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  • Business Motivation Theories

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    There are two basic theories of motivation; content theories and process theories. Content theories focus on what actually motivates people, they study the needs that must be satisfied in order for the employee to be motivated. The need is either satisfied by an extrinsic reward (e.g. pay) or an intrinsic reward (e.g. recognition and praise). The Classical (Fayol), the Scientific (Taylor), the Human Relations (Mayo), and the Neo-Human Relations (Maslow, Herzberg, McGregor) schools of management thought are all content theories. Process theories, do not concern the needs which must be sati

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    Bethlehem Steel

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    In 2001Bethlehem Steel's filed for bankruptcy and inspired an employee's daughter to evaluate her father's pension plan just weeks after the September 11 tragedies aggravated a weakening U.S. economy and just months before her father planned to retire. The economies battered equity markets and plunging interest rates show signs of a "pension crisis," the history and government role in U.S. private defined-benefit pension plans. An attempt to estimate the pension plan's true asset-liability condition and to advise if the father’s upcoming retirement is still possible from a historically dominan

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    Ppm Maturity

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    A CENTER FOR BUSINESS PRACTICES RESEARCH REPORT Project Portfolio Management Maturity A BENCHMARK OF CURRENT BUSINESS PRACTICES value project office project management maturity 410 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD HAVERTOWN, PA 19083 484.450.0100 • WWW.CBPONLINE.COM Center for Business Practices CAPTURING, ORGANIZING, AND TRANSFERRING MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE PROJECT PORTF TFOLIO MANA MATURIT TURITY PROJECT PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT MATURIT Y 2 Executive Summary ORGANIZATIONS ARE AT the bottom rungs of the project portfolio management maturity ladder, and they hav

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    Prestige Telephone Company

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    Prestige Telephone Company AIM 4343 – 02/09/04 Top management of Prestige Telephone Company, is considering alternative courses of action which might be taken to improve the performance of a new subsidiary, Prestige Data Services. It was originally conceived as a mechanism by which high and nonregulated returns could be used to augment the profits of Prestige Telephone Company, while at the same time providing computer services to that company. The subsidiary’s performance has not lived up to expectations. Nevertheless, after two years of operation, Prestige Data Services has succeede

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    The Forgotten Member

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    Identify and summarize the stages of group development. After reviewing the case in the textbook (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn & Uhl-Bien 2010), Christine and her team are in between the storming and norming stage. In the forming stage, they got to know each other, learning their strengths and weaknesses. During this stage, Christine should have noticed that she was going to have problems with Mike. He was not going to take this assignment very seriously, as he was always fooling around. In the storming stage, team members come together and learn their expectations,

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    Setting Portfolio Objectives

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    Chapter Four Setting Portfolio Objectives ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS 1. The income objective generates a reasonably consistent level of income from the portfolio. Higher levels of income can be achieved by investing in higher risk securities. The growth of income objective initially accepts a lower level of income because of some investment in equity securities. As time passes, the equity securities normally appreciate, thereby increasing the principal value of the portfolio, and enabling additional funds to be invested in income-producing securities. 2. Second

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    Db 123 Tma 1

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    Question1. Briefly describe the key points that emerge from the data in Table 1. From table 1 we can see the various figures by major non-card methods. Initially the main thing we can see is from 2005 up to 2011 the total figures from the table are constantly increasing year by year. Within 6 years they rise from 9,152,012 up to 9,798,408. One of the main components that caught my eye is ‘cheques’ when thinking of cheques the first thing I think is...’when is the last time I saw one of those?’ clearly showing how as time progresses our usage of cheques has decreas

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    Bill Millers

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    Bill Miller and Value Trust Background Information Bill Miller is one of the most renowned professional fund managers. This can be proven by the outperformance of the Value Trust, which is managed by him, compared to its benchmark index, the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (S&P 500), for an astonishing 14 years in a row; and this marked the longest streak of success for any manager in the mutual-fund industry. By the middle of 2005, Value Trust is worth $11.2-billion. Bill Miller’s approach to investment management was research-intensive and highly concentrated. For i

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    Alternates On Healthj Insurance

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    ALTERNATES Shun your distributor, choose tax-saving instruments online Published on: 20 February, 2013PrintPrint Send to friendSend to friend PDFPDF Time is running out for individuals looking to complete their tax saving investments. Many salaried tax-payers will have to submit the details of their actual investments to their employers within the next few weeks. According to experts, with very little time on their hands, these individuals typically fall prey to the sales pitch of canny distributors who promise to take care of all the paperwork. Needles to say, m

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    Autopsy Of Bethlehem Steel

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    Adeola Obayanju MBA 6100 Wilmington University Bethlehem Steel was founded in 1904 by Charles Michael Schwab. He was reputed to be a vivant, risk taker, and legend in the steel business. Charlie ran the company till 1913. Eugene Gilford Grace took over and he ran the company in the mid 1950’s when the Fortune 500 began. Bethlehem Steel was very close to the top of the list of the Fortune 500 companies in 1955; it ranked no.8. Bethlehem Steel was one of the pillars of the Fortune 500; Bethlehem Steel had an effect on the New York Stock Exchange and the company also helped the United

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    Ct 257

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    1.1 Although every aspect of employment is covered by different rules and regulations this is the list of aspects covered in employment by law. * Disability discrimination act. * Sex discrimination act. * Race recognition act. * Gender recognition act. * Harassment. * Equal Pay. * Equality for religion or belief acts. * Age discrimination. (Equality age regulation act) * Data protection Act. * Working hours. 1.2 In this list it contains the main features of the current employment legislation. 1.3 The legislation relating to emp

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    401ks And The Future

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    Benefits 599 Everyday Americans are constantly worried about their families and if they will be able to live a comfortable life after they retire. According to the article I read 47% of Americans are not financially stable or have enough money set back to retire and live the way they do now. That is a staggering number considering that that takes into effect the employed people not those that are unemployed or under employed. Unemployment, as we know, is at an all time high and if you are working you barely have enough money to pay your bills. According to the article 401k matches are

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    Financial Planning

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    There are many people that don’t know how to financially plan his or her future. Putting a financial plan, retirement plan and an estate plan together can be stressful and difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, all three of these plans are very important and essential especially if you are married and have children. Growing up I wished that someone would have told me about the things that I have learned in this class. It wasn’t till about 12 years ago when I realized that I should have been saving and investing money so that when it came time for me to retire there would be n

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    Bussiness Admin Lv 2 Unit 1 Contract Of Employment

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    1. Identify four main points that would be included in a contract of employment. If possible, use an example contract to support your answer (feel free to obscure any confidential information). The four main points that would be included are the employers name, employees name, duties and responsibilities and also the probationary period. Below I a put in a copy of my old work contract and I have removed certain areas for confidentiality purposes. I removed this for confidentiality purposes contract of employment Statement of main terms and conditions of employme

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    Retirement Plan

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    Many employees have retirement on their minds during their working years. As of today, we do have Social Security benefits however, there is nothing to ensure that Social Security will still be available in the upcoming years. There are many options that are available to employees and employers. According to studies, Social Security will pay out more in benefits than it collects in taxes by 2016, and the funds will be completely gone by 2037. It is also believed that Social Security may end four years sooner than that because of the latest recession, which led

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    Business Financing And The Capital Structure

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    FIN100: Principles of Finance Most people want to handle their finances so that they get full satisfaction from each available dollar. Typical financial goals include such things as a new car, a larger home, advanced career training, extended travel, and self-sufficiency during working and retirement years. To achieve these and other goals, people need to identify and set priorities. Financial and personal satisfactions are the result of an organized process that is commonly referred to as personal money management or personal financial planning. Personal financial planning is the process o

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    1. Introduction The aim of this essay is to discuss the aspects of UK government policy in relation to Pensions. This essay identify and explain the policy issues that the government is addressing, identify those involved in shaping policy, explain what the government is doing and discuss how successful the government’s action might be. 2. Issues Related to UK Pension Policy. In all pensions systems, we can identify some sort of issues. There is not perfect pension system. Therefore, there many issues related to UK pension Policy. There are four fundamental theme

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    Rought Waters Ahead

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    Summary: In this case we will discuss the particular situation of a company named Smooth Sailing. This is a company that operates one cruise ship. This ship was financed with a nonrecourse debt (loan secured by a pledge of collateral: the ship). The cash flows of this cruise are largely independent from the other group of assets. The overall fair value of the cruise and operating performance has being affected directly by the sudden presence of pirate’s in the area which the ship cruises. This increase of pirates has created a significant decline of the cruise value.

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    Privatization Of Social Security

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    Many people don’t understand how the Social Security system really works. There are no separate Social Security accounts set up for each taxpayer to which he contributes his Social Security tax each year. Many people believe these accounts exist, that the money they pay into their accounts grows each year until retirement, and when they retire they get back what they paid in with interest. This is simply not true. Most people are unaware of the fact that our current Social Security system is a pay-as-you-go program. This means that the revenue the federal government rai

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    Career Development Plan Iv-compensation

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    Abstract A well-crafted company compensation plan is one that rewards productivity in a fair, effective and efficient manner. It, allows the flexibility to respond to company needs, but protects from constantly having to respond to individual circumstances. Compensation is an important tool for mangers to get most out of those who report them. This report will introduce some new concepts in compensation have roots in accounting, finance, tax, law strategy and corporate governance requiring a more advanced license. Career Development Plan IV-Compensation As you know, it is the right time t

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    Executive Remuneration Debate

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    In the face of the current economic crisis, absurd executive remuneration has come under heavy scrutiny not only by government officials, but also members of the public, who are flabbergasted by company claims of financial deficits, were lucrative salaries have been awarded to senior executives who have, either directly or indirectly, contributed to company’s in current grim footing. Whilst there are undoubtedly external factors affecting company performance, executives nonetheless are responsible to shareholders over the company they manage. The question thus turns to the effectiveness of the

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