some kind of area network. Common examples of area network types are: • LAN - Local Area Network • WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network • WAN - Wide Area Network • MAN - Metropolitan Area Network • SAN - Storage Area Network, System Area Network, Server Area Network, or sometimes Small Area Network • CAN - Campus

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    Network Consultant Scenarios

    1253 words, 6 pages

    Network Consultant Scenarios IT/240 Case Project 3-1 Old-Tech Corporation has 10 computers in its main office area, which is networked in a star topology using 10 Mbps Ethernet hubs, and wants to add five computers in the manufacturing area. One problem with the existing network is data throughput. Large files are transferred across the network regularly, and the transfers take quite a while. In addition, when two or more computers are transferring large files, the network becomes unbearably slow for users. Adding the manufacturing computers will only make this prob

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    Primate Brachiation

    1264 words, 6 pages

    Primates, as a whole, have evolved over the time span of several million years with the most advanced primate being the human. The planet Earth has gone through several weather, climate, and geographical changes. Due to those changes, primates have had to undergo changes to adapt to their new living conditions. One of the many changes that primates have gone through would be primate locomotion and body configuration. .This research paper will explain as to why the evolutionary modifications of the primate have helped them survive. Primates, as a whole, have evolved over

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    Bus Topology

    1270 words, 6 pages

    Vladimir Pierre Network Topology and Transport Protocols Bus Topology The physical bus topology is simple when it comes to connecting nodes on a Local Area Network. The most common implementation of a linear bus topology is the Ethernet. All devices in a bus topology are connected to a single cable called the bus, or backbone. The transmission medium has a physical beginning and an end. All connections must be terminated with a resistor to keep data transmissions from being mistaken as network traffic. The terminating resistor must match the impedance of the c

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    Ip Address Research Paper

    1263 words, 6 pages

    Bob Ross Research Paper 1 In today's information thriving society, we sometimes take for granted the technologies that provide us with that information. We turn to the World Wide Web for everything these days, whether it’s buying, selling, watching tv, talking with friends, etc. Yet many do not understand the infrastructure that must be in place in order to do these things. We have to marvel at the technology that made all of this possible, and also recognize how it’s all built. The ability to route data across the Internet can’t be done without an IP address. Every

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    Detecting And Preventing Ip Spoofed Ddos Attacks B

    1267 words, 6 pages

    In today world, the Internet is an essential part of our everyday life. Many important and crucial services like banking, shopping, transport, health, and communication are partly or completely dependent on the Internet. According to recent sources the number of hosts connected to the internet is almost 400 million and there are currently more than 1 billion users of the Internet. Thus, any disruption in the operation of the Internet can be very inconvenient for most of us. The Internet was originally designed for openness and scalability without much concern for security, malicious users can

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    Mobile And Wireless Computing

    1448 words, 6 pages

    Brief Review of Reactive and Proactive protocols A reactive routing protocol tries to find a route from S to D only on-demand i.e., when the route is required, for example, DSR and AODV are such protocols. The main advantage of a reactive protocol is the low overhead of control messages. However, reactive protocols have higher latency in discovering routes. Institute for Computer Science, University of Freiburg Western Australian Interactive Virtual Environments Centre (IVEC) Mobile and Wireless Computing Proactive Protocols A proactive protocol maintains extensive routing tables

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    Comparing Networking In Ubuntu And Windows 7

    1488 words, 6 pages

    POS/355 In the present age of computing it is not easy to find a stand-alone computer anymore, in homes, restaurants, hotels, and offices’ networking has become a part of every aspect of the computing world. If a computer cannot be used to access email, chat and connect to file shares and software, it is deemed to be of not much value. This said, programmers involved in putting forth operating systems like Windows 7, Ubuntu Linux, and OS X make sure that their systems are especially network friendly since most people today need the computer to do some network related activities like chatti

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    Conversation Analysis Of An Excerpt From A Romantic Comedy Film

    1498 words, 6 pages

    Learning to engage in an ordinary conversation, as Jean & Hansun (2010) claims, is one of the most difficult tasks for second language learner. Thus, knowing how to teach conversation is critical important for language teachers. Conversation analysis is a systematic approach to the analysis of spoken interactions. It generally attempts to describe the orderliness, structure and sequential patterns of interaction. In this entry, a piece of conversation taken from a romantic comedy film named “Notting Hill” will be used for analysis. The focus will be made on one of the main sequential featu

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    Johnson Rule

    1517 words, 7 pages

    Johnson_Rule Johnson's Algorithm For Scheduling Page 1 of 6 In the notes below, I shall try to present some intuition about Johnson's algorithm, and why it works for scheduling of manufacturing systems. At the end of it all, we shall see what kind of systems it can be usefully applied to. One Machine, Two Jobs We begin the discussion with the simplest scheduling problem: You go to Park 'n Shop to buy a can of Coke. At the check-out counter, just before you, is a lady with a large basket of groceries. The lady allows you to go ahead of her, pay for your coke in 1/2

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    Patton Fuller Network

    1762 words, 8 pages

    Patton Fuller Community Hospital Network Patton-Fuller Community Hospital provides healthcare services to meet patient's needs since 1975 (Apollo Group, 2011). Technology is needed in order to perform daily functions with efficiency while maintaining strict safety regulations. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital's IT network is used to manipulate, store, and transmit information within the hospital as well as to outside agencies. The Open System Interconnection (OSI) model provides the framework for implementing data communication over a network. Review and recommended use of the various netwo

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    Osi Model History, Concepts And Goals

    1757 words, 8 pages

    Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Model What is the OSI Model, what is it history, why and who created the OSI Model? These are all questions I will explain in detail in this term paper. The OSI Model was developed in the late 1970’s by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). “The model is known as ISO OSI reference model because it relates with connecting open systems-that is, systems that are open for communication with other systems” (Anonymous tech-faq, 2011). The OSI model is an international standard that illustrates how data communication should take place. It gove

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    Wireless Deployment Plan

    1774 words, 8 pages

    1. Executive Summary: This report describes a brief project proposal of implementation of Wireless deployment for multiple departments in one educational campus using UTP cabling techniques and fiber optic cable. UTP is chosen because if some cable segment of any daisy chain connected host is damaged then entire department’s network is not affected as each host has a dedicated connection with the hub. In addition to that users on UTP-based LAN will also get more bandwidth and thus higher performance. Further, we suggested using fiber optic in the network backbone as it can transmit Etherne

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    Wireless Lan Security

    2953 words, 12 pages

    Abstract Today there is a huge growing market for Wireless LANS but there is a black hole associated with these types of networks. This paper will provide an overview of the major security risks, threats and vulnerabilities with WLAN systems, referencing 802.11b. To combat these risks, some protocols and mechanisms needed to secure this wireless LAN protocol. Introduction Wireless LAN technology standard 802.11b has the strongest force to becoming the main standard for corporate internal wireless LAN networks. The bandwidth of 802.11b is 11 Mbits and operates at 2.4 GHz Fr

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