Electric Vehicles Papers

  • Tesla Motors Ipo Paper

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    IPO Paper Identify the company and its industry. Tesla Motors (TSLA) was created in 2003 to design, manufacture, and sell electric vehicles and powertrain components for them. The company develops Li-Ion battery systems and sells them to other automotive manufactures. Tesla Roadster was the first vehicle introduced in 2008, it was able to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds, and produced zero emissions. This innovative electric car used lithium-ion-batteries to drive 200 miles on one charge. Tesla Motors was the first company to begin producing pu

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    OUTLINE FOR RESEARCH ESSAY INTRODUCTION: CAPTURING ATTENTION, PROVIDING BACKGROUND INFORMATION, AND ESTABLISHING THE THESIS Attention Graber or “hook” [a shocking or troubling statistic, anecdote, description, or quotation could work here] Electric cars were the fastest, most efficient cars ever built. They ran on electricity, produced no emissions, and had the latest technology of the automotive industry. But shortly after the EV1 launch the cars started to disappear. Was it the lack of demand, or were other persuasive forces at work? Background Information [What does a reader need to

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    Electric Powered Vehicles: A New Era

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    Introduction Electric powered vehicles first began to be developed in the United States in the late 1890's. The design and manufacture of electric vehicles would continue for another quarter century but soon would be replaced with gasoline powered vehicles. Most all of the automobile manufactures today are directing research toward electric vehicles, with several companies such as Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Honda, Tesla and General Motors actually producing all-electric vehicles for the consumer market. (Deal III, 2010). Electric powered vehicles are on their way back from the past moving into th

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