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  • Online Learning Vs Classroom Based Learning

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    Education is a life long process which is really important to a person in their life. John Dewel says that “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself” (BrainyQuote, 2001).This is as, it is a form of guidance from the knowledge delivered to them in leading their lives and achieving as well as, becoming successful in their profession, personal life, skills and talents, and the ability to think wisely when making any decisions in their life. With the help of education in a persons life, it helps make one a better person. Today, education is said to p

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    Essay Response Crisis Counseling

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    Essay Response: Crisis Counseling Lisa R. Jensen Liberty University With an example, consider the differences between crisis counseling strategies and psychotherapy. Crisis counseling strategies and psychotherapy share many similarities as well as distinct differences. Both are employed to aid hurting people. Both share a goal of restoring and building positive functioning. Additionally, both crisis counseling strategies and psychotherapy must be carried out in an ethical manner by individuals trained appropriately to render the aid. The foundational similari

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    E Learning

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    Fundamentals of E-Learning Albert Garcia AET 541/E-Learning Dr. Linda Justus Jack Messman former CEO of Novell stated “Online learning will rapidly become one of the most cost-effective ways to educate the world's expanding workforce.” According to the latest studies, more than 6.1 million students attended at least one online class during the 2010 fall term, an increase of 10% from the previous year, while enrollment in a traditional education setting increased only 0.6% during the same time frame (Lytle, 2011). The subject of this paper is to discuss the

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    Critically Evaluate The Following Statement Humans Have Evolved To Be Fundamentally Distinct From Other Animals

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    There is a particular interest in the field of Psychology regarding human and animal bodily structures alongside behavioral differences and similarities in general and a deeper understanding of the relationship in between the two species in particular. From the evolutionary perspective, human kind have evolved through environmental adaptedness while animals are equipped to meet recurrent challenges of the physical, biological and social environment; whereas from the social constructionist perspective social phenomena shaped the modern human, depending entirely on conti

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    New Media, Good For All

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    INTRODUCTION This media is focussed on new media such as the internet. I will be discussing the way new media such as the internet has evolved and improved the way learning is in an open distance learning institution. The new media has helped many people globally and how the organization used new media such as internet to help and improve their organization is also discussed. It also tells us the way new media has evolved the way people communicate around the world. 4 NEW MEDIA 4.1 New media used to improve teaching and learning New media such as the internet is very useful in an open di

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    A Comparison Of Methods Of Measuring The Same Thing Measureing G

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    For my physics coursework I am going to be doing “A comparison of methods of measuring the same thing”, the thing I will be measuring is gravity. Gravity is the force that pulls everything to the centre of the earth and its known value is 9.81 Newton’s. I will do this by dropping a ball over a set distance while measuring the time. And with these values I can use the SUVAT equations to find the acceleration due to gravity. And can then compare the result I get to the known value of gravity, 9.81N. The SUVAT equations are: A problem with these equations is tha

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    Internet And Distance Education Delivery Models

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    INTERNET AND DISTANCE ED Internet and Distance Education Delivery Models Technological developments over the past twenty years have given people across the globe the ability to interact and obtain information at a tremendous rate. Due to these developments, the field of distance education is also growing at an exponential rate, as is the research conducted on the availability, effectiveness, and best practices for distance learning. This increased interest has led to a variety of options in distance learning systems, and the primary methods for course delivery. Distance education courses a

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