Electronic Components Papers

  • Blake Electronics Case Study

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    Case Summary: In 1979, Steve Blake founded Blake Electronics in Long Beach, California, to manufacture resistors, capacitors, inductors, and other electronic components. Over the years, Steve kept the business relatively unchanged. By 1992, total annual sales were in excess of $2 million. In 1996, Steve’s son, Jim, joined the company after finishing high school and two years of courses in electronics at Long Beach Community College. Jim was always aggressive in high school athletics, and he became even more aggressive as general sales manager of Blake Electronics. In 2000, Jim started to

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    Dynamism Of Ohms Law

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    School of Engineering and Physical Sciences Praxis Electronic Design B37VA Assignment 1 Ohm’s Law Abstract: The dynamism of Ohm’s Law for a simple resistor circuit is examined and verified. The equivalent current and equivalent voltage data across the circuit is accumulated and compared to the theoretical values calculated using Ohm’s Law equation. Eventually the deliberate results are presented in scatter plots. Introduction: A close logical examination of Ohm's experimental work reveals a conceptual structure quite different from that of the electrical science of his time. As a

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    Soldered Joints

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    Introduction • Soldering is a process of uniting two or more materials under heat with the help of a solder. • Melted solder diffuse in between the surfaces and forms bonding between the surfaces. • Melting point of the solder is less than that of the parts that are to be bonded. Thus, compared to welding, it can be applied to thinner parts. • Operating temperature of the soldered joint have to be less than the melting temperature of the solder. • Soldered joints should be designed such that they have – – – – Enough strength Enough sealing Resistance to corrosion Thermal and electrical cond

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    Precautions For Electric Lab

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    Introduction Electrical equipment can be very dangerous. Therefore, you need to be very careful when you use such equipment. You need to make sure that even the working environment is safe. If no safety precautions are taken, anyone working with dangerous electrical equipment can risk severe injuries. In this report we are going to talk about the basic safety precautions in dealing with both equipment and circuits components, the inside and outside components. Test Equipment’s The electrical measuring instruments included in test equipment are delicately constructed

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