Fire Department Papers

  • The Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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    Ralph: main character- Ralph is the narrator of the story. Jack: Jack is Ralph main enemy in the story. He leads the hunters. Piggy: Piggy is the smart one of the group. Simon: He is my favorite character in the story. He is viewed as the Christ-figure and interprets the mysteries of the island. Roger: Roger is Jack?s ?sidekick? and is a vicious murderer at heart. Sam and Eric: The twins stick close to Ralph until they are forced to join the hunters. Their main job is to watch the signal fire. The littluns: The littluns are basically the younger boys and ride the bandwagon. The two b

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    Lets Get This Fire Started

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    Fire, what is fire? Well fire is a chemical reaction, which needs three things to be present to make the reaction: Oxidizer, Fuel, and Energy. 

If one of these is not present the fire cannot start or continue to burn. If one of these is taken from a fire it will go out. 

But how does this all work? 

There are a few different types of oxidizers, but the most common one is oxygen. Oxygen is all around us. We all breathe oxygen (O²) everyday; in fact, without it we would suffocate. And just like we do, fire can breathe oxygen too. And without an oxidizer

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    Fire Dept Missionopolis

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    “The Fire Department will respond to all emergency situations in the City or neighboring communities where a mutual aid pact is in force, to protect and save life and property.” This original mission statement was written in 1995 under Superintendent Warren E. Mitchell's administration. The mission was later revised to the following. "The Fire Department will respond to all emergency situations in the City to protect and save life and property. Further, the Department will strive to reduce the incidence of fire and the loss of life and injuries to civilians and fire personnel." By defi

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    Typical Day At Work

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    It was a typical summer day several years ago and I was still a firefighter at Station 4. The temperature was going to be a scorching 99 degrees that day, with high humidity. The local weather channel reported that no rain was insight for possible relief of the high temperatures. We had already traded out with the other shift so we could get our day started. The 0815 morning announcements had the majority of the city going to EMT classes throughout the day for our monthly update. Luckily, the EMT class for Station 4 was that morning and we wouldn’t have much to do in the afternoon, since

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    History Of Fire

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    TOURE JAMES ------------------------------------------------- ANTHROPOLOGY ------------------------------------------------- ABAGAIL FISHER ------------------------------------------------- APRIL 10,2011 ------------------------------------------------- The controlled use of fire was an invention of the Early Stone Age (or Lower Paleolithic). The earliest evidence for controlled use of fire is at the Lower Paleolithic site of Gesher Benot Ya'aqov in Israel, where charred wood and seeds were recovered from a site dated 790,000 years ago. Not everybody believes that; the next oldest site

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    Mann Gulch Fire

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    On August 5th, 1949 what was thought to be a routine day in the lives of 16 smokejumpers, will be remembered within the U.S. Forest service as well as firefighting history. The Mann Gulch fire occurred in Montana’s Helena National Forest, and prior to this incident, no smokejumper had ever died fighting a wildland fire. The fire, which was caused by lightning strike, was originally spotted at 12:25 pm. Due to the remote location and lack of roads; smokejumpers were dispatched to the incident. Forman Wagner (Wag) Dodge and his crew made their jump a few hours after the call. After landing o

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    Dynamics Of Leadership

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    Dynamics of Leadership Jason Faulkner FIP 240-290 Dan Curia April 11, 2014 Departments and organization, such as the fire department, are made up of various types of managers and leaders. These are important structures that are found in most places of employment as well as throughout the community. In the fire department, a leader’s job is to guide a department to protect and serve the community. The duties and experiences of a leader come from education, trial and error, and learning from either their mistakes or the mistakes of others. Leaders in the depar

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    Small Team And Group Paper

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    Clissita Daniels COM/100 March 24, 2015 A team consists of a “coordinated group of people organized to work together to achieve a specific, common goal” (Beebe, Beebe, & Ivy, 2013, Chpt.10, p. 220). When a team works well together as a unit they are able to accomplish more than its individual members can do alone. Being part of a team will help you develop your interpersonal skills such as speaking and listening as well as team working skills such as leadership, and working with and motivating others. In today's society, there can be several different factors that are associated for a

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    Modern Prometheus: Creation Of The Human Race

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    Prometheus' creation of the human race during the creation of the universe was for the sake of humanity, Victor's creation of the creature was for his sole knowledge to only better his curiosity. Some may say Victor Frankenstein does not portray a modern Prometheus. Although he may not be a god, he is to the creature. In Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein is the modern Prometheus. Victor seeks for enlightenment and power, in which, Prometheus does as well.Victor does something forbidden; creating human life. Prometheus also does something forbidden;

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    The Case Of Computer-aided Dispatch (Cad) System At London Ambulance Service

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    1. Introduction The LAS covers a geographical area of just over 600 square miles and handles emergencies for a resident population of 6.8 million people. The CAD project is one of the most frequently quoted UK-based examples of information systems failure that took place in early 1990s. The prominence of this particular case is due to the ‘safety critical’ nature of this system and the claim that 20-30 people may have lost their lives as a result of CAD failure. 2. Description of the Manual Dispatch System The manual dispatch system consists of: a) call taking, b) resource identificat

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