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  • Maria The Last Dive

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    Sarah Mather English 8 The Last Dive Maria had always had a fear of sharks ever since she had watched the movie “Jaws.” She knew it was only a movie but still was deathly afraid of these animals. She had no idea why she had agreed to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef. It could be because the chance of being attack by a shark is so little that she was more likely to get struck by lightning. So Maria had let her brother Charlie persuade her to go. Tomorrow they would both be venturing into the dangerous waters off the coast of Australia. Maria vowed that

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    Expository Essay On Driving Age In Australia - Should Minimum Age Of Driving Be Raised To 18

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    Currently in Australia, young people can get their driving license after turning 16. Apart from all the benefits of getting driving license in the young age there are many good reasons which support raising the minimum driving age to 18 such as: peer pressure, immaturity, and lack of experience. Therefore the minimum age of driving should be raised to 18. These days, peer pressure has been an issue and has raised a lot of negative impact into the driving performance. According to Dr J. William “most of young people are not able to resist peer pressure as well as older drivers.” The reaso

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