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  • Chinese Market Analysis

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    1. Introduction In recent years, some foreign retailers have operated in China successfully. A good example of it is Carrefour. To know how to Carrefour succeeds, this report will analyse it. The report includes 4 parts. At first, it introduces Carrefour simply. The second is the analysis of the Chinese retail market environment and SWOT of Carrefour. Thirdly, report will evaluate Carrefour’s marketing strategies. Finally, it makes recommendation on whether the Chinese market is a suitable destination for Carrefour. 2. Introduction of Carrefour Carrefour is a grocery

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    China Department Stores

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    LI & FUNG RESEARCH CENTRE China Distribution & Trading Issue 61 July 2009 Department stores in China, 2009 IN THIS ISSUE : I. Overview II. Operation modes of department stores in China III. Developments of market players IV. Challenges V. Recent developments VI. Conclusion 10 11 19 • 6 • 2 4 Overview • • Department stores in China have enjoyed many years of boom, achieving a compound annual growth rate of 30% between 2003 and 2008. Sales momentum for department stores has deteriorated towards the end of 2008 as consumer cut back on discretionary and lu

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    Jcpenny Vs Target

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    Anusarga Shrestha Financial Statement Jerry Patton The companies that I decided on doing my project are JCPenney and Target. The reasons behind choosing these companies are, my personal interest in learning about the companies and my personal experience working with JCPenney in 2012-2013. When we think about JCPenney we think about services from website and their store and merchandise. There was time when JCPenny only use to sell apparel for men, women and children but over the time it has expanded and added home goods, fine jewelry, family footwear, women accessor

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    Annie Dillard’s, “Stunt Pilot,” is a compelling story of her personal adventure through the air with renowned stunt pilot, Dave Rahm. Dillard takes one through the scenic journey she evoked on that day at the air show in Washington. Later, Dillard is granted the opportunity of a lifetime when she embarks on a flight with Rahm to explore the natural wonders of the mountains. Through her use of description, Dillard is able to successfully compare the craft of stunt pilots to the arts while effectively appealing to the readers emotion at the same time. First, Dillard re

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    The Power Of Large Companies Versus Small Family Businesses

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    1. Introduction The dispute started in December 2010 when Frankies submitted a complaint to the ASA (The advertising standards authority) that Woolworths committed plagiarism towards Frankie’s products. Frankies had all the right to protect their products to the fullest of their potential. 2. Main body 3.1. Who is Frankie’s: Frankies is a small family business established in 2006 on a small farm in the Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal. They are believed to be widely acknowledged for their creative products and retro packaging. Frankies products are known for the vintage-inspired

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