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  • Memorandum: Contract Creation And Management

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    MEMORANDUM: CONTRACT CREATION AND MANAGEMENT TO: John Sullivan FROM: Jon Sorrell DATE: October 27, 2006 SUBJECT: Legal Environment of Business: Contract Creation and Management The Issues In the case of Span Systems of California and Citizen-Schwarz AG of Germany, management is essential in forging the proper attitudes and remedies necessary to maintain the current contract. The facts of the case is that Span Systems are under a one-year contract worth $6 million to produce a Java-based transaction processing software for Citizen-Schwartz's $20 billion banking interests. Eight mo

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    Job analysis involves studying a specific job to identify the measurable work activities, tasks, and responsibilities associated with that job. An effective job analysis requires the systematic gathering of information and focus on the work behaviors and tasks that are necessary to achieve a satisfactory outcome and identifies the employee knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that are necessary to perform the job. Job analysis involves reporting the job as it currently exists in the specific organization for which the analysis is applicable. Job analysis does not report on the job as it exi

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