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  • The Right Passengers

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    Summary of “The Right Passengers” The Right Passengers is a short story written by the American writer Waqar Ahmed, who lives in Brooklyn. It was published on the internet in 2008. The story takes place in New York, Manhattan. You hear about a taxi driver, whose name is Nadeem Riaz, who drives around in his taxi looking for costumers one early Sunday morning. He has a bad time working, while being followed by a police car, but finally after a while they stop following him, and desperate to find costumers, Riaz decides to pick up someone from the Meatpacking District, w

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    How Meaningful Are India’s Love Letters To President Rajapakse

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    The Indian Premier forewarned of India’s “inclination” to vote against Sri Lanka in Geneva on 20th March 2012. Just the day prior Sri Lankan President sends a letter to Indian Premier seeking India’s support. We know that India cared little for that letter though immediately after voting against Sri Lanka as damage control India sends President Rajapakse a letter explaining India’s stand. Yet, what is unforgivable is that a country that gave us Buddhism was to eventually give us 30 years of terrorism and continues to attempt to destabilize us. What was it that India said it would not do – a

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