Dating Papers

  • My Stripper Ex Girlfriend

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    Ever since I was just a small child, I wanted to get older and be able to do things adults do. I thought that adults were in control and could do what they want. When I got older I found out there’s more to them; responsibilities, ethics, morals, determination and ideally success. That was what I wanted. Somewhere along the line I got lazy I became acquainted with a simpler life; where I wasn’t accountable for much. I got stuck there for a couple years and then I started dating Tina who had full custody of her 2 year old son named Jake and I will never be the same. Tina and I had been frien

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    Teenage Mom Pregnant By Rape

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    Shakirah Reid Mrs. Day February 3, 2012 Short story    Well it was a typical Monday morning at Eastside high school in Paterson New Jersey . Where the four friends; Ciara, Emoni, Jimmy, and Mike had met. Emoni and Ciara had been friends since about the 3rd grade. Mike and Jimmy have known each other for about 7 years. Ciara and Jimmy have been dating since 7th grade, Emoni and Mike started dating 8th grade. Now they are all high school students. “Hey girl” Ciara screams down the hall to Emoni.  “Hey” Emoni replies back.           “Hey baby” Jimmy says to Ciara, as he rudely interrupts

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    Anne Frank's Diary Act

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    Anne Frank's Diary-Act 3, scene 1 (Anne is sitting on the ground, writing in a stack of old papers) Anne: (as she scribbles onto the stack of papers) Dear Diary. This is going to be the continuation of the diary I was forced to abandon that fateful day when the Green Police captured us. It broke my heart to abandon my precious diary, but now, I can continue telling you what my life is like under Nazi oppression. I have so many days to make up for! I guess I should start off where my last entry ended… (Voice fades)…We were separated from Mr. Dussel, who got taken

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    Carbon 14 Dating

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    Carbon-14 Dating By: Alexander King Physical Science Class Most everyone has heard of Carbon dating on the news or elsewhere sometime in the past years. Ever wonder what “Carbon dating” means and why it is so important? In this article I hope to explain the theoretical and physical science behind Carbon dating, and discuss how it affects our lives and the validity of the process. Scientists use Carbon dating for telling the age of an old object, whose origin and age cannot be determined exactly by normal means. Because of this method Che

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    Let'’s Find Your True Love

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    There are so many people that are trying to find that special somebody in their life. They are sick of going to the same old places and seeing the same old people. Some people don’t always have time to go out and try to find that special someone like they want too. A lot of people turn to internet dating when they are unable to find the person of their dreams in the area where they live. There are always people that are looking to find that special one. It comes down to if that person on the other end of the computer is the one they are falling in love with or is it the person that they thoug

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    An Individual Caught Between Two Worlds

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    To what extent is Blanche Dubois’ tragedy the tragedy of an individual caught between two worlds? Blanche Dubois’ life at Belle Reve and Elysian Fields is full of different concepts that create certain reactions in Blanche to the worlds she finds herself in: a new and working class society, her past and her present catching up with her, the fantasy and reality in which she lives in, her duplicitous personality and the two concepts of death and desire. It could be thought that Blanche Dubois’ previous lifestyle causes her to be out of place in this new and working

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    An Examination Of Online And Offline Flirting And Gender

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    The 21st century has revolutionized the way we interact with others and view the world; technology made it is easier to communicate, network, and even flirt with others. Computers transformed themselves into becoming the new “cupid” via instant messaging, chat-rooms and online dating in which flirting is easier in these spaces. Also the rise of social networking sites even made it possible to find a significant other; for example, my friend met his current girlfriend of six months through Facebook. However, there are still remnants of traditional flirting in the sense where we still meet peopl

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