Food Allergies Papers

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    Making Hot and Cold Packs: Endothermic and Exothermic Chemical Reactions Background Hot and cold packs are frequently used by athletes and trainers to treat minor injuries, such as, inflammations, sprains, muscle spasms, head-aches, etc. Hot and cold packs consist of two separate compartments, one containing water and the other containing a salt. When you break the seal between the chambers and shake the pack vigorously, the two compartments combine and the salt dissolves in the water. This generates a chemical reaction. Depending on the type of salt, this reaction can either rele

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    Food Allergies In Schools And The Law

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    Abstract Allergies have always been a safety concern for people. However, food allergies are a growing concern and safety issue that many school districts face. As a second grade teacher, I have not had to deal with any allergies to date within my own classroom. Although, I am aware of several students, in my current building, who have severe allergies and require special services and/or requests. I am uneducated on the legalities and specifics on food allergies within the schools and wanted to examine the topic further. This paper will discuss life-threatening food al

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    The Effects Of Temperature, Substrate Concentration, And Ph On Catalase Activity

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    Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to document the e?ects of physical conditions and concentration levels on the activity of catalase when exposed to hydrogen peroxide. Namely, we tested the e?ects of temperature, substrate concentration, and pH levels. The results for the temperature and pH experiments seem to imply 37.5? C and a pH of 13 are ideal. The results for concentration level showed an increase in reaction rate with an increase in concentration. However, the data was generally inconclusive. Introduction Enzymes play a critical role in many biological processes. They spee

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