Crime Papers

  • Everett Mckinley Dirksen U.s. Courthouse

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    The Everett McKinley Dirksen U.S. Courthouse is a federal court located in the Downtown area of Chicago, IL. They have a subject-matter jurisdiction. Subject-matter jurisdiction is the authority of a court to hear a particular type of case relating to a specific subject matter. In this case, it was a drug trial. The trial I observed was Hamdan v. USA, a drug trial using synthetic cannabis. In this trial, originally the defendant, named Calin Hamdan, was pulled over for a traffic violation in Bridgeview some time in October of 2014. He was driving on a suspended license and had previous bad

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    Interpretations Of The Oresteia Trilogy

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    FLCL271 The Oresteia, the story following the Trojan War, is a Trilogy consisting of Agamemnon, The Libation-Bearers, and Eumenides (The Kindly Ones). This is the story where Clytemnestra murders her husband Agamemnon; Clytemnestra’s exiled son, Orestes, returns and murders her; and Orestes runs to Athena for the very first court ruling to take place. This story can be interpreted in many different ways. Three of those interpretations will be explained as follows: the lack of clarity between right and wrong, how humans have forgotten how to govern themselves, and the battle between old and

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    Fate In Macbeth, Julius Caesar, And Hamlet

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    Common Themes in Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and Hamlet Shakespeare utilizes the supernatural and fate to pave the destiny of some of his characters in his tragedies. Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and Hamlet appear to have a common novel theme of fate, betrayal to supremacy, and the struggle to restore providential power. Shakespeare uses rhetoric to effectively convey the idea of fate and the struggle against it. In all three of these Shakespearian tragedies characters encounter the emotion of disbelief and the struggle to seek refuge from fate and to ultimately live life as if it were their free

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    Confront The Brutal Facts (Yet Never Lose Faith)

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    In Chapter 4 of the book Good to Great, Jim Collins asserts that taking good decisions represents one of the key factors for a good organization to become great. The good decisions flowed from the fact that all good-to-great companies made an effort to confront reality, while at the same time maintained absolute faith that they could prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties. The author calls this the Stockdale Paradox. Collins also states that it is crucial to create a climate where honesty is valued and he continues by offering tips about how to create this environment. By crafting

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    Macbeth Themes

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    One of the most important themes in Macbeth involves the witches' statement in Act 1, Scene1 that "fair is foul and foul is fair." (Act 1, Scene 1, Line 10) This phrase aptly describes the macabre status quo within the character Macbeth and without. When Macbeth and Banquo first see the weird sisters, Banquo is horrified by their hideous appearances. Conversely, Macbeth immediately began to converse with these universally known evil creatures. After hearing their prophecies, one can say that Macbeth considered the witches to be "fair" when in reality their intentions were quite "foul." Macb

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    Castration As Substitute For Jailtime

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    The questions given are thus: should a convicted sexual offender be able to consent to surgical castration as a means of avoiding incarceration? Could a judge require this before a sexual offender is paroled? What are the ethics in these cases? The answer to the first question can be nothing but an outright no. While it has been the case before, we have no reason to allow criminals to trade body parts for the punishment and sentencing they have shown themselves to deserve. This is especially true when the amputation involved is actually no real guarantee that the offender will repeat their c

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    Crime In Caracas

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    Crime in Caracas Individuals are not only shaped by social factors, but through cultural and environmental factors as well. Societies are constantly changing, and there are many issues and trends that are confronting the global society today. Through sociological perspectives and concepts, one can better understand what is causing these world issues. By studying these perspectives and concepts, students can see how the physical environment and society affect the life choices of individuals. There are a number of countries located in Latin America. Among these countries, there are a number

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    Ted Bundy: The Raising Of A Serial Killer

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    the word “serial killer” comes to mind, usually for me the name Ted Bundy is the one that dominates. Before Bundy was executed in 1989, he confessed to killing more that thirty women in almost a dozen states across the U.S. during his four year long string of murders in the 70s. “The thing that set Ted Bundy away from the serial killer’s stereo typical analysis is that he was such a mainstream All-American man that the Washington State Republican Party hired him, so cunning that he escaped from jail, twice, and so dashing that a woman friend used to send marriage proposals to him on death ro

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    Ophelia's Road To Madness

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    Ophelia’s Road to Madness Thesis Statement: The origin of Ophelia’s madness is rendered through examination of her relationships with her father Polonius, her brother, Laertes, and her lover Hamlet. I. Polonius is self seeking and callous. A. Polonius uses her to further his own agenda. B. Ophelia obediently and dutifully refuses Hamlet at her father’s request. II. Laertes overshadows Ophelia’s hope. A. Laertes brotherly advice is demanding. B. Ophelia loses her friend and confidant in her brother’s absence. III. Ophelia goes from happy to devastated in her love life. A. Hamlet

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    Social Justice: Identity Theft

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    A guy named Peter Romans awoke in the middle of the night to his phone ringing. Of course, his first thought was who could be calling me in the middle of the night, and he got up and answered the phone. The woman asked if this was mr. romans he replied with a yes and she told him that he owed them money, about 10, 000 dollars worth of money. Peter was so shocked that he dropped the phone, after his shock, he picked up the phone and explained that he never purchased anything from them, and she asked if he was who he said was, he said yes. The lady commanded him to pay the money as soon as pos

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    To Waht Extent Is Masculinity Associated With Evil And Violence In Macbeth?

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    To what extent is masculinity associated with evil and violence in Macbeth? Evil is a theme widely explored by Shakespeare in his plays and “Macbeth” is no exception. This play demonstrates violence in relation to evil and evil in turn is a reflection of the desperation and anxieties of the characters in “Macbeth.” The question of whether masculinity is associated with evil and violence is easily answered as the main character in this horrific tragedy is Macbeth himself, who commits a range of heinous crimes from murder to dabbling with witchcraft. However, the extent to which masculinity i

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    It’s a hot humid day in July. The neighborhood is quiet except for a few teenagers playing around near the fire hydrant. They keep getting louder and louder and the old lady in the house across the street is trying to rest. The boys open up the hydrant and get even louder. The lady yells out to them to keep it down, she is not feeling well. They start calling her names and one boy throws a rock at her and hits her in the head. The day before the same boys were out doing the same thing, except this time a middle aged, well built man told them to scat and they did. Why did those kids liste

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    Internet Fraud: An Overview Of Classifications, Government Actions, And Consumer Protection

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    Internet Fraud: An Overview of Classifications, Government Actions, and Consumer Protection December 14, 2006 Internet Fraud: An Overview of Classifications, Governmental Actions, and Consumer Protection Internet fraud is an increasing threat to our technological society, which thrives on the advances and benefits of the Internet and e-commerce. With the increased growth and dependence of the Internet, creative individuals have found ways of conveying fraudulent schemes as legitimate goods and services. Not only does Internet fraud cause harm to individuals and institutions, but it

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    Courtroom Observation

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    Activity Description: Courtroom Observation The case being presented today was State of New Jersey v. David Connor. This case is being presented in the Superior Courts of New Jersey at 50 West Market Street floor 10 Room 1004, Newark, NJ. The observation took place July 1, 2008 from 9AM until 3:30PM. The charges against the defendant David Connor are first-degree murder, second-degree aggravated assault, second-degree disturbing/moving human body, third degree unlawful possession of a weapon, and third degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. David Connor has a co-defenda

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    No More Abortion

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    Abandoning Abortion ` It is amazing to hear the continuous debates that arise on the issue of abortion. Positions are taken on ‘what conditions possibly make abortion fair?’, and at ‘what point is a fetus really a human being?, etc. For me the answer to all these questions is not complex. The issue pretty much is straightforward. If you interrupt the course of a life you have killed. If you intervene to stop the existence of a living thing you have killed it. Whether ‘day after’ or ‘weeks after’, if a course of life has begun, to cut that destiny off is to commit an injustice toward

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    Accounting: David Miller

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    1. David Miller is not unique in that he fits the profile of most white collar criminals. White collar criminals look like everyone else in the business world, some are well liked and they seem to be ideal employees. They work long hours and never take vacation but they are most likely working on the constant struggle to conceal their fraud. It is for these reasons that it made Mr. Miller hard to detect. His employers thought he was putting in the extra mile when he would work long hours and he was said to do outstanding work. Most of this was most likely a ploy to cover his tracks. This coup

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    Mustang Ranch

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    Brothel Paper During an “internship in family planning and human sexuality at Emory University that required her to develop a public health study” (p 5), Alexa Albert, decided to “investigate brothel prostitutes’ condom-use practices” (p 5). The fact that only one state, Nevada, allowed legalized prostitution was an incentive for Alexa. There were growing concerns of AIDS in the United States and the fact that “Nevada licensed brothel prostitution, with specific ordinances established to safeguard the health and safety of the public” (p 4) was an appealing factor for her to do her research

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    Balle Balle

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    chak de phattey The Call for Participation for Wikimania 2009 has been released. Submit your presentations before April 15. [Hide] [Help us with translations!] Enron scandal From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Enron Corporation Type Defunct / Asset-less Shell Founded Omaha, Nebraska, 1985 Headquarters Houston, Texas, United States Key people Kenneth Lay, Founder, former Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Skilling, former President, CEO and COO Andrew Fastow, former CFO Rebecca Mark-Jusbasche, former Vice Chairman, Chairman and CEO of Enron Internatio

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    Environmental Crime

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    Running head: ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME - WHAT CAN BE DONE? Environmental Crime - What can be done? What comes to mind when one hears the date March 23rd, 1989? Could it be a loved one’s birthday or the date of someone’s death? Maybe the date is a special date because it is the day you or someone you know got married. All of these could be correct; however March 23rd, 1989 is also the date that began one of the worst environmental crimes in history. On this date, the Exxon Valdez oil tanker spilled 10.8 million gallons of unrefined Alaskan crude oil into the sea off the coast of the Prince

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    Task 1: How would you define criminology? Criminology is a social science; its main aim is to research crime and individuals who commit crime, while also looking at the criminal justice system in the hope that this information can be transformed into policies that will be effective in handling, or even eliminating crime. Although it is a specialty, it's not a single discipline. It combines the efforts of sociologists, psychologists, psychiatry, biology, law and statistics. It produces findings that can support, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, probation officers, and prison officials, givin

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    Drugs And Crime

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    The link between drug use and crime is not a new one. For more than twenty years, both the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Institute of Justice have funded many studies to try to better understand the connection. One such study was done in Baltimore on heroin users. This study found high rates of criminality among users during periods of active drug use, and much lower rates during periods of nonuse (Ball et al. 1983, pp.119-142). A large number of people who abuse drugs come into contact with the criminal justice system when they are sent to jail or to other correctional fac

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    Stages Of A Criminal Trial

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    A criminal trial is engineered to determine the guilt or innocence of a defendant. Essential to that process is the jury. The jury is charged with the responsibility of digesting the facts of the case and then impartially rendering a proper verdict. The process of selecting a jury is critical to the efforts of the prosecution and defense teams. Because criminal trials are adversarial in nature both the prosecution and the defense will attempt to seat juries they believe might ultimately find in their favor at the conclusion of the trial. With such high stakes on the line jury selection is an e

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    Counterfeiting And Piracy

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    What are counterfeiting and piracy? Counterfeiting and piracy are terms used to describe a range of illicit activities linked to intellectual property rights (IPR) infringement. Those are longstanding problems which are growing in scope and magnitude. Quantitative analysis carried out by the OECD indicates that the volume of tangible counterfeit and pirated products in international trade could be up to USD 200 billion. With a figure like this, sales of counterfeit goods world-wide exceed the GDP of approximately 150 States on the planet. This figure does not, however, include counterfe

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    Hr Term

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    AIG was at the center of the financial crisis and probably without AIG the subprime crisis would not be as severe as we seen. AIG was used as an instrument to fuel the housing boom. The AIG executives were running the financial product unit ethically but not efficiently. From the email communication one thing is apparent that the executive were very optimistic and they never priced in the risk effectively. The assumption that there will be no calls from counterparties to execute the credit default swaps related to subprime market were not unethical and may have been completely driven by the

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    Jonestown Section I: The Event One of the more disturbing incidents in American History is the Jonestown Massacre that occurred on November 18th, 1978 in Georgetown, Guyana. It was the largest loss of civilian life in a non-natural tragedy until the attacks of September 11th, 2001. 909 lives were lost under the hand of Jim Jones who had cultivated a following of people over twenty-plus years. Jim Jones started his first church, named The Peoples Temple, in the mid-1950’s in Indianapolis, Indiana (I). From the beginning, he preached a message of socialism and communism. Upon scrutiny of h

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