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  • Scholarship Essay About Goals

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    Ever since I was a young kid I have always been interested with aircraft. I was so curious of how airplane's fly. I remember taking my toys apart to see how it works. As a kid I wanted to go to the airport to watch the airplanes land and fly and pondered how this happens. Other kids wanted to go to the amusement places. As I grew older I became more and more interested in aircraft and the technology behind it. I always involved myself with aviation early on. I read books and magazines on aviation, took museum tours, built model airplan

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    Teenage Violence In Schools

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    Page #1 Teenage violence in schools has become a tremendous concern to many people. School violence over the past number of years has been increasing and family life, the things that occur in schools and the neighborhoods that the teenagers (that commit the crimes or violent acts) live in are some of the major factors. These are not necessarily the only causes to teenage violence. Family Lifestyle and the behavior of members within the family have been shown to have a direct affect on a teenager?s behavior in school. A child can be influenced very easily by any o

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    School Vouchers An Overview

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    "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." -- John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Throughout the thousands of political speeches given during our country's history, there might not be a better anthem for political participation on an individual level. After letting JFK's famous phrase sink in it is obvious that he wanted the American people to take charge of their political and social futures. Kennedy realized the importance of pro-activity on a personal or community basis, and the results that would come to the citizens of this country who partook in their own e

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    Over A Sea Of Change

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    From the time of birth, humans are picking up on and learning the ways of our surroundings. Whether it be the bad things, like hearing people curse and then running around as a three year old and screaming curse words at the top of your lungs, or watching your granddad kneel and pray before bed every night and you doing the same without knowing how to pray or even what prayer is. Kids grasp hold to every little motion made and educate themselves by observing that. Although every country and culture has different customs and traditions, all babies learn them the same way. For example, growing u

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    A Friend In Need Is A Friend To Be Avoided

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    How do YOU define a true friend? To me a friend, it is just another character that comes and goes. A friend can be life saver or ruin your life. It was about three years ago when I had a true friend, or at least that’s how it seemed to me. I was a sophomore in high school. As I was sitting in my ESOL class, a medium height brunet with brown eyes and very little muscles walked into my class. She was wearing every kind of color. My thoughts went back to the day when I first walked into a class with many different languages spoken. The teacher asked her to introduce herself. She clearly stated he

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    Legal Action Against Bus Driver

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    This correspondence is reference the "White Slip" issued by Diana Westfall (Bus Driver) and ensuing informal meeting with Mr. Ulrich (Vice-Principal) conducted on Monday, March 17, 2007. The bus driver, Mrs. Westfall has stated in the incident report/white slip that I, James Burdette, frequently punch middle students while exiting the bus, hit Ashley Cochran-Riedel with my mug on March 6th 2008, exited the bus at 745 Huntley Drive when my address is 747 Huntley Drive on March 6th 2008, am disrespectful to the bus driver and other students, distractful to the bus driv

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    Catcher In The Rye

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    Goodness is defined by as “in man is not a mere passive quality, but the deliberate preference of right to wrong, the firm and persistent resistance of all moral evil, and the choosing and following of all moral good” (1). In the books, The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger and Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery, goodness is defined by someone’s moral value. The moral value of girls and boys is set by society’s standards in the time periods that the books are written. Montgomery’s book was written in 1908 in a very young Canada, in a ti

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    Introduction According to DeKalb Technical College, they practice and identify work ethics in 10 different characteristics; Attendance, Cooperation, Character, Communication, Respect, Productivity, Organizational Skills, Appearance, Teamwork, Attitude (dekalbtech). Attendance, I usually have good attendance this is because my father was a farmer and he couldn't miss a day of work so that inspired me try and make it to every school day and to every work day. Cooperation comes from all jobs that I have had in the past, they usually all deal with a team environment, wor

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    Tomorrow Isn’'t Always Promised

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    Throughout my childhood everything was always changing. My friends, my clothes, my ideas, my likes and dislikes, it all changed. But there was always one thing that I thought I could count on to never change, and that was my relationship with my dad. My dad and I were so close. He would always play his guitar and sing the chorus to “Brown Eyed Girl” to me. He took me everywhere. I was daddy’s little girl. I thought that nothing could ever tear us apart. We always had fun together. We would laugh at everything together. Little did I know that our time was very limited. On April 18

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    Creativity In Education

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    After reading the essay by Freire and the essay by Rodriquez, you might develop the opinion that Freire and Rodriquez have different views on the importance of creativity in education; however, you would be wrong. In all actuality, Freire and Rodriquez share a core understanding that creativity is a vital component of education, but they do differ in how they go about in declaring that creativity is important. Freire clearly states that creativity is important; Rodriquez is more subtle in disclosing to you that creativity is important. Without reading the Rodriquez essa

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    School Shootings And Violence Why

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    It is a normal day at school. You are eating lunch in the cafeteria. Suddenly gun shots ring out down the hall. Two of your classmates burst through the doors, armed with guns, firing almost aimlessly. They are looking for all the kids who have made their lives miserable! What caused these students to take such sadistic actions? The number of school shootings has risen dramatically in the past twenty years. There has been at least one shooting every year since 1991. Even though violent video games, television, and bullying in schools influence children in negative ways, the children, th

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    My First Day At School

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    Beep, Beep, Beeeeep! I struggled to force my sticky eyes open. Wearily, I rolled over, the bright red numbers flashed in my head. 8:10. I was late! Late for school on my very first day! I raced for the bathroom, tripping over my bag. I scrambled to get washed and dressed as quickly as possible. “Tammy, Tammy!” My dad was calling me to eat my breakfast. “Hurry up, hurry up!” He yelled up the stairs. One sock on, one sock off, I tumbled down the stairs, snatching a piece of toast as I slapped on my make-up. Jumping into my newly polished school shoes, I grabbed my bag and ran out of the front do

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    Charter Schools

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    The United States is a core region that has a global status of dominant trade, controlling investment, controlling most advanced technologies, and exhibiting high levels of productivity, which shows our country’s immense aspects towards our goal of a greater economy due to our positive education system for the people. Today, people are looking for the best education for their children, even if that means transferring schools. A good example of this would be the rise of charter schools across the country, particularly in Georgia, for the purpose of increasing our percentage rate in relation to

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    Troubled Youth - Gun Violence Elsik High School

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    “O My Gosh!” cried half of the students in the cafeteria while the other half cried, “Get her, beat her up real good!” While screaming, they witnessed a girl being attacked by both males and females. From being pushed and pulled into a crowd of hatred, the girl was abused beyond recognition. Because of this injustice, the spectators of the fight rallied and caused more frustration for the adult faculty trying to break up the fight. On the same day, gun threats were issued by some of the students in the school and the other students in the school feared for their lives e

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    School Uniforms And Reducing Violence Among Students

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    Before 1960, uniform was widely applied in U.S public schools, but it was abandoned during this present free-spiritedness era. However, in the 1990's, when school violence and classroom disruptions increased across the country, uniform caught on again (Chaika 1999). Personally, I yearn towards uniform policy in middle school, which I did not have to care about how others judge me based on my clothing, or worry about my safety at school. I was able to be more focus on school works. However, for many schools do not have uniform policy, violence and discrimination arised.

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    Standardized Testing Useful Or Useless

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    Every year, tons of kids are subjected to standardized tests in schools. Standardized tests, such as New York State Regents exams and others, used in twenty-eight out of fifty states (“Testing, Assessment, and Excellence”) are used to assess a student’s knowledge in particular subjects such as math and reading. All that is learned for an entire year is evaluated in a roughly three hour test on one day. Is this fair? How can everything learned over the span of a year be tested in one day? What happens if a student who received high grades in a subject during school ha

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    School Vouchers Help Or Hindrance

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    Andrea Rogers Axia College of the University of Phoenix The quality of education in this country has been declining since the early 1970’s. There have been many reasons preferred for the decline. Poor teachers, bad schools, not enough money, the list goes on. Several solutions have been suggested to correct this problem as well. School vouchers are at the top of this list of possible solutions. defines a school voucher system as “a document granting a family a certain sum per child, from public education funds, for use as partial tuition to a private or parochial s

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    Greek Vs Non Greek

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    To be or not to be…Greek that is. This is a question most in coming freshmen face when entering college. The Greek system has come under a lot of criticism and scrutiny due to the stereotypes given to them such as partiers, alcoholics, promiscuous, and good for nothing. Though those not in the Greek system have as well, being referred to as losers, weird, and even “Goddamn Independents (GDI)” (Greek vs. Non-Greek 1 of 2). There is no right or wrong way to go, to be or not to be Greek, it is simply a matter of opinion and choice of lifestyle, and there is, a dramatic dif

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    First Impressions Are Deceiving

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    It was September 18th, 2006, my very first day at a brand new high school starting grad eleven. To makes things even more awkward, I was starting at the school two weeks later then everyone else. It was also one of my first days in a completely different land which I was yet to discover consisted of a completely different kind of people, and the transition would not be as easy as I assumed. Cobequid Educational Centre, better known as CEC, in Truro, Nova Scotia is where I was about to spend my short lived year of grade eleven. The new school was huge and crowded and lou

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    Intelligent Design On Trial

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    Ever since the year 1925, there has been a very controversial battle over the teachings of Intelligent Design in public school systems because many people feel that it has a religious motive. In Dover, Pennsylvania a major court case began when the school board decided that alternate theories, including Intelligent Design, of human existence would be mentioned other than the traditional evolution theory. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was the most common belief among many people not only in the Dover area, but all over the world. In the year 1925, a high school biology teacher was co

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    School Violence

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    School Violence Since the mid-1990s, America has witnessed a string of shootings in its schools. The deadliest of these tragedies occurred on April 20, 1999, when students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went on a massive rampage at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, killing twelve students and one teacher and wounding twenty-three others before killing themselves. Fortunately, there have been no subsequent shootings on the scale of Columbine. However, school shootings do continue to take place. For example, on April 24, 2003, James Sheets, a fourteen-year-old student at Red Lio

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    Culture In Studying English

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    Abstract Language is not only the product of culture, but also the symbol of culture; therefore, learning a language also means learning a culture. For many English speaking countries, especially in Europe and North America, cultural factors are intensively concentrated on learning English by curricula designers. This study focuses on the frequency of accessing culture knowledge of English speaking countries (especially Britain and the US) in studying English inside class of second-year students in English Department of Hanoi University through authentic activities l

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    The International Federation Of Home Economics

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    The International Federation of Home Economics was developed under the leadership of Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards; later an emphasis was placed on the social, economic, and aesthetic aspects. Although called in some countries home science, household arts, domestic science, or domestic economy, the subject is known today in the United States as home economics, and specialized terms are used for its subdivisions. The field of home economics has, at different times, emphasized training in needlework, cookery, the management of servants, the preparation of medicines, and food preservation; suc

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    Political Rheteric Policy Reality

    3035 words, 13 pages

    I am employed part time by Newcastle College teaching food hygiene in HMYOI Deerbolt a young offender’s gaol which holds young men aged from18 up to their 22cd birthday. This age group is acknowledged to represent a considerable problem in that approximately 76 % of these young men are at or below level one both literacy and numeracy which is a considerable barrier to finding and keeping employment on their release from gaol. Low educational skills are recognised as one of the main reasons for re-offending Government response to House of Commons education & skills committee report Prison educ

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    I Wore A Mask

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    I was 17 at the time I moved to America with my parents. Even though leaving my homeland was a very difficult thing to do I felt that this move could make the best of change to my parent’s life. They deserved this change because they wanted a rest from their old life. The tiny apartment my dad had rented for us was not quite cozy or clean, however, it was better than what we lived in back home. After we moved in, it was time for my parents and I to start the beginning of a better life. They were off to their new jobs as I was off to my new school. The bus ride form

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    Why Get An An Mba

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    University of Phoenix Some people are of the opinion that experience should count more than having a college degree. And while our student was a member of the armed forces this proved to be true. Advancement was gained by your expertise in the job you performed; along with the training you attained to be a supervisor. She excelled at her position, gaining rank and respect of junior officers and enlisted. Once she was discharged from the service, she was ready to take on the corporate world and make a contribution. Alas, that was not to be. The corporate world demand a college education, hav

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    Concepts Of Caring

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    The Concepts of Carnegie Units and Student Learning Outcomes Over the past century, there have been differing views on what is crucial to teaching and learning. In the early decades of the 20th century, it was the Carnegie unit which put public education on a solid footing. However, like all education policy, it came under scrutiny. Many argued that it placed an undue restraint on teaching and learning. This argument, led to the development of new ways of sharpening the focus of higher education. An increasingly accepted view among educators was the focus on “stude

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    A Day That Will Live In Infamy Oklahoma Terrorism

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    There is a time in a person’s life when they have to decide whether the language they choose to use is either effective or non effective, there will be a time in a person’s life that when they will be faced with a life changing experience, and there will also be a time in a person’s life when they must experience something that will set them for the course of their lives. That is exactly what happened to me on that fateful day. The day that set the people of Oklahoma and the world apart, the day that will “Live in Infamy”, and the day that showed the world that we were

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    Organizational Behavior Terminology And Concepts

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    Organizational behavior can be described as groups of people who work together but contribute individually toward accomplishing a shared goal or task. The study of organizational behavior helps us understand what people think, feel and do in organizational settings. This knowledge helps employees and managers alike predict, decipher and manipulate organizational elements. No two organizations are alike, but the practices of many can be used in most situations. The way the organization runs itself is often due to the ethics and communication of the group as a whole. The purpose of this essay i

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    Year-round Schooling: The Downfall

    1234 words, 5 pages

    The United States school systems have been on a traditional calendar of roughly nine months of school and three months summer vacation for the last one-hundred years or so. It seems to work fine; the vast majority of people to go through the traditional calendar don’t seem to be defective in any way. Yet some want to change it; some school officials want to fix something that isn’t broken. Some feel if we have our children go to school year round with more but shorter breaks, they will retain more information and get better grades. The problematic ‘solution’ of year round schooling that is bei

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    The Story Of My Teenage Life

    1055 words, 5 pages

    Everything happens for a reason. I'm sure everyone has heard that one before. At first, I did not understand how this could have possibly been in my cards but now I understand. It all began with a simple girl fight at a bus stop the last day of school before going on fall break. It is the day I will remember for the rest of my life. At first, I thought it was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me. Now, after all of it is over, I realize it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. This is the story of my life. I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was the

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    What Is National Service Training Program Nstp

    1751 words, 8 pages

    1. What is the legal basis of the National Service Training Program (NSTP)? The National Service Training Program (NSTP) Law or RA 9163 also known as “An Act Establishing the National Service Training Program (NSTP) for tertiary level students, amending for the purpose Republic Act No. 7077 and Presidential Decree No. 1706, and for other purposes.” was enacted last January 2002 to amend the Expanded ROTC. This program aimed to enhance civic consciousness and defense preparedness in the youth by developing the ethics of service and patriotism while undergoing trainin

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    Mintzsbergs School Of Thought

    2425 words, 10 pages

    Introduction Strategy designates the way, which a company chooses to reach the company's targets. There are many theories explaining how to develop and implement strategy in a company. Strategy is a process compounded of operations; those must be planned and co-ordinated to each other in order to be competitive. It has to react and adapt to changes of the environment because operations defines a company’s strategy, as operations are influenced by the changing market conditions. In Mintzberg`s opinion the best way to describe strategy is to use the five P's for str

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    Is The High Dropout Rate Among Mexican American Youths Contributed To The Lack Of Role Models

    1311 words, 6 pages

    As concern rises over the high rate of dropouts from the nation's schools, educators are looking with increasing alarm at what many consider the most worrisome aspect of the problem: the soaring dropout rate among Hispanic students. As they near the point of being America's largest minority, people of Hispanic descent are America's youngest and fastest-growing ethnic group. And in a nation concerned about the educational preparation of its young, they are far more likely to drop out of school than members of any other ethnic group. Educators say poverty, language proble

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    When Is It Too Much

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    In "Now, for Tonight's Assignment . . ." Jonathan Rauch argues that there is a very simple and cost effective education reform to raise achievement levels of American students that is being overlooked (186). Requiring “no political body’s approval” and “could be implemented overnight” (186), this effortless solution is to add more homework. Rauch believes that increasing homework is the key to improving students’ performance in school. However, Rauch does not recognize that although increasing homework may seem like an easy task, there are disadvantages that may not be as obvious. I agr

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    Curiculum And The Social Context Of Schooling

    2860 words, 12 pages

    The NSW Cultural Diversity and Community Relations policy (NSW DET 2005: online) is a document which aims to outline the responsibilities which NSW schools have to provide teaching and learning programs which will enable students across many different cultures and communities the opportunity to be able to identify with, and as, Australians. This policy should aid schools in developing students from all cultures and communities across NSW to develop the knowledge, skills and values for participation as active and involved citizens throughout their schooling and professio

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    Indian Education System- An Advantage Or Disadvantage

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    India is a promised land of scholars and saints. There has been no dearth of knowledge in India since time immemorial. Indian civilization has been blessed with priceless knowledge of Vedas and Puranas. Coming all along with these Holy Scriptures, till the modern age of science and technology, India can be found nowhere legging behind. Nevertheless we need not deny the fact that, India still possesses some quarters where a bud of education is still to sprout. As India witnesses tremendous upheavals in Indian economy- a segment ascending, while another suffers heavy descend- Education system is

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    Behaviour Management

    1586 words, 7 pages

    “Behaviour management is all of the actions and conscious inactions to enhance the probability people, individually and in groups, choose behaviours which are personally fulfilling, productive, and socially acceptable (Shea & Bauer, 1987).” As a teacher, it is Imperative to understand why behaviour is occurring in order to correct and manage the inappropriate behaviour and prevent it from reoccurring. Five key behavioural management models have been studied and implemented in classrooms, they include; Group Management Models, The Behaviourist Model, Cognitive Behavioural Model, Psychological o

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    What Is A Species

    1459 words, 6 pages

    2008-2009 Tentative Crittenton Youth Academy Biology is a high school science course that focuses on the study of life. This class is designed to give the student an understanding of the scientific method, of problem solving, and an appreciation of the workings in the world around us.. Therefore, it will be necessary for the student to develop good study habits in order to be successful in this course. When appropriate, classroom work will be enhanced with appropriate laboratory work. ATTENDANCE Good attendance is important in any course, especially in a science course that d

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    Asssement For Learning

    1140 words, 5 pages

    Introduction At the heart of teaching and learning are students; therefore, at the heart of any ‘learning’, ‘assessment’ and ‘assessment for learning’ must be students. This is a common ‘truth’ and perhaps even a cliché that, as educators, we tend to use when talking about our jobs and what we do in the classroom on a daily basis. However, recent studies and changes in paradigms have challenged our concepts of what we do and how we do it; in fact, it forces us to think about our provision and how these actually impact the lives of the students we teach. In this essay, I will highlight my u

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    Special Needs Students

    1846 words, 8 pages

    The field of educating children with handicaps has been around for at least seventy-five years. Historically, educational programs were residential institutions or special private schools. These schools were state-supported dealing with the severely disabled child or severe mental retardation. Change in educating handicapped children was in part brought about by the development of a large number of parent groups during the early 1950’s. Many of these groups were attached to a particular type of disability. One of the earliest groups is the National Association for

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    The Best I Can During My Future Life

    1242 words, 5 pages

    It is a well-known fact that human beings are judged by their deeds. Of no doubt the most demonstrative deeds of individuals are their experience and achievements in life. It is very often said that the amount of every person’s achievements indicates the level of his integrity. However in my native country they often say another interesting thought that a person should be judged not only by his past achievements but also by the ones he aspires to in future. From this point of view I seem to be the person of a tremendous integrity as for the amount of goals I plan to achieve is truly large. In

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    Every Child Left Behind

    1014 words, 5 pages

    Last I checked Las Vegas, NV was a part of the United States. Then why are we struggling as a community to reach the federal mandate "No child left behind"? Education funding appears to be first on the list to be cut when the state is hurting for money. It used to be just the extra curricular activities and programs to go first, that’s far from being the case now. "The reductions currently being discussed - another $106 million - will necessarily increase class size, and have an impact on school supplies and equipment, security, extra-curricular programs, transportation, maintenance, admi

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    Internet Use Among College Students Impact On Social And Academic Aspect

    2426 words, 10 pages

    Abstract Forty college students who stayed on campus in Coppin State University were interviewed in the school cafeteria, about their use of the Internet for the purpose of identifying how their Internet use has affected their social or academic lives. An average college student uses the internet about 100 minutes per day for school work and social networking such as face book. However, there are students who use the internet for the whole day. Introduction They basically use it for all the time they are awake and time allocated for their children. Approximately 1

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    Leading Change Concept Worksheet

    1137 words, 5 pages

    Due to emerging global shifts after September 11, 2001, Intersect Investment (like other companies in the financial services industry) has struggled to maintain their financial status on Wall Street. To meet this end, they have decided to implement changes within the organization in order to provide additional products and services while creating trusting customer relationships that are long-term. The attack on September 11, 2001 was a non-technological catalyst that lead to the changes in climate for Intersect Investment. Cues for organizational change can come from numerous sources both

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    Paul's Alienation

    1047 words, 5 pages

    The short story ‘Paul’s Case’ written by Willa Cather shows the story in the life of a young boy who expresses his individuality. The story demonstrates the conflict between conformity and individuality towards a young teenager fighting for what he believes in because of his one and only imagination, and uniqueness. Paul’s Case deals with the inescapability of the everyday life. Paul also deals with internal conflict when one see’s that the only grasp of air that Paul is able to fulfill is from his hero; the theatre. The beginning of the story highlights Paul’s uniq

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    The Grey Nuns

    3231 words, 13 pages

    Louis Riel, leader of the Métis, founder of Manitoba. This man is widely acknowledged as the Father of Manitoba due to his involvement in the history and creation of the province of Manitoba. In the late 1800s, women did not get the same recognition for their efforts as the men did. There was a group of important women who moved to the Red River Settlement that has not been given the credit it deserves for their work in establishing a thriving community, which became Manitoba. This group of women was known as the Grey Nuns, or “les Soeurs Grises”. For one to understand why the Grey Nuns were s

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    Coaches Of The Oviedo Knights

    868 words, 4 pages

    I have always admired people who volunteer to coach a team sport. To take on the responsibility of another parent’s child and then have them do what ever it takes for the best interest of the team is honorable. I was always a coward at the thought of attempting to be part of something as exciting as coaching; but is it really as fun and easy as some coaches make it out to be? How or why do they teach? To examine this, I took a few days to observe my son’s football team the “Oviedo Knights” senior midget division of the Central Florida Youth Football League. It’s Monday, Sept 29th, a

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    Film Review Romy And Michelle

    1383 words, 6 pages

    Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, is a Touchstone Pictures production, comedy flick starring Lisa Kudrow (Friends), as Michelle and Oscar award winning actress Miro Sorvino as Romy and Co-Star Janeane Garofalo as Heather Moony. Director of this hit film is David Mirkin and is produced by Rickard Luke Rothschild. Best Friends, Romy and Michelle, are two young women living in Los Angeles, living a laidback lifestyle full of parting and fun. After 10 years of living carefree, an old school college (Heather Mooney) reminds them of the upcoming 10 year reunion whi

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    Booker T. Washington

    1232 words, 5 pages

    Booker T. Washington was born a slave in Hale's Ford, Virginia, reportedly on April 5, 1856. After emancipation, his family was so poverty stricken that he worked in salt furnaces and coal mines beginning at age nine. Always an intelligent and curious child, he yearned for an education and was frustrated when he could not receive good schooling locally. When he was 16 his parents allowed him to quit work to go to school. They had no money to help him, so he walked 200 miles to attend the Hampton Institute in Virginia and paid his tuition and board there by working as th

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