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  • St Luois Rams; Glen Dorsey

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    I've been mulling over how exactly to share my views on this for months. I've been reading all of the draft talk banter back & forth. Pro & con..........good & bad.......reasons for drafting him or not drafting Glenn Dorsey. In addition to all of the other guys we're considering at No. 2. As a long time Ram fan I know what it's like for us to be drafting early. This ain't my first rodeo, & I've been here b4. However an early draft pick, not to mention the No. 2 overall pick in the draft presents it's own set of problems. I'm sure many of us still remember the Lawrence Phillips DISASTER bac

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    The Css Style Sheet

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    Newspaper body { background-color : #2c2f30; } h1 { margin : 0px auto 20px auto; } h2 { font-family : verdana; font-weight : normal; font-size : 22px; color : #2c2f30; margin : 10px auto 0px auto; } p { font-family : arial; margin : 0px auto 25px auto; font-size : 15px; } div { width : 600px; margin : 3px auto 3px auto; background-color : white; border : 2px groove white; padding : 10px; } div.home { width : 600px; margin : 3px auto 3px auto; background-color : #2c2f30; padding : 10px; border : none; } a { font-weig

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    Collective Bargianging Agreement Notes

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    Collective Bargaining Agreement The current Collective Bargaining Agreement, initially negotiated in 1993, has been extended on several occasions, most recently in March 2006. The 2006 extension, which could have continued through the 2012 season, gave both the NFL and the NFLPA an option to shorten the deal by one or two years. NFL clubs recently voted unanimously to exercise that option and to continue negotiating a new agreement for the 2011 season and beyond that will work better for both the clubs and the players. The NFL earns very substantial revenues.  But the clubs are obligated b

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    The Expert

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    First I would like to say thank yo, for letting me be a voice in Tx9man. We are at the halfway point and this season has turned out to be great so far. We are seeing teams taking advantage of their situation and piling on wins, as they should. There are going to be some teams missing the playoffs that thought they were for sure picks at the beginning of the season. This week should be another week for teams to rack up even more wins. The best Match ups this week, starts with GVB vs. Goonz. GVB are back and are playing like a team who are hungry and ready to take the NFC by storm. Goonz

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